Monday, July 28, 2008

Senoritas De Rock

Las Ultrasonicas
Corazon Rocker

From mi amigo, Noe

Two things are sure about up-and-cumming Las Ultrasónicas, an all-female garage punk band from Mexico City: they've got a thing for sex, and they sure like to role-play. One moment they're independent women who reject girlie obsessions with romance and boyfriends in favor of free, uh, "love." The next they're sleazy coke whores who (as the song's chorus drives home) like to swallow. And although listening to their latest CD, Oh sí, mas mas (Oh yes, more more), a few times might leave some of us wishing, after a while, that these gals would proceed beyond defining themselves almost purely in relation to sex and men, it's also true that in many parts of the world outside San Francisco, women spitting in the face of sexual convention is still a radical thing. Either way, word is Las Ultrasónicas put on one hell of a show. With their aggressive, fuck-it-all attitude and coquettish high-energy punk rock with surf undertones, they're sure to get everyone hot, sweaty, and begging for more.

01 Necesito Accion
02 I'm Fucking Pregnent
03 Vive Cochino
04 El Rock De La Pajara Peggy
05 Nero
06 Camel De Sevilla
07 Juventud Senil
08 Freak De La Sociedad
09 Loser Mentality
10 Agrio Silencio
11 Hija De Papa