Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bustin' Out

Tommy Bolin
Private Eyes
Ripped @ 320

Review by Greg Prato

After the breakup of Deep Purple in 1976, guitarist Tommy Bolin wasted little time beginning work on his second solo album, Private Eyes. While it was more of a conventional rock album than its predecessor, Teaser (which served primarily as a showcase for his guitar skills and contained several jazz/rock instrumentals), it was not as potent. The performances aren't as inspired as those on Teaser or even those on Bolin's lone album with Deep Purple, Come Taste the Band, although there a few highlights could be found. The nine-minute rocker "Post Toastee" merges a long jam section with lyrics concerning the dangers of drug addiction, while "Shake the Devil" is similar stylistically. But Bolin wasn't simply a hard-rocker; he was extremely talented with other kinds of music: the quiet, acoustic-based compositions "Hello, Again" and "Gypsy Soul," and the heartbroken ballad "Sweet Burgundy." With his solo career starting to take shape (after the album's release, he opened for some of rock's biggest names: Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck, Rush, ZZ Top, etc.), Bolin's life was tragically cut short at the end of the year due to a drug overdose in Miami, FA.

1 Bustin' out for Rosey 
2 Sweet Burgundy 
3 Post Toastee 
4 Shake the Devil
5 Gypsy Soul
6 Someday, We'll Bring Our Love Home
7 Hello, Again 
8 You Told Me That You Loved Me

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's In Your Wallet?

Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies (Deluxe Edition)

Xtra Hot Tune - Coal Black Model T
Review by Greg Prato
It's universally agreed among longtime Alice Cooper fans that the best "Alice era" was in the early '70s, when Alice fronted the original Alice Cooper Band including guitarists Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton, bassist Dennis Dunaway, and drummer Neal Smith. When the band broke up for good and Alice set out on a solo career in 1974, the A.C. Band had released a total of seven studio albums, but never an official live recording (despite the fact that the group's live show was one of rock's best and most theatrical of the whole era). But this all changed with the release of 2001's double disc Billion Dollar Babies Deluxe Edition. Disc one contains a remastered version of the Alice Cooper Band's '73 classic, Billion Dollar Babies, which has been expertly cleaned up by the album's original producer, Bob Ezrin. This is the album that put Cooper over the top, hitting the number one spot and spawning such rock standards as "Elected," "No More Mr. Nice Guy," and the title track. The new version only improves on the original, still packing quite a sonic punch all these years later. But the real story for hardcore Alice fans will be disc two, comprised of 11 tracks recorded live in Texas during the band's mammoth '73 tour, as well as a pair of demos and one outtake -- the twisted Elvis-esque rocker "Slick Black Limousine" -- previously available only in England as a flexi-disc and on the 1999 four-disc boxset The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper. While this CD's listeners are obviously missing out on the visual aspect of the Cooper stage show, it's still clear that the band was one of rock's all-time-bash-'em-out best, as evidenced by such sleazy garage rockers as "Billion Dollar Babies," "Elected," "I'm Eighteen," "Raped and Freezin'," and "No More Mr. Nice Guy." Also included are a few numbers that were made with the concert stage in mind, namely such epics as "My Stars," "Unfinished Sweet," "Sick Things," "Dead Babies," and "I Love the Dead." Warner Archives/Rhino should also be commended for doing a splendid job on the packaging; the original album art and contents have been restored, including little punch out "photo cards" of individual band members and in-concert shots, as well as a 23-page booklet with an essay, photos, and lyrics. Billion Dollar Babies Deluxe Edition is classic Alice Cooper.
1 Hello, Hooray
2 Raped and Freezin'
3 Elected
4 Billion Dollar Babies
5 Unfinished Sweet
6 No More Mr. Nice Guy
7 Generation Landslide
8 Sick Things
9 Mary Ann
10 I Love the Dead
11 Hello, Hooray
12 Billion Dollar Babies
13 Elected [live]
14 I'm Eighteen
15 Raped and Freezin'
16 No More Mr. Nice Guy
17 My Stars
18 Unfinished Sweet
19 Sick Things
20 Dead Babies
21 I Love The Dead
22 Coal Black Model T
23 Son Of Billion Dollar Babies (Generation Landslide)
24 Slick Black Limousine
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get Down

Trippin' To The Brazilian Beats

Au Vivo No Lino's

Formed by veteran musicians Mutant Cox [guitar, also a member of Hillbilly Rawhide, Sick Sick Sinners, Psycho Classics, V8 and the Catalépticos], Mark [Guitar, former Stanley Dix, another member of the Hillbilly Rawhide and Folk Trio], Mr. X [low, former Kozmic Gorillas] and Coelio [drums, also ex-kozmic Gorillas, is a member of The Boys and the Chinese duo Fabyote Y Coeyote], the tidal waves came up with a proposal to rescue the classic surf music of the 60s . Since then he has performed frequently in nightclubs most renowned of the city, and shows the south and southeast. Being an instrumental band also influenced the choice of instruments of musicians, who seek the fidelity of the 60s. For this, the guitars are covered with sounds typical of the time, high notes and reverb SuperIntensiv. However, what really draws attention is the empathy that musicians have with the public, making virtually all people dance during the concerts. In 2004 the quartet released their first official album, entitled Baile. The work brings ten songs by the author and had the help of friends and sponsors. However, they had already released the first CD recording of the band in 2003. The demo Live at Lino's, which has 25 songs and five original compositions, was made for the Tsunami could begin to disseminate the work in nightclubs in the city. The public soon adopted and the musicians began to market the album, selling nearly a million copies. The band also participated in the project The Great Garage What Records. The project goal is to record audio and video in some bands curitibanas in the garage of a studio [Sheriff], which was transformed into a black box equipped with sound and light quality. The audio is recorded live and the first copies of the discs are sold immediately after the show with an initial print run of 35 copies. At the end of 2006 was released the compilation "Reverb Brazil: A collection of surf bands", with the participation of 13 bands of Santa Catarina, Parana, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, and is a small sample the production of the surf music scene in Brazil, are present in the collection of two songs Tsunamis: Anonymous Surfer and Tsunami. In early 2007 the band played in GDP (festival of instrumental music) in SP and meanwhile the Tsunami continue to cause major waves of dance at night in cities.
01 Tiki Man / Planet Claire
02 You Don't Scare Me / Voodoobillyman
03 Thee Mighty Jaws
04 Baile
05 Return of Ethel Merman
06 Hot Line
07 Damaged Goods
08 Maremoto
09 Osama
10 Raining Blood(Intro) / Ma Johnson Meets the Razorback
11 Folk Jovem
12 Revenge of el Trio Los Bastardos
13 Surf Rider
14 Surfista Anônimo
15 You're Wondering Now
16 Hot Foot
17 Greensleaves
18 Perdi Você
19 Die World
20 Runaway
21 Exodus
22 Ghost Riders in the Sky
23 Bubble Bee Twist
24 Batman
25 Theme from 'The Hypnotist'
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Take A Giant Step And Listen To The Future

We are pleased to launch the first podcast in a new series called SVEDKA Vodka Future Music Series. The podcasts are hosted by acclaimed London-based DJ, Benji B of Deviation on BBC 1Xtra. Each episode will feature a variety of artists and emerging acts from around the globe, crossing genres from soul and hip hop, to electronica and dubstep, to rock and much more. The best in future sounds, the SVEDKA Vodka Future Music Series presents just-released and unreleased music.
-In the first podcast, Benji B highlights the music of Kylie Auldlist, Silky, Silhouette Brown, Wale, The Hawthorne Headhunters, Kareem Riggins and The Pimps of Joytime.
Enjoy the sounds of 2033 and expect the second podcast in four weeks
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The Sounds of Hot Chile

Skulos Surf Power Trio
Los Vibradores
Los Carburadores
Served by the exotic Ladypuaj. Besos!
Nice little EP showcasing some of the talent at last weeks Fiesta Exotica show in Santiago, Chile. With this kind of line-up it's sounds like I missed a great one! Have a nice cool libation and listen to the hot sounds of Surf de Chile'.
1 Skualos Surf Power Trio - Indio Pistolero
2 Skualos Surf Power Trio - Chocota Beach
3 Los Vibradores - El Intrascendente Momento En Que El Hedonista Pensó En Rehacer Su Vida Y Luego Se Arrepintió
4 Los Vibradores - Entre Coagulos De Sangre Y Gritos Desgarradores Nace La Guagua De La Mujer Gallina
5 Los Carburadores - Intro
6 Los Carburadores - Eres Un Rockers
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Touch That Dial!

Los Straitjackets
Mas alla del Limite
Only @ 128 but well worth the d/l
Served courtesy of surfmexico. Gracias mi amigo.

The album called "The Outer Limits", second live album, and album that was done in Mexico and also was distributed only in Mexico ...
With the cover art by Jorge Alderete
Edited by Isotonic Records (2008)
Recorded at the Great American Music Hall San Francisco, California

"Nothing is happening to your TV. Now we control the transmission. We can make you see anything that our imagination conceives. During the next hour will control everything you see and hear. You are about to experience the vertigo of the mystery expands from the depths of his mind to beyond the limit ... "
1- intro
2- outta gear
3- state fair
4- casbah
5- calhoun surf
6- itchy chicken
7- can you dig it?
8- kawanga
9- university blvd.
10- rockula
11- isn't love grand
12- tempest
13- tailspin
14- pacifica
15- sing sing sing
16- out of limits
17- theme from magnificent 7
18- theme from midnight cowboy
19- batman
20- sleepwalk
21- telstar
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Wasted Friday Night

And I thought I tied on a few in my younger days.....!

Can you just imagin the pounder he's going to have in the morning?


Remember This One?

Spiders (Intercord Edition)
Heard the tune The Female of The Species in the background of the recent Brit zombie/comedy movie DogHouse. I used to have it somewhere but had to go dig for it in outer space. Still a very cool song.
Review by Alex Henderson
Quirky and often highly clever, Space had one of the most appealing alternative rock releases of 1996 in Spiders -- which grossed some listeners out with a cover depicting tarantulas. This eccentric, risk-taking band (not to be confused with the late-'70s disco group Space) doesn't take itself too seriously, and brings an enjoyably twisted sense of humor to such goofy numbers as "Female of the Species" (an ode to a lover who practices witchcraft), "Mr. Psycho," and "Voodoo Roller." Space's inspirations range from hip-hop to brooding East European folk, which is incorporated with inspired results on "Money" and "Lovechild of the Queen." To be sure, the rockers can be overly self-indulgent, but like Frank Zappa and George Clinton, generally use their eccentricity advantageously. [Intercord reissued the album as a 14-track edition in 1997.]
1 Neighbourhood
2 Mister Psycho
3 Female of the Species
4 Money
5 Me & You vs. The World
6 Lovechild of the Queen
7 No-One Understands
8 Voodoo Roller
9 Drop Dead
10 Dark Clouds
11 Major Pager
12 Kill Me
13 Charlie M
14 Growler
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Sorry To See You Go Soupy

R.I.P. Soupy
Another individual who left a big impression on my wee younger years, gone.
Pie-splattered comedian Soupy Sales dies at 83
DETROIT – Soupy Sales, the rubber-faced comedian whose anything-for-a-chuckle career was built on 20,000 pies to the face and 5,000 live TV appearances across a half-century of laughs, has died. He was 83.
Sales died Thursday night at Calvary Hospice in the Bronx, New York, said his former manager and longtime friend, Dave Usher. Sales had many health problems and entered the hospice last week, Usher said.
At the peak of his fame in the 1950s and '60s, Sales was one of the best-known faces in the nation, Usher said.
"If President Eisenhower would have walked down the street, no one would have recognized him as much as Soupy," Usher said.
At the same time, Sales retained an openness to fans that turned every restaurant meal into an endless autograph-signing session, Usher said.
"He was just good to people," said Usher, a former jazz music producer who managed Sales in the 1950s and now owns Detroit-based Marine Pollution Control.
Sales began his TV career in Cincinnati and Cleveland, then moved to Detroit, where he drew a large audience on WXYZ-TV. He moved to Los Angeles in 1961.
The comic's pie-throwing schtick became his trademark, and celebrities lined up to take one on the chin alongside Sales. During the early 1960s, stars such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Shirley MacLaine received their just desserts side-by-side with the comedian on his television show.
"I'll probably be remembered for the pies, and that's all right," Sales said in a 1985 interview.
Sales was born Milton Supman on Jan. 8, 1926, in Franklinton, N.C., where his was the only Jewish family in town. His parents, owners of a dry-goods store, sold sheets to the Ku Klux Klan. The family later moved to Huntington, W.Va.
His greatest success came in New York with "The Soupy Sales Show" — an ostensible children's show that had little to do with Captain Kangaroo and other kiddie fare. Sales' manic, improvisational style also attracted an older audience that responded to his envelope-pushing antics.
Sales, who was typically clad in a black sweater and oversized bow-tie, was once suspended for a week after telling his legion of tiny listeners to empty their mothers' purse and mail him all the pieces of green paper bearing pictures of the presidents.
The cast of "Saturday Night Live" later paid homage by asking their audience to send in their joints. His influence was also obvious in the Pee-Wee Herman character created by Paul Reubens.
Sales returned from the Navy after World War II and became a $20-a-week reporter at a West Virginia radio station. He jumped to a DJ gig, changed his name to Soupy Heinz and headed for Ohio.
His first pie to the face came in 1951, when the newly christened Soupy Sales was hosting a children's show in Cleveland. In Detroit, Sales' show garnered a national reputation as he honed his act — a barrage of sketches, gags and bad puns that played in the Motor City for seven years.
After moving to Los Angeles, he eventually became a fill-in host on "The Tonight Show."
He moved to New York in 1964 and debuted "The Soupy Sales Show," with co-star puppets White Fang (the meanest dog in the United States) and Black Tooth (the nicest dog in the United States). By the time his Big Apple run ended two years later, Sales had appeared on 5,370 live television programs — the most in the medium's history, he boasted. He had a pair of albums that hit the Billboard Top 10 in 1965; "Do the Mouse" sold 250,000 copies in New York alone.
Sales remained a familiar television face, first as a regular from 1968-75 on the game show "What's My Line?" and later appearing on everything from "The Mike Douglas Show" to "The Love Boat." He played himself in the 1998 movie "Holy Man," which starred Eddie Murphy.
He joined WNBC-AM as a disc jockey in 1985, a stint best remembered because Sales filled the hours between shock jocks Don Imus and Howard Stern.
Sales is survived by his wife, Trudy, and two sons, Hunt and Tony, a pair of musicians who backed David Bowie in the band Tin Machine.
Always Have Fun!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Big Thang!

With all of the worry and wringing of hands that has been going on over the last few weeks, the "big purge" on Rapidshare was a mere plink. In total I "lost" 22 files that had not been downloaded in the last 90 days, 99% of which were one shot files that I had done for friends and smaller mail-outs. It was a needed clean-up that I had just not botherd with.
At this time Rapidshare is telling us that as long as a file is active within that 90 day window all is good. With over 725 files up and only loosing 22 I'm feeling pretty damn good about it. It also shows that the majority of the posts, some over 2 1/2 years old, are still being downloaded and enjoyed.
Thanks for checking the archives for buried treasure.
p.s. I did notice that the beginning of the Ultra Lounge series is hitting the 60 day window. If you have missed any of these gems, jump on them soon.

What You Get When You Rub 4 Dimes Together

The Dimes
New England EP

Based on real stories and events born of and around Boston, Massachusetts, this 4-song EP, titled "New England," is rich with texture and an consistent pastoral thread, complete with mandolins, acoustic guitars, stomps, claps, banjos, melodicas and more pop-laden harmonies than you'll know what to do with. The record reveals a glimpse of the latest material from The Dimes, whom are currently working on a new full-length record based of the same themes, due out Summer 2009. The New England EP also contains a special John Lennon cover of Watching the Wheels - a song that is near and dear to Dimes singer-songwriter, Johnny Clay's heart.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, The Dimes are a quirky, harmony-driven, indie-pop five-piece with influences and sounds-like comparisons ranging from The Decemberists to Iron and Wine, Spoon, Tom Petty, and even The Beatles.

The band's 2007 debut, The Silent Generation, captured widespread praise and acclaim from SPIN, Magnet, Under the Radar, NPR, The BBC, USA Today, and made some rather big waves on music blogs everywhere, both in the United States and in Europe. The album's singles, "Catch Me Jumping" and "Paul Kern Can't Sleep" have been darlings of multiple commercial licenses, including several MTV and NBC shows, and some independent films.



1 The Liberator

2 Clara

3 Ballad of Winslow Homer

4 Watching The Wheels

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something To Move Your Meat

DJ AldoX
Commercial & Electro Bangers House Mix

My friend DJ AldoX is at it again.
He's been burning up the airwaves with this new mix on DJ James Leo's "Pure Sessions" radio show this weekend. Put some thump in your rump with a solid hour of these bangin' beats.

Listen and download HERE

(((((Intro)) Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Rockit Miss USA ((Intro)))))

1. Pepper Mashay - Freeway Of Love (Steely M. & Cary)
2. Laura Izibor – Shine (Digital Dog)
3. Jada – American Cowboy
4. Horny Utd – L.O.I (Mike Candys & Christopher S.)
5. David Guetta – Grrrr
6. Amy Pearson - Butterfingers (Wawa)
7. Muttonheads - Shine Blue (Ermac)
8. Stefy De Cicco Ft. Tom Stone - Keep on Jumpin’ (Elegance)
9. Madonna – Celebration (Felguk)
10. Chipmunk – Oopsy Daisy (Digital Dog)
11. Dizzee Rascal – Holiday (Liam Keegan)
12. Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad (Mike Rizzo)
13. Alexandra Burke ft Flo-Rida – Bad Boys (Moto Blanco)
14. David Jordan - Dont Wanna Hear You Say (Wideboys Stadium)
15. Trilogy - Nobodys Business (7th Heaven)
16. Shanie – Piano In The Dark (7th Heaven)
17. Leggz ft Stephanie– La La La – (BIB Dub)
18. Wayne vs Raindropz - Numb (Alex Gap Tratment)
19. David Guetta ft Will-i am - On The Dancefloor (Extended)
20. Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Alex Chief 2009)
21. Taio Cruz - Break My Heart (Cassette Club)
22. Marc Mysterio - Sunshine (Playmaker)
23. Natalie Imbruglia – Want (Shapeshifters)
24. Laidback Luke - My G.O.D
25. Neelix - Disco Decay (Felguk)
26. Ariana - Do You See It (Giuseppe D)
27. Flo Rida & Nelly Furtado - Jump (Chocolate Puma)

((((Outro Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Sex Bomb Boogie Sample))))
Mix Length 1hour @192kbps

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Band Who Would Not Sing

The Charles Napiers
Killing Time

The Charles Napiers were a 'Mondo Wray' instrumental band that existed from 1991 to 2005. In those 14 years we NEVER played a single vocal number. Can you name any other instrumental band who resisted the temptation of the microphone for that length of time? No, thought not. And other than a couple of regrettable drunken occasions, we never spoke between songs. The reason why? Because there's nothing worse than watching a decent band on stage but having to put up with some tool saying 'This next one's called blah blah blah, hope you like it' or some similar cobblers.



01. Harry Sledge [Toe Rag 1994]
02. Moon Over Shoreditch [Toe Rag 1994]
03. Blue Onions [Toe Rag 1994]
04. Don Juan [Toe Rag 1994]
05. Sultan Of Sentiment [Toe Rag 1994]
06. Eight Minus One [Toe Rag 1995]
07. Things've Changed Round Here [Toe Rag 1995]
08. Rianna Scipio Theme [Toe Rag 1994]
09. The Green Ray [Toe Rag 1996]
10. Dragnet [Toe Rag 1996]
11. Full Inch Of Tongue [Toe Rag 1995]
12. Bounds Green City Limits [Toe Rag 1995]
13. Faceful Of Pasta [Toe Rag 1996]
14. The Missing Link [Toe Rag 1995]
15. The Sinister IV [Pathway 1998]
16. Fucked Up Fords [Pathway 1998]
17. The Jap Spy [Pathway 1998]
18. Eat Lead [Pathway 1998]


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Back With The Black Angels

The Black Angels
Directions To See A Ghost
Review by Stewart Mason
Name yourselves after one of the Velvet Underground's most aggressively amelodic songs and package your second album in an op art burnt orange and chartreuse freakout and you'd better be able to deliver the psych-drone goods. What's most impressive about the Black Angels' Directions to See a Ghost is that not only does the Austin-based sextet deliver like few bands have been able to manage since Spacemen 3 split -- see the dark, doomy "Science Killer" and the epic 16-minute closer "Snake in the Grass" for details -- but the group also leavens its heaviness with a functioning knowledge of pop hooks and how to deploy them: as a result, songs like "You in Color" and "You on the Run" not only buzz and howl in a manner suitable for nodding along, they're also unexpectedly catchy in a style reminiscent of Love or the Doors. The sitar-laced two-chord stomp of "Never/Ever" sits comfortably alongside the post-punky desperation of "Doves," testament to the variety of sounds and moods the Black Angels squeeze out of their chosen idiom. This is the sort of psychedelia that space rockers and Nuggets fans alike can come together over.

1 You on the Run
2 Doves
3 Science Killer
4 Mission District
5 18 Years
6 Deer-Ree-Shee
7 Never/Ever
8 Vikings
9 You in Color
10 The Return
11 Snake in the Grass
Get it HERE

Echo Of Dub

Dub Syndicate
Only @ 128 but still kickin'

Review by Rick Anderson
This disc finds Dub Syndicate back to full strength. Thanks to an all-too-brief distribution arrangement with Restless Records in the U.S., this is one On-U title that should be relatively easy to find in the States, and it will make a fine introduction for newcomers to the band's strange but wonderful art. Drummer "Style" Scott and bassist "Flabba" Holt keep everyone together with monstrous reggae riddims, while Adrian Sherwood tears things up around them from his perch at the mixing board. Lee "Scratch" Perry makes a couple of hilarious cameo appearances, in one case sentencing all "heads of government" to "poverty and famine and hardship and bad luck." When guitarist Skip McDonald sings, you can hear echoes of his past work with Tackhead and intimations of what will come with Strange Parcels. Everywhere the rhythms are airtight and relentlessly propulsive. One song manages to quote successfully the American gospel standard "Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John." A rare and wonderful recording.
1 Roots Commandment
2 Dubbing Psycho Thriller
3 Dubaddisababa
4 Walking Jerusalem
5 No No
6 '93 Struggle
7 2001 Love
8 What Happened ?
9 Green Stick
10 Rock Back
11 Echomania
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Dub Out To Your Hearts Content

Dub Anthology
4 CD Set

French only four CD set filled with massive Dub experiments by some of the greatest names in the genre including Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Roots Manuva, Sugar Minott and more. This set contains four separate discs, each featuring 15 tracks: Dub Roots, International Dub, French Scene and Nouvelle Scene. This set also features Dub from Scientist, Tosca, High Tone, Zenzile, Ez3kiel, Fedayi Pacha, Casuality and Jah Mason.
1. Cassava Piece - Augusto Pablo
2. Hungry Belly Dub - King Tubby
3. Baby I Love You So - Jacob Miller
4. Goldmine - The Revolutionaires
5. Dub Of Gold - Sly & Robbie
6. Tell Me Why - Horace Andy
7. Jah Marley - The Abyssinians
8. President In Dub - U Brown
9. Slavery Dub - Skin Flesh & Bones
10. Lying Girl Dub - Leroy Sibbles & Roots Radics
11. Half Dub - Dennis Brown
12. Let Go The Dread - Sugar Minott
13. Realise - Glen Brown
14. Get Up, Stand Up Dub - The Wailers
15. Bird In Hand - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
16. Asian Dub Foundation - Jericho
17. Roots Manuva - Witness Dub
18. Bush Chemist - East Of Jaro
19. Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
20. Junkyard Productions - Sister Let Him Go
21. Alpha & Omega - Rastafari (From Watch And Pray)
22. Iration Steppas - Wat Dem A Go When Di Right Time Come Dub
23. Dr. Isral - Survivor
24. Oku Onuoara - Sun Dub (Solar Dub)
25. Funki Porcini - Dubble
26. Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Worldwide Watchdog Peepshow
27. Lotek Hi-Fi - Different Style
28. Twilight Circus Ft. Ranking Joe - Don't Follow Babylon
29. Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist
30. Tosca - Annanas (G-Corporation Dub)
31. High Tone - Bad Weather
32. Zenzile Ft. Jamika - Smell The Roses
33. Improvisators Dub Meets The Disciples - Bass-Batt
34. Ez3kiel Ft. Anglique Wilkie - Phantom Land
35. Kanka Ft. MC Oliva - A Ticket To Die?
36. Yosh Ft. Sonia Gomez - Sacar El Tigre
37. Hybrid Sound System - L'Uzure
38. Pilah Ft. Leeroy Green (Dub Addict) - Conscious Man
39. Lbe Radiant Dub System - Seaboard Costline
40. Brain Damage Ft. Giovani Mark - Embolism
41. DJ Twelve - In Trouble
42. Dubphonic - Galactic Sushi Man
43. Lab - Crystal Krill Killer
44. Junior Cony Meets Shanti D. & Mister Irie - No More A Dat
45. GG Project - Step Around GG Mix
46. Dubmatix - Champion Sound
47. Bauchklang - Barking News (DJ Vadim Mix)
48. L'oeuf Raide - Vu La TV
49. Nucleus Roots - Dub Rule
50. X-Echo - Listen Dis!
51. Noiseshaper Ft. Ari Up
52. Lena - A Troll's Trail
53. Fedayi Pacha - Yallah, Cowboy !
54. Roots Massacre Ft. The Pilgrim (Dub Addict) - In Our Dub
55. Casualty - Military Intervention
56. Tcha K Fdrateur - Magnum Bass
57. Dynamics - Music (Dub Edit), The
58. Prezident Brown - Glory Dub
59. Molecule Ft. Zigzag - Babygirl
60. Iota - Perdu

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tech Talk

Got to get one of these. I ran across this pic doing a browse for USB hubs. Who would have thought someone would go to this extreme!

What’s a modern computer user to do? You’ve got your thumb drives, your backup drives, your joystick, your drink warmer, your drink cooler, your USB humping dog, your USB blow-up doll, and a hundred other things littering your desk. And even the best motherboards only come with 10 or 15 USB ports. If only there were some way to plug in all of these things at once, in some sort of… hub. Brother, your prayers are answered at last! With this 49-port powered USB hub, you can live it up and never worry about unplugging anything ever again.

Hard To OutDraw This Gunslinger

Eric Sardinas
Rockpalast Crossroads DVD
DVD 720x480 VOB 6856 kbps 25 fps
Aspect ratio: 16:9 MP3 192 kpbs 4.09 GB
-I' ve posted some of Eric Sardinas' tunes before. After finding this DVD had to share it. I saw him again several months ago and he puts on an energenic, high powered show. If you get the chance, see him live. Until then you'll just have to watch this again and again!
What is Rockpalast? It is the famous German rock music TV show which broadcasts live to viewing audience of millions all over Europe. With legions of corporate-fueled, musical puppets littering our stages and airways, originality has become virtually extinct within the landscape of today's popular music. Fortunately there's Eric Sardinas. His unique sound and honest delivery are breathing life back into the lungs of a stale industry on the verge of collapse. Sardinas is both a welcome reminder of the finest unfiltered music from an era bygone, as well as, a glimpse into a future realm of infinite sonic liberty. He's a courageous trailblazer who's constant repudiating routine limits and challenging all genre inherent boundaries with his wild innovations. So, if you find yourself understandably lost and aimlessly drifting through a sad sea of musical mediocrity ... find Eric Sardinas.

Eric Sardinas - vocals, guitar.
Levell Price - bass, backing vocals.
Patrick Caccia - drums, backing vocals.
Track List:
Worried Mind Blues
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
Jelly Jam
Hellhound On My Trail
I Can't Be Satisfied
Find My Heart
8 Goin' South
As The Crow Flies
Down In The Bottom
If You Don't Love Me
Get it HERE
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last Chance

Like most bloggers who utilize Rapidshare, effective October 20th all links that have not been accessed in over 90 days will be removed. This is being done due to the fact that I have over the 25 GB limit in stored files. I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Using the BETA File Manageer I ran a listing of downloaded files in inverse order. There will be very little lost. This will mainly provide a much needed housecleaning.

Some of the items that do seem to be underaccessed lately are The Surf Coasters collection. They all have been hevily downloaded in the past but little in the last 90 days.
Get 'em while you can!

Take a peek at the archives. There are over 700 files there for your listening pleasure.

Don't be a lagger!

Beat Club '68

The Beat Club
Rock Archives
Jahresende '68
44:22 min
With 3% Recovery
Very hip for the time, music show in Germany. More to come if response is good.
***This video is NOT "The Story of Beat Club". It's a segment of the Rock Archive editions covering November and December 1968****
It's the only decent artwork I could find.
Beat-Club - musical program left into ether of German television from 1965 until 1972. The idea of the creation of Bit- club belongs to Gerhard Augustin and Mike To [lekebushu]. Premier showing took place on September 25, 1965. German television worker Wilhelm [Veben] opened show by these words: “Good day, dear bit- friends! Time came! Through several seconds of [nachnetsya] the first show on the German television, made specially for you. However, concerning those I will give gentlemen whom it does not please Bit- music, we hope for their understanding: this is [layv]- show for the young people. And so we take off…”
The earliest episodes were the actually living appearances of musicians and were removed simply before the brick wall… by 67 on rear [pllane] showed the names of [isponiteley], sound and picture were well synchronized and on the scene they danced the girl “Of go-Go-Girl”

The Easybeats - Goot Times
Spooky Tooth - The Weight
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - The Wreck of The Antoinette
The Bee Gees - Got To Get A Message To You
The Hollies - Listen To Me
Barry Ryan - Eloise
The Equals - Softly Softly
Manfred Mann - Fox On The Run
Joe Cocker - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
The Marmalade - Ob-la-di, Ob -la-da
The Beach Boys - Bluebirds Over The Mountains
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More From Those Wacky O.C. Dudes

The Ziggens

Rusty Never Sleeps


VBR w 3% Recovery


Known for their eccentric, goofy, humorous way of blending punk and surf rock (sometimes with a definite country influence), the Ziggens aren't a major name in the rock world but have enjoyed a small cult following since the early '90s. The Ziggens have always been based in Orange County, CA, just south of Los Angeles -- a logical place for artists who are into surf rock -- and the four-man band has a long list of influences from different musical eras. Clearly, they're into '60s surf favorites like the Ventures, Jan & Dean, and the Beach Boys -- they've even been compared to Annette Funicello -- but they're hardly an exact replica of artists from the Lyndon Johnson years; their sound also owes a lot to old-school punk bands of the '70s and '80s. The Ziggens (who like to describe their quirky approach as "cowpunksurfabilly") have never been known for taking themselves too seriously; they obviously identify with punk's more fun and lighthearted side, which means that they have more in common with the Ramones and the Dickies than with militant, angrily sociopolitical agitators like the Sex Pistols, the Dead Kennedys, the Clash, and early T.S.O.L. (before T.S.O.L. got away from left-wing politics and reinvented themselves as a heavy metal band along the lines of AC/DC, Accept, and Dokken). Think of the Ramones performing "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" and "Rockaway Beach" or the Dickies pounding out the nutty "You Drive Me Ape, You Big Gorilla" -- that's the type of wacky, absurdist punk that has had a major impact on the Ziggens. And when the Orange County residents incorporate country influences, one is reminded of rockabilly and classic honky tonk rather than slick, glossy country-pop or countrypolitan -- in other words, they sound like they've more likely to listen to Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, or Merle Haggard than Kathy Mattea or Trisha Yearwood. After their formation in 1990, the Ziggens provided several albums in the '90s and early 2000s and recorded for the Skunk and Cornerstone labels. In 2003, Cornerstone released a best-of collection titled Greatest Zits: 1990-2003, which spanned 13 years and contained a variety of material that the Ziggens had selected themselves. The Ziggens' lineup has included head honcho/founder Bert Susanka, aka Bert Ziggen, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jon Poutney, aka Jon Ziggen, on bass, Dickie Ziggen on lead guitar, and Brad Conyers, aka Brad Ziggen, on drums and background vocals. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


1 Ride the Wild Surf 

2 Call It Quits

3 Barefoot on Hot Cement

4 On the Way

5 Gilligan

6 Couldn't Get a Date

7 Dandruff

8 When I Die

9 Bin Loop Baby Pt. II

10 Dickie Built a Halfpipe

11 Go Wild at the Beach

12 Buttermilk

13 Ed Gein

14 I'm Tryin'

15 Carry Your Cross

16 Females

17 High School Love

18 I Hit My Head (On the Corner of a Kitchen Cabinet)

19 Outside

20 Mississippi

21 End of the Summer

22 The Lottery Song

23 Sue Got the Flu

24 Gravel Song

25 Memphis

26 All the Fun That We Missed


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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Los Pegajosos - Antropofagia

Courtesy of the mysterious Charles Vine.

Los Pegajosos en El Fusil Parte II

Friday, October 02, 2009

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October Swells

October 2009
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Thursday, October 01, 2009

"See Ya At Ronnie's"

Jeff Beck
Live at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club

Companion DVD of the live cd that was released in December 2008.

JEFF BECK Performing This Week... Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club (2008 UK 16-track CD album - In 2007 Jeff Beck performed a series of concerts at the renowned Ronnie Scott's club in London. They became the must have ticket of the year with a packed audience every night of the famous and the fans. This CD features performances recorded across the different nights and presents what Jeff Beck considers the best version of each track. Including 'Beck's Bolero', 'Led Boots', 'Scatterbrain', 'Where Were You', 'Angels [Footsteps]', 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers' and his now iconic version of 'A Day In The Life'.).

This DVD features over two hours of Jeff Beck’s searing rock-jazz-fusion guitar playing as follow-up to a CD released under the same title in ‘08.

This 2007 live gig at the famed jazz club Ronnie Scott’s in London features the legendary guitarist that incorporates Rock, Jazz, and Blues. Joining Beck is the young bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and keyboardist Jason Rebello. Jeff is also joined by guests Joss Stone, Imogen Heap and Eric Clapton.
Track Listing:

1) Beck's Bolero
2) Eternity's Breath
3) Stratus
4) Cause We've Ended As Lovers
5) Behind The Veil
6) You Never Know
7) Nadia
8) Blast From The East
9) Led Boots
10) Angel (Footsteps)
11) People Get Ready - with Joss Stone
12) Scatterbrain
13) Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Brush With The Blues
14) Space Boogie
15) Blanket - with Imogen Heap
16) Big Block
17) A Day In The Life
18) Little Brown Bird - with Eric Clapton
19) You Need Love - with Eric Clapton
20) Rollin' And Tumblin' - with Imogen Heap
21) Where Were You

Bonus Material: Jeff Beck Interview: rare in depth interview talking about Ronnie Scott's, his band, the setlist and his guest performers. Interviews with the band members.


Was informed today that Part 3 was duplicated instead of Part 2. All is well now.

Thx thai sky guy!

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