Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke

In this classic Southern prison drama, social misfit Lucas "Luke" Jackson (Paul Newman) is incarcerated for a petty crime and sentenced to a chain gang. Luke is a sullen and laconic young man whose cool defiance of the sadistic warden and bullying inmates earns him the title "Cool Hand Luke." But as the prisoners' respect for Luke grows into hero worship, he finds that he must risk everything in order to live up to their expectations. Filled with dozens of memorable scenes (Luke eating 50 eggs) and quotable lines ("What we have here is a failure to communicate."), COOL HAND LUKE is a testament to excellent screenwriting (Donn Pearce and Frank Pierson) and Newman's charm and skill as an actor. The film also features an outstanding supporting cast that includes George Kennedy, Strother Martin, and early screen appearances by Dennis Hopper and Harry Dean Stanton.


Yeah, Well, Sometimes Nothing Can Be A Real Cool Hand

R.I.P. Mr Newman

Monday, September 22, 2008

Trustar Goes Bi-Coastal

As some of you might have noticed, I've been out of town/touch a bit for the last several weeks. I've been doing some "real" work on the East Coast, just outside of Washington D.C.. Since my blogger buddy DaBoss from Fat City Cigar Lounge is in that neck of the woods, I made it a point to get ahold of him so we could meet up and have lunch.

We had a great time!!

DaBoss and I have always been muy simpatico when it comes to our musical tastes and I can't count the times when both of us had been ready to post up something, only to find out that the other just beat us to the punch. Twisted minds must think alike. We have found that we have a great many things in common that came across clearly via emails and blog babbleing.

A bright sunny Sunday in Maryland, some fantastic crab cakes, a visit to the Radio & Television Museum and a visit to where it all happens, the Fat City Cigar Lounge. In just a few short hours we covered lots of ground getting to know each other.

I know lots of folks like the privacy of online communication but I have tried to make it a point in my few years on the net to use it to make as many "real" contacts with people that I share a common interest with. It's more then you start with some other types of situations when you meet people.

I've also been trying to work out a hook-up with the guys from Reverb Galaxy here in the Washington D.C. area. Just missed getting into the radio studio with them last Sunday when they played at The University of Maryland station. Damn, missed out by a few hours. But we will keep trying. They have invited me to one of their next practice sessions when I come back.

As I continue to do more traveling for business I will make it a point to connect with the people who have shared so much with me. I hope you will do the same. Send me an email if your in my stomping grounds. Share a drink, grab a bite, check out the waves. It's all good.

A tip of a frosty Mai Tai to my friend, DaBoss. A truely gracious host and just a damn nice guy. Thank you amigo. We'll hook up again.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News Just In!

I know it's a little late notice but I just heard about this one.

One of our favorite masked surf groups, Los Straitjackets have been doing a West Coast tour and will be playing at:

The Belly Up in Solona Beach (near San Diego) Thursday, the 18th.

Safari Sam's in Hollywood on Friday, the 19th

The Lobster Festival in San Pedro on Sunday, the 21st.

Unfortunately, I'm on tour on the East Coast!! Damn, hate when that happens.

After I get back home, Los Straitjackets will be going back East!!
Check out their site. They will be playing several shows with Laika & The Cosmonauts. Should be some extra wild shows.

Go catch em!

Los Straitjackets: Tempest

To Tide You Over

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Surf Coasters Are Coming!!

Yes, thats right. Our favorite wacky guys The Surf Coasters from Japan are sliding down the Left Coast even as we "speak?"

My good friend Zillagord made it to the Tractor Tavern (yeee-haw!) in Seattle to see the show put on by these powerhouse reverb maniacs. High energy all the way. Pollo del Mar put on their usual excellent show and the Mercury Four also suprised the hell out of some that had not heard them before. I've got a Mercury Four album to put up when I get back home this weekend.
Just wanted to clue you in if you have any chance at all to see them while The Coasters are in the States, do it. Sell your grandma if you have to!
I'm trying to make sure I get back home before they hit Southern California. I have a barstool with my name on it at the Purple Orchid Tiki Bar in El Segundo just waiting for me.
Most of the Surf Coasters albums are still up on the archives if you have missed any and feel whole again. 'also said they have the new album out and are selling it at the shows. Don't have the name but he saw the info on Phil Dirt's Reverb Central. A must have.


West Coaster on the East Coast


Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother Eek!

Tuesday, September 9th is our favorite fab feline, Eek the Cat's Birthday.
Make sure to bang a drum, bang a gong, bang darn near anything as long as it's LOUD!
Turn it up to 11!
I know he'll hear it.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Kelly slater - lowers 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Get Bent About It

The Bent Scepters
Blind Date With Destiny
The Bent Scepters began in 1991 as a side project to several "serious" indie bands. As the group's popularity grew, the original projects melted away, leaving only the Scepters. As the members honed their act, the band's ability to rev up a crowd with its ear-shattering, high-octane garage rock became legendary. Over the course of the next eight years, the band released a cassette, several vinyl singles and eventually three compact discs, in support of which, the band would play shows from Los Angeles to Manhattan and all points in-between. The band's serious touring days came to an end in 1999 when organist White moved to France. Upon his return two years later, the group began to play occasional reunion shows.
Take It Like a Man
You'll Be Sorry Now
The Warning
Eagle Has Landau
Chinese Burn
Come On Baby
Harry Palmer
No Way Down
Dirty Old Man
I think this is an early release as there is a little bit different tracklist and cover.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Good bye Jerry

Monday, September 01, 2008

Lima Peru Has Their Own Monster Problems

En La Ciudad del Horror

Since 1996, garage/psych/surf rock from Lima, Peru!

They started playing live in 1997 and their first release was the "Manganzoides" cassette in 1998, followed by "Mas Dosis!!!" in 2000. The original material from the first tape was released in a split LP by Repent Recs (California), while the two cassettes were re released as a single CD, "Dosis Completa" in Peru (reissued in 2007 in Peru and Argentina). We went back to the studio in 2001 and these songs were included in the No Fun CD "Sobredosis de Horror" (2002) along witn the "Mas dosis!!!" songs. In Peru we released "Ciudad del horror" (Caleta, 2002), including the 2001 tracks and live/rare material. After some interruptions, in 2003-2004 we recorded "Radio Komodo", which was released by No Fun in the US and by Union/Komodo in Peru. In 2006 we recorded our final album, "El entierro de los Manganzoides", with 14 brand new songs. It was released by the Argentinian label Rastrillo Records in October 2006 and the band's last concerts were in Lima and Buenos Aires in mid 2007.


1. La Ciudad del Horror
2. Basura
3. Cucarachas Voladoras
4. Nido de Ratas
5. LLuvia de Fuzztones
6. Cavando Mi Propia Tumba
7. El Espectro
8. Ritmo Enfermedad
9. Vas A Extrañarme
10. Llora Esta Noche
11. Misirlou
12. Sudando Frío
13. Estoy A 5 Años de Acá
14. La Cacharrona
15. Dificil de Curar
16. Tren Fantasma
17. Tsunami!
18. Mujer Boa
19. Amor Reptíl
20. Mojon TV
21. Ganimedes
22. Estación Fantasma


Manganzoides - Musaraña

Look at the Sponge Bob rock!

Bubblegum And Beer

Motherfuckers Be Trippin'

"Have no fear, 'cause now it's here..."Motherfuckers Be Trippin'has arrived and it's guaranteed to rock your ass! So be a part of the solution to the rock-n-roll drought and help us get this fucker in the hands of everyone who needs a shot of quality rock, mined fresh from the Supersuckers’ private quarry located just outside of Hell City, Hell.

Expecting the Supersuckers to grow up and stop singing about getting trashed is like asking Angus Young to put on long pants: You could do it, but what's the point? Eddie Spaghetti and company revel in retrograde rock and show no signs of changing their tune on album number six. And, in this case, that's a good thing. Blistering punkabilly swing and with plenty of bleary-eyed cowboy grunge help Motherfuckers Be Trippin' gel into the one of the Seattle band's most consistently rocking albums. The expected odes to booze ("A Good Night for My Drinkin'," "Bubblegum and Beer"), stand alongside a cryin'-in-my-beer kiss off ("Pretty Fucked Up"), that stings even as Spaghetti chokes down someRead More
humble pie. "I used to be strong/I used to be tough," he sings, "And she used to be pretty/ But now she's just pretty fucked up." Despite a career spent mostly on the fringes, even their most cynical songs, "Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Selling This Year)", come off as more playful than bitter, because to be really mad, you'd have to actually give a shit.
GIL KAUFMAN(April 21, 2003)


1. Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Selling This Year)
2. Rock Your Ass
3. Pretty Fucked Up
4. Fight Song, The
5. Bruises to Prove It
6. Bubblegum and Beer
7. Sleepy Vampire
8. Good Night For My Drinkin', A
9. Damn My Soul
10. Someday I Will Kill You
11. Nowhere Special, The
12. Goodbye