Monday, July 21, 2008

How We Spent Our Summer So Far

Teaching my Grandkids Gage & Mackinzie to surf. Got up on their first attempts. They're naturals. It's all down hill for them now!


zillagord said...

Your grandkids may still stand a chance if you can keep them away from blogging!


Trustar said...

Hey Z

Too late! Gage (11) already has had his up for a year now. Da boy has da bug from PaPa.

He is a major "Led Head" and Jimi fan. He has been going to concerts with me since he was 2. My grandaughter Mackenzie was front stage center with me to see Dick Dale at the Fender Museum when she was 3. We raise 'em right down here!

Anonymous said...

Hey T. Surf is is alive and well in the UK too. In the south-west i hear they're re-profiling the sea bed for bigger waves and we have the isles of scilly which stay warm enough to grow tropical plants all year round! I laughed when a friend told me he was belly-boarding but he showed me a bunch of trick mags and i can see it's taken seriously for sure..but why? he say's it takes ALL summer to learn to ride a surfboard.. So i can appreciate you showing us the photos, how cool is that! Al.Z

1Surfrider said...

Seeing my two girls catch their first waves was a highlight in my life.

Long live surf!!!

Trustar said...

Al Z

I did a bit when I was a kid, but shoulder injuries sidelined me in high-school. Since then we also banged up the knees alot. So I'm just now getting back into it again. It's a hell of alot harder when your old!


I hear you amigo. Seeing the little ones catch on so quick and enjoying the heck out of it is a kick and something for them to remember all their life.

Long live surf, wherever you can find it!