Monday, February 25, 2008

Los Straightjackets - Pacifica

One of my favorite songs.

Slacktone - Tiki Bar Crawl

Rippin' It Up At The Huntington Beach Pier We Got It Happin'' Out Here

Get On The Right Wavelength

Insect Surfers

**** (4 STARS!)

By Phil Dirt

This early Insect Surfers album is priceless. It is very unlike the Insects of today, but is nonetheless a great record. This was recorded a long time ago when the Insect Surfers were located in the nation's capital. Their sound then was an interesting blend of UK new wave, American pop, and surf ethics. A mighty fine album. The lone instro is great, and there are several vocal numbers that have been on my faves list for 15 years. One day soon, given enough intelligence, some label will issue this LP and the Sonar Safari album as a two-fer CD.


I'm In Gear ****
This driving song has plenty of pop sensibility, and an infectious hook line that doubles as it's title. A fine eighties pop recording. A chunky damped guitar edges its way in parallel with an interesting range of keyboard sounds. The vocal lines are pure pop.Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo


Snow Falls ***
This track sports an eighties Euro keyboard sound under a chunky American guitar pop sensibility, with fun lyrics about flaky white stuff and its affect on tiny lives. Interesting visuals are conjured from the lyrics.Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo


Dorsal Fin ****
This fine instrumental merely hints at the future surf magic of Dave Arnson . It is a wonderful track, but is quite different than the current Insect fare. It is a marvelous example of early eighties pop gone surf-inspired instro. The keyboard is cool, and the writing is great. I've often asked Dave to add this back to his set, but to no avail. Demand it, it's a great song.Eighties Pop Instrumental Stereo


Up Periscope ****
This marvelous song is very well developed, with great production effects, cool sounds, and great drama. The tweaky keys and the relentless thump are somehow infectious. The endlessly repeated delay adds a sense of depth and danger. "Up Periscope, I'm Cool Calm & Collected..." what else needs to be said? "So Long, Little Tadpole!"Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Fascination With The Neon ***
This near-drone foretells of the lost generation's focus on the meaningless for the pure joy of the experience... or, if you want to be more ethereal, it could be a peon to the Neon Spores ... maybe... maybe not.Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo


VOA (Voice Of America) *****
This song has a profound sadness that coexists with an optimistic lilt to it. The combination provides a disturbing view of tomorrow. The almost Morse code walking keyboard line is wonderful. I've been drawn to this song for 15 years, and it still sounds fresh and enticing today. Its relentless bass line, chunky rhythm, and haunting vocals create a very visual and thick ambiance.Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo


Feeling The Heat ****
Monk chant vocals evolve instantly into haunting delayed calls for caution at the recognition of the tension life holds. A tasty pop song.Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo


Ex Lion Tamer ****
This is a Wire ' tune, and it conveys the profound effect that band had on this one. Think of it as a prayer at the alter...Eighties Pop Vocal Stereo

Friday, February 22, 2008

OK You Left Coasters........Be There!

11:00am - 11:45am Rip Tide
12:00pm - 12:45pm Sound Waves
01:00pm - 01:45pm Surf City
02:00pm - 02:45pm Surftones
03:00pm - 03:45pm Bill Blastoff and the Surf Rockets
04:00pm - 04:45pm Glasgow Tiki Shakers
05:00pm - 05:45pm Sand Devils
06:00pm - 06:45pm Surfaris
07:00pm - 07:45pm Eliminators
08:00pm - 09:00pm Outerwave

WHAT: 1st Annual Surf O'Rama (Linda Miller's birthday)
WHEN: Saturday, February 23, 2008 11am - 9pm
WHERE: The Gas Lamp, 6251 E. Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH and Loynes Drive), Long Beach, CA, 90803
COST: $free!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Of My All Time Favorites

Eric Johnson
Ah Via Musicom

by Bill Meredith
Very few musical artists achieve a true signature style — one which makes comparisons to other musicians impossible. But Texas guitarist Eric Johnson arguably comes as close to this echelon as any musician from the past quarter-century. Like fellow Lone Star State guitarists Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnson blends the rock style of Jimi Hendrix and the blues power of Albert King. Yet Johnson's wide array of additional influences (from the Beatles and Jeff Beck, to jazz and Chet Atkins) make for a guitar sound as unique as his fingerprints. "When I first heard Eric," Winter recalls, "he was only 16, and I remember wishing that I could have played like that at that age." Former Doobie Brothers guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter says, "If Jimi Hendrix had gone on to study with Howard Roberts for about eight years, you'd have what this kid strikes me as." The Austin prodigy appeared on the cover of Guitar Player magazine while working with Texas jazz/fusion band the Electromagnets and as a session player (Cat Stevens, Carole King, Christopher Cross), and a 1984 performance on the TV show Austin City Limits set his recording career in motion. Johnson's 1986 debut album, Tones, certainly proved that the hype was warranted. Playing with the ace rhythm section of bassist Roscoe Beck and drummer Tommy Taylor, Johnson mixed blazing instrumentals ("Zap," "Victory") with Beatles-influenced vocal tunes like "Emerald Eyes" and "Bristol Shore." Johnson used the same half-and-half format on the 1990 follow-up, Ah Via Musicom; but a trio of the album's tunes surprisingly made him the first artist to have three instrumentals from the same album to chart in the Top Ten in any format (with "Cliffs of Dover" earning Johnson a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental). But, if Johnson had a perceived weakness, it was the perfectionism that caused four years to pass between recordings. Even in concert, he would painstakingly tune his guitar between songs, by ear, for minutes on end. With the success of Ah Via Musicom, the guitarist admitted to feeling pressure to again raise the bar. But Johnson's studio nit-picking delayed Venus Isle until 1996, and the disappointing CD contained fewer instrumentals and sounded forced. A stint on the 1997 G3 Tour with fellow headlining guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and its resulting live release, breathed new life into Johnson and sparked the idea of a live album. Overhauling his band for the 2000 CD Live and Beyond, Johnson brought in bassist Chris Maresh and drummer Bill Maddox, and concentrated on more of a blues feel. The guitarist still blended instrumentals with his vocal tunes ("Shape I'm In," "Last House on the Block"), but perhaps realized that his thin voice was too one-dimensional for guttural blues or R&B. Guest vocalist Malford Milligan ignites "Don't Cha Know" and "Once a Part of Me," helping Johnson's blazing debut on Vai's Favored Nations label and re-establishing the versatile virtuoso's status for the 21st century. As Vai himself testifies, "Eric has more colorful tone in his fingers than Van Gogh had on his palette." Souvenir, an album available only through Johnson's website, appeared in 2002, followed by CD and DVD versions of New West's Live from Austin, TX and Bloom, the second album for Vai's Favored Nations imprint, in 2005.


by Robert Taylor
After being overlooked on his debut, Tones, guitarist Eric Johnson burst onto the airwaves with the surprising hit "Cliffs of Dover." Armed with excellent chops and a clear tone, Johnson took a tired formula and made it sound fresh again. Despite his talents on the fret board, he plays with great restraint and chose to explore a variety of styles, including rock, pop, blues, country, and jazz. While his singing is not quite as interesting as his guitar playing, it is not obtrusive and is at times quite pleasing. This recording has reached near-classic proportions within the guitar community.

1 Ah Via Musicom
2 Cliffs of Dover
3 Desert Rose
4 High Landrons
5 Steve's Boogie
6 Trademark
7 Nothing Can Keep Me from You
8 Song for George
9 Righteous
10 Forty Mile Town
11 East Wes


Just Passin' The Time

El Ray

El Ray fires another round with their second album ”Tick…Tick…Tick…” – Heptown Records/VME. Picking up where the forerunner “Shoot from the hip” (Alternate) left off, El Ray once again present their characteristic ‘surf with a twist’. You recognize elements from Burt Bacharach, Sergio Leone and not least Dick Dale and The Ventures. But this time El Ray have also discovered surf elements in bands like The Pixies, The Smiths and Bob Hund, and the band appears even more energetic and springy than ever before.This is all in accordance with El Ray’s mantra “Better steal from another genre than blindly follow the strict rules of surf music”, guaranteeing an experience which goes beyond pure surf as was recognized back in October 2003 by the Swedish label Heptown Records when El Ray played at Retro Blaster, Mejeriet in Lund. Since El Ray last emptied their six shooters and looked ahead, El Firetone (guitar), El Fuerte (drums), El Twang (guitar) and their latest addition El Kid’o (bass) have toured twice. They have won acclaim in several European countries including Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, playing well renowned venues like Berlin’s Wild at heart, Moloko, L’Usine in Geneva and Loppen in Copenhagen. A third tour is currently being planned, but right now focus is on ”Tick…Tick…Tick…”Once again the catchy tune channels the potent energy through the speakers. Several good-hearted and competent people have lent a helping hand, including Jesper “’Yebo’ Reginal (Crunchy Frog), who has produced and mixed the record. The result: 11 high-octane tracks and El Ray are once again ready to invite their audience to ride the wild waves of surf in clubs all over.

Friday, February 15, 2008

We Gotz Some New Duds!

Thought we needed a new look over here so I played a bit last night.

So far I have 2 big "thumbs up" from Brandonio and chilipalmer.

Thanks for the comments fellas

I still need to add back a few things from the old layout, or maybe not...

Did anyone really check out the Tunage Box? The program does not give me a hit count of it so I have no idea if anyone was using it.

Let me know if you'd like to see it back or just leave it as a fond memory.

Have a great weekend. Gonna tear up some Mother Nature out in the desert. It usually ends up that she tears me up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Look What Just Came Up

The Surf Kings
Up From The Depths

"Up From The Depths" is our first CD containing 13 songs, all are originals with the exception of 3 songs re-recorded from Tom Stantons infamous surf combo from the early 60's the Crossfires. This is a great CD which has earned them rave reviews and international attention including 3 European Tours. Eight song from this CD were used in Rock Doyles beautiful surf film "Native State". Robin Bergs surf movie "North Shores Stories" used this CD extensively in his production. Bluetorch / Fox Sports Net used Songs from this CD in 5 of it's T Productions. Other video productions like game instructional video, PBS and local broadcasting, and surf video's, used this CD. and on the airwaves this impressive CD continues to get extensive airplay from independent, collage and Internet radio stations all over the US and the world. Johnny Deadman in London said it best..."it sounded like the universe was exploding around my head, it was the Surf Kings!"

1. Out of Control
2. South Swell
3. J-Bay
4. Tears of the Dolphin
5. Gypsy Soul
6. Pull Top
7. Road to Mundaka
8. Cloudbreak
9. Bury the Rat
10. Fiberglass Jungle
11. Undertow
12. Island Dreams
13. Foam

Los Ezquisitos - Pum-Pum....Bang,Bang

Chainsaws & Lucha Libre! What A Combo

Los Esquizitos
Los Esquizitos

Los Esquizitos were an experimental/garage/surf band from Mexico City. The members were Guili Damage Vox and weird dancing, Alex bonaducci played the guitars, Nacho desorden in the Bass and last but not least Carlitos Icaza in the drums. They played many times in several funki holes in the city, recorded a record and disbanded to regroup as Las comadrejas leaving the singer who went to form Flanger Garden with his nena "la doctora Molina"




The Bahareebas
Last Night I Saved The Galaxy

Almost exactly two years after the release of their debut work "Jelly Fishing" presents the Zurich quintet The Bahareebas his new album, "Last Night I Saved The Galaxy" - turn on Kamikaze Records Germany. The lake is emptied of jellyfish - it is new hunting grounds to tap. By the second album, The Bahareebas make up in the depths of the universe, just short times to save the galaxy. Before invaders, bastards, shallower Elevator music and bad taste. "Last Night I Saved The Galaxy 'covers over 13 fresh, forward played tracks, which, as soon as debut, the label" Surf'n'Garage "remain faithful. Two lucky replacement of drums and organ, the pieces also won other dimensions - it is here geswingt times, there comes a Moog was used. For the recordings were "Sheet Metal" at Hodads trumpet and saxophone invited to the studio, in addition to some songs auszuschmücken. Besides classic Instro-surfing tracks found with "My Baby Left Me" and "Big Mistake" again ungeschliffene garage two songs the way to the new Silberling. "Susanne-Marianne" is also a track with vocals, which is a secret augendzwinkernd pop song outet. Responsible for recording and mix was again Gavin Maitland from the starting rack studio Kombinat in Schaffhausen. Mastered Walti Schmid was at the Oakland studio Winterthur. After more than four years with countless concerts live mainly in Switzerland, but also in neighbouring countries, it attracts the Bahareebas now increasingly on the borders. To release them complete a 10-day tour of Germany Club in mid-March, followed by the baptism record in Switzerland, various club gigs and Openairs in summer. The Bahareebas start not only with new music into 2007, they also afraid no effort, the ultimate stage outfit massschneidern to let every appearance in a stilsichere, fine party turns. In addition, the five musicians Gigi guitar, Phil The reptile, Sevi The Seventh, Dandy Dan and Ben Bonobo bands and other musical projects on the run: Last October founded by the same five men of the second band "Clash Of The Titans", which was expected in the coming autumn the first ear fully enjoy. In April and May of this year, they are also part of a theater project, which deals with the life of the late 1967 Cantautore Italian Luigi Tenco busy - can be seen in Zurich from Easter 2007. The organ man also operates its Einmannprojekt "Man And Birdmen", which he presented this summer at Sea Records (UK) published its first EP. Samples can be found on the Myspace page, brand new promo pics from 1 April on the band's Web site.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh Shit!

Mia culpa!

I messed up the rar file on the Hellbound Hayride - Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero

Only half of the album was on the original file.

Thanks to my friend chilipalmer, you all have a totaly new and complete file to d/l and enjoy.

Get it now...or go to Hell!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Go On Down To Bourbon Street Cher'

Bourbon Street Beat

Episode 31

Originaly shown May 9th 1960

Old TV show that I thought was very appropriate for this Mardi Gras week. Maybe a blast from your past.

Make sure to check the Tunage Box to the right for the intro theme for the show.

Let the good times roll.....

The least commercially successful of all the 77 Sunset Strip clones churned out by Warner Brothers back in the sixties, despite the intriguing setting of New Orleans. In the debut, loosley based (okay, maybe ripped off) from Hammett's The Maltese Falcon, Big Easy private eye CAL CALHOUN, a lanky, easy-going ex-bayou cop, takes on a junior partner, REX RANDOLPH, a young, yuppie-ish Ivy Leaguer from one of New Orlean's "best" families. Together they run 'Randolph and Calhoun Special Services" next to The Old Absinthe House in the French Quarter.
Of course, no 77 clone would be complete without an attractive secretary holding down the fort, a trainee gumshoe, a buffoon for comic relief, and some sort of "hip" gimmick," like Kookie's comb. In Bourbon's case, the secretary was Melody Lee Mercer, and the rookie was Texas rich kid KENNY MADISON, who was working his way through law school by doing part-time PI work. The buffoon chores were ably handled by local jazzman Billy the Baron. Sometimes popping up was Billy's singer Lusti Weather.
The gimmick in Bourbon was in the way Rex and Cal greeted each other. No mere handshake, or funky hi-five for these cats. Nope, the two dicks would place their shoes "sole to sole", in a supposedly hip, 'New Orleans-style" greeting.
Evidently, Warner Bros. really thought this one would hit -- they even bought an interest in a real New Orleans restaurant, The Absinthe House, and placed the agency, Randolph and Calhoun, Special Services above it, even though the actual show was shot on a Hollywood backlot (the one used for "A Streetcar Named Desire," in fact)
Unfortunately, despite some decent scripts, an appealling cast, and a real attempt to rise above the formula, the show bombed. Not that Warner let anything go to waste -- Rex eventually showed up in the cast of 77 Sunset Strip and Kenny surfaced a year later in the same time slot as one of the Surfside Six Miami PI's. Only Cal never surfaced again.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Americas Mexican

George Lopez
Americans Mexican

by David Jeffries
A simple audio rip of his 2007 HBO special, George Lopez's America's Mexican finds the comedian relaxed, loose, and free to drop more Spanglish than usual. Even if this might be off-putting to some of his non-Latino fans, a non-crossover and non-family friendly Lopez is a joy to behold, especially for the large Spanglish-friendly audience whose hysterical laughter is captured here. When he drops slang, it's warmly received, causing him to be more interactive and at ease with his audience than he has been previously. This Latino who declares himself "old school" freely wanders through his stories of a poor childhood, stern parents, and times when simple pleasures were the best even though no one appreciated it. After all, drinking out of a hose still tasted like hose as Lopez points out and chasing down and then torturing house flies was all fun and games until Pops came around and pointed out how foolish you looked, perhaps with a rolled-up newspaper to the head. Disappointment with family extends to a grandma who has an extremely foul mouth, a tradition Lopez shares, something that might make fans of his more wholesome television show recoil in horror (and they probably won't care for all the fart and diarrhea jokes either). This George Lopez goes to church with the stamp from the previous night's nightclub on his hand and shows his appreciation for women's bodies in the crudest manner possible. If that makes him sound like a jerk, his attitude that life is hard but still worth celebrating comes through loud and clear, bringing some charm to this edgy set. Other hot topics include Erik Estrada, immigration, and Britney Spears' private parts, all covered in a bawdy, adult manner that just wouldn't be as funny if Lopez was still playing by family television's rules.

1 Immigration
3 Spanglish
4 Everything You Touch We Touch First
5 Mas P***
6 Kids Today
7 Britney, Anna Nicole, And the Pool
8 Grandma
9 FEMA, Drinking, And Church
10 Pelo Down There
11 My Aunt
12 Latinos
13 The American Dream


Get it holmes

Phil Says "6 More Weeks Of Winter"

One of Trustar's favorite holidays...right after Millard Fillmore's birthday (January 7th)

Everything you need to know is here.

Hellbound Hayride - Devil's Junction

Bangin' Bonzo's Baby Boy

The Jason Bonham Band
In The Name Of My Father:
The Zepset Live From Electric Lady Land

by Charlotte Dillon
A lot of talented children have probably been asked by a parent to entertain family and friends, maybe in the living room, maybe sing a little, play an instrument. No big deal and a good way to get used to performing for others. But when Jason Bonham was a small child and got called in to entertain, the family friends he played his drums for could be anyone from Jimmy Page to some of the guys from the group Bad Company. That's what happens when your father is drummer John Bonham, one of the original members of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. At the age of only five, Jason could play the drums, at least a scaled-down set of them, with skill. When he was 17 he was a member of the band Air Race. The group signed a record contract with Atlantic, recorded one album, and opened for big names like Queen, Meat Loaf, Ted Nugent, and AC/DC. John Bonham died in 1980, but Jason, who has marked a few places in music history himself, has stepped in from time to time to help keep his father's memory alive. In 1988, Jason took his father's spot in the televised, first-ever Led Zeppelin reunion, which included Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones. He went on to tour with Page and to record the album Outrider with him. By 1990, Bonham completed a solo debut album called The Disregard of Timekeeping. One of the tracks from this first effort, "Wait for You," earned him a gold record. By 1992, with partners like vocalist Daniel MacMaster, guitarist Ian Hatton, and bassist and keyboardist John Smithson, Bonham finished another album, Mad Hatter. The album carries pop/rock tracks like "Change of a Season," "The Storm," "Backdoor," and "Ride on a Dream." Bonham teamed up with greats like Paul Rodgers, Slash, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, and others in 1993 to work on a tribute to Muddy Waters. The album's success brought a nomination for a Grammy Award. A year later, Bonham, along with Rodgers and Slash, appeared at the memorable Woodstock II. That same year, Bonham helped form a group known as Motherland and released another album, Peace 4 Me. In 1995, when the members of Led Zeppelin were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Bonham, standing in his father's place, once again performed with Jones, Page, and Plant. In between session gigs, Bonham put time and effort into another band of his own, the Jason Bonham Band. Other members are bassist and keyboardist John Smithson, guitarist Tony Catania, and vocalist Chas West. The band has toured nationwide, playing a lot of old Zeppelin numbers, along with new works. In 1997, the Jason Bonham Band album When You See the Sun was released under the Sony Records label. In the Name of My Father: The Zepset Live from Electric Lady Land was released the same year. The tracks on this album are flavored just right for Led Zeppelin fans. Profits made from the release go to the John Bonham Memorial Motorcycle Camp for Kids.


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Instead of running away from his father's enormous legacy, Jason Bonham embraced it on his first official solo album, In the Name of My Father: Zepset. Recorded live in New York City, the album features Bonham and his backing band running through a number of Led Zeppelin classics, and he expertly mimics the style and subtle funk of his father, John. While it proves his technical skill as a musician, the record doesn't offer any significant new interpretations of the material, suggesting that his vision may be limited. Nevertheless, In the Name of My Father is a warm, loving tribute to one of the giants of hard rock that is entertaining in its own right.



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Dedicated To Toby's Little Girl

The Beatles Cartoon Series
Episode 03
Please Mr. Postman/Devil In Her Heart

Happy Saturday Sweety
From Trustar