Thursday, July 03, 2008

From The OC To Paris & Back

The Surf Piranhas
Both Sides Of The Surf

Three American students venture to Paris, France for a semester abroad. Three months later they are playing Surf-Rock together. Shortly after that a Recording Session is booked resulting in "Both Sides of The Surf" a rare and highly coveted slab of vinyl that many consider one of the finest examples of "Surf Music's Second Wave". Fast forward to today and word on the dock is that the band is reuniting to record the long awaited follow-up. Sessions will take place in Nashville, TN.

Do The El Camino
Basement Bop
Lonely Fisherman
Costa Mesa
Rancho Verde
Sunset Beach
Rockin' Dive Party
Attleboro Surf
Boss Piranha



honeybunny said...

sweet stuff, thanks

Brandonio! said...

Cool beans Trustar, i can dig me some 80's surf.This should be good listening I'm sure.

Trustar said...

A good listen.

Thanks for droppin by B