Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Para Teisco!

Teisco Del Rey
The Many Moods Of Teisco Del Rey

by Craig Harris
Performing on a wide array of what he calls, "el cheapo guitars," Texas-based instrumentalist Teisco Del Rey (born Dan Forte) has brought the sounds of surf music to the Lone Star state. His 1992 album, The Many Moods of Teisco Del Rey, included guest appearances by Charlie Musselwhite, David Grisman, Jimmy Vaughn, Steve Douglas, members of Laika & the Cosmonauts, and Mel Taylor of the Ventures. His second effort, Plays Music for Lovers, released four years later, was accented by contributions by slide guitarist Sonny Landreth and synthesizer player Tim Ware.Hailing from California's San Francisco Bay Area, Del Rey played sessions with San Jose-based group the Mallards before moving to Austin, TX, in the late '80s. He continued to play sessions with a studio band, the Lords of the New Surf.A scholarly rock journalist, Del Rey wrote the liner notes to the Rhino Records' compilation Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 5: Surf. He interviewed members of Spinal Tap in 1984 and 1992.

by Cub Koda
Playing all manner of cheap, pawnshop guitars, and with guest stars Jimmie Vaughn, Charlie Musselwhite, and David Grissom aboard, Del Rey serves up an even dozen buzzing instrumentals that cover all manners of genres from surf to blues to jungle rock. Highlights include "Camel Walk," "Storm Warning," and a superlative cover of Dick Dale's "The Wedge."

1 Ridin' the Wind
2 Camel Walk
3 Dimples
4 The Wedge
5 Teisco Redentor
6 You're Gonna Miss Me
7 Los Surf
8 Pier Pressure
9 I Almost Lost My Mind
10 The Hearse
11 Small Fry
12 Storm Warning


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Yeah man! Keep up the good work.
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