Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Howdoyoudo Daikaiju?

Monster Surf

Daikaiju's 1st EP for your listening pleasure.


In Japanese, Daikaiju means "giant monster." The Huntsville, AL-based instrumental surf-rock band Daikaiju made its public debut in December 1999, its members hidden behind Japanese masks and pseudonyms, with Secret Asian Man and Dymaxion Lee on guitars, Brain Conflict on bass, and Mr. Nein on drums. During the early years of the 21st century, Daikaiju built up a following in the southeastern U.S. while placing tracks on various compilations (e.g., "Route Nowhere" on's Road Trip Tunes and "The Phasing Spider Menace" on Hep Cat Records' Heavy Surf). The group released it debut EP, Monster Surf, on its own Migoto Radiation label in February 2001. They expanded their roadwork overseas with a tour of the Netherlands in November 2001, followed by a lengthier European stay in 2002. In February 2002, they released their second EP, The Phasing Spider Menace (later picked up for distribution by Valiant Death Records). In 2003, the band recorded its self-titled debut album, but it was not released until July 2005, when it appeared on Reptile Records.
01 Daikaiju Die
02 Attack Of The Crab Women
03 Showdown In Shinjuku
04 Farwell To Monster Island Live
05 Incognito
06 Route Nowhere


Brandonio! said...

I totally dig this,these ninjas need to come out with a new record SOON!

zillagord said...

I totally agree with Brandonio: these guys rock and we need some new tunes from them! They have been out on tour lately, so hopefully that foreshadows good news.

BTW, do you happen to have Phasing Spider Menace? All I have is the full-length and have never heard it.

Hope you are well, bro. Peace.

Trustar said...

I think they have us all waiting with "bait" breath.

Good to hear from you B & ZG


garage66 said...

Thanks,love the Japanese themed records.Rhodan makes me so horny.