Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Go Anywhere Without Your Tide Charts

Swivlin' Wahini

Two discs, 35 tracks of every variety of surf you can ask for. There is the traditional beach party variety, then there is sci-fi surf, then some surf exotica, followed perhaps by some raging staccato surf insanity, or maybe an almost jazzy type of movie soundtrack surf. It is all here, bands such as Urban Surf Kings, The Del-Vamps, The Aquamen, The Deadcats, Johnny and the Shamen, Splashback, Las Patatas Bravas, Swamp Donkeys, Lonely Nights, and many more. The Swamis deliver a mixture of surf and ska that is really damn cool, and Slacktone do a song that reminds me of riding a mule into town on a beautiful sunny day to pick up some chicken feed. The Balboas crank out a nice tune that would go well with genetic experimentation, and The Exotics’ song is like cruising through the Alps on a flying camel. You see, that’s what is great about surf instros, you get all these crazy visuals without the aid of hallucinogenic drugs. Austin Transit Authority plays the sonic equivalent of driving a big rig to Roswell and being abducted by the same group who took Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. The Bone Sharks tune could underscore your next bull fight, and The Waistcoats might go well with time travel to ancient Arabia where you’d cruise the landscape on trans-dimensional rocket with a busty belly-dancer clinging to your back. This CD is very recommended, even if it is hard to describe. -BL
The two discs are divided up into High Tide and Low Tide
Low Tide
High Tide

A Mad Convergence Of Surf Bands Doing Their Thang

Supertones Surf - Modern Surf Band Spotlight


Why would 15 bands from across the globe cover songs composed by The Supertones? Contrary to what you may think - this is NOT a tribute album. This album IS a showcase of some of today's up and coming bands in the modern surf instrumental scene. It displays a slice of the vast talent of the surf instrumental phenomenon that has spread throughout the world and continued to grow unabated since the early 1960s. The songs and performances are a testimony to the quality of The Supertones' music and the tremendous talent of today's hot new surf bands. 29 tracks with almost 78 minutes of surf instrumental madness. Includes The Nebulas, Metalunas, Cocktail Preachers, VonRippers, Ralph Rebel, Estrume'n'al, Retroliners, Monsters From Mars!, Diamondheads, tsmf, ZPS, Sharkskins, Mighty Surf Lords, Brainwashers and the Bitch Boys.
1 Torque Wrench - The Nebulas
2 Fooling Around Playa del Rey - The Bitch Boys
3 Media Nocturne - VonRippers
4 Last Ride - The Cocktail Preachers
5 Side Slippin' - The Diamondheads
6 Dr. Yes - The Retroliners
7 Avanti - Monsters From Mars!
8 Flamenco Surf - The Sharkskins
9 The Wet Set - The Metalunas
10 The Sweet Ride - ZPS
11 Harbor Patrol - Estrume'n'tal
12 Ted's Twist - tsmf
13 Sand Pumper - The Brainwashers
14 Moonshot Part 3 - The Mighty Surf Lords
15 Wingnut - Bustin' Surfboards with Ralph Rebel
16 T-16 - The Nebulas
17 Did You Bring Your Brass Knuckles? - The Bitch Boys
18 00 1/2 - VonRippers
19 Margarita Meltdown - The Cocktail Preachers
20 Dented Fender - The Diamondheads
21 Rumble In The Stratosphere 2002 - The Retroliners
22 Happy In A Cage - Monsters From Mars!
23 The Mild Bunch Rides Again - The Sharkskins
24 The Curse of Pier 13 - The Metalunas
25 Estampida - ZPS
26 Vacalgada - Estrume'n'tal
27 El Duelo de Chiuauas - tsmf
28 Bawunga Bob - The Brainwashers
29 Spanish Fly - Ralph Rebel

Surf-Melodien Aus Dem Vaterland

The Orgaphonics
Sunset Rider

"Here is finally makes an instrumental surf band from our latitudes with the world's Looney Tunes, Dynotones and Bambi Molesters. Their songs are deep and blue as the ocean. They have exactly the Gitarrentwang the Surf Music needs, as well as an organ. Incorporated with Vinatgeinstrumenten to the authentic sound. The whole is then seasoned with an exotic Tiki note, as we are so far only from the early works of the Fifty Foot Combo knew. It covers a very successful and stylish: The Trashmen, Surfmen, surfing and appreciate Raiders on its cover of Astronauts, of Night Riders, to Chantays and Phantom Surfers and who referred to all sizes abfährt, will also be a cool Orgaphonics Beach & cocktail party. " Swamp

01. First Place Knockout
02. Lonestar
03. Sunset Rider
04. Trafficantes
05. Hot Rod
06. El Toro
07. Astro
08. Downfeel
09. Swamis Reef
10. Sad Survivor
11. Harmonizer
12. Malaguena
13. Roll Over Mozart
14. 5 A.M.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Have You Heard The News?

Yes, after a little time away, our blogosphere amigo Toxxy is back with us again, serving up some fine quality wares for you ears. Make sure to add his great blog to your bookmarks and RSS feeders. It's always worth a stop by. Site address is also in my "Friends Who Rock" section in the sidebar. Take a gander at the other sites there for more excellent tunage.


Netunos Live


Skip the first 1 1/2 minutes of this video. The rest is great.

Let These Jaws Take A Bite Out Of Your Ass

Not much to be found on these guys other then they are from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Seems that they fell off the face of the earth earlier this year. Will have to do some more diggin'. If any of our Southern bretheren out there have a line on this great group, please, please share.

1 Bem-Vindo Ao Clube
2 Posto 3
3 Nosso Dia
4 Praia do Diabo
5 Um Pouco de Si
6 120
7 No Mar
8 Daniela
9 Dezembro
10 Turma de 63
11 A Mais Bela Tarde
12 Aloha, Pancho

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Pallbearers Are Coming, The Pallbearers Are Coming"

Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers
Fortune & Maltese have been cranking out their take on Paul Revere & The Raiders for several years producing a handful of tracks on various 45s and comps. This CD contains the 19 tracks that made up their Screaming Apple LP plus a previously unreleased track, 'Louise.' While their style has the authentic '60s sound, they have the energy of modern garage bands like the Cynics or Chesterfield Kings.

1. Wig Wam Promo
2. Wig Wam
3. No Dice
4. Fools' Gold
5. Gone, Gone, Gone
6. Wicked Weed
7. Take My Word
8. Don't Mind If I Do
9. Kent Berglund Action Man
10. Let's Dance
11. Bamboozled Again
12. Low Man
13. Try a Little Harder
14. I Just Don't Care
15. Chase You
16. I Found a New Love
17. Golden Arm
18. Bummer
19. Black Hood
20. Toc
21. Louise

Keep Your Wig Wam

Wig Wam - Fortune & Maltese

The Bent Scepters playing Shalako

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lordy Lordy Lordy!

The Surf Lords
Shark Attack!!!


The Surf Lords have been in existence since 1999. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the current line up is Tom Chism, guitar & vocals, Joe Silva, bass and vocals, Mike Fleming, drums, and GoGo dancers Jeorge Mercedes and Amanda Alton.Unknown to most people, New Mexico has one of the longest wind surfing seasons, beginning in February( January if you have a dry suit ) and ending in November ( December if you have a dry suit ). Although we may not have the most consistent winds on the planet, we get some nuclear blasts in the spring ( 30-40 mph stuff ). Depending on the direction, we can get swells up to 3-4 feet at Conchas Lake, earning it the nickname East Swell City. Hope you like the surf music; come out to New Mexico and wind surf with us.


1. Burt's Tiki Tear Drop
2. Cleopatra
3. Shark Attack!!!
4. Third Stone from the Sun
5. Bombay Highway Part I
6. Bombay Highway Part II
7. Goldfinger
8. Beach Party
9. Martian Sea
10. Don't Fear the Reaper
11. Ring of Fire
12. Lil'Conga Boy medley
13. Vampirella
14. What Have we Done?
15. White Wedding


Surfing Into The Night

The Surf Zombies
The Surf Zombies
Served up by Teisco Del Mar
The Surf Zombies are new on the scene and smashing attendance records at every event they have been invited to. It’s true, musical guru Brook Hoover plays most of the hot licks on this amazing party disc, but without Jim Viner on his Gretsch drums, Doug Roberson on Jazzmaster Guitar and Joel McDowell on late 50’s jazz bass, this collection of great anthems would have never seen the light of day. Together these men have banded together to bring you THE SURF ZOMBIES’ very first compact disc. Recorded at John Svec’s Minstrel Studio in Iowa City with Justin Kennedy mixing and engineering skills, THE SURF ZOMBIES bring you the most thrilling record of our time.
You may have heard of Brook Hoover and Joel McDowell who have been tearing up stages all across the Midwest for decades with Meerkats, Motorolas, Dick Prall Band, Circle of Fiends, Spider Gear, Sarah Cram and the Derilichts and many other great bands. Doug Roberson and Jim Viner are also musical twins who play in the world famous Diplomats of Solid Sound as well as The Bent Scepters, and have also played with Head Candy The Pines, Track A Tiger, David Zollo, High and Lonesome, Andre Williams, Brother Trucker, Joe Price, Pat Hazell, Pieta Brown, Bo Ramsey, Eric Straumanis, Kelly Pardekooper, Dave Moore, Radoslav Lorkovic, Dennis McMurrin, Tom Jessen,Devin Hill, Ben Schmidt, Martin Capenter, New Duncan Imperials, The Kingsburys,The Dangtrippers and Andy White.
This record was recorded using state of the art equipment from the late 50's and early 60's. Feel the heat of the tubes from the amps as these boys rev up and rock. Lose yourself in the reverb, but don't forget to come up for air! You may be intoxicated by the savage jungle rhythms, the twirling swirling tremolo of the dueling guitars. THE SURF ZOMBIES are stalked by hotrod culture fans, tattoo junkies, punkers, the power pop crowd, all fans of great guitar work and everyone interested in all things cool. Enjoy the vibes!

Monday, August 25, 2008

By Popular Demand - More Seks Bomba

Seks Bomba
Somewhere In This Town

by Stewart Mason
What makes Seks Bomba's "surf-spy-lounge rock" different than, say, their fellow New Englanders Combustible Edison? Mostly that the music is less swimming in irony, tries less for the whole retro-kitsch thing, and rocks considerably harder. (Dig the opening rave-up "Bomba Au Go-Go" for proof.) Even the swankiest pieces on their second album, like the Brazilian-touched "Matt's Bossa," swing, thanks in large part to Lori Perkins' Walter Wanderley-like Hammond organ. Her flute parts add another authentic touch to the proceedings. The trio of covers, Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Agua de Beber," Bacharach/David's "Casino Royale," and Henry Mancini's "Charade," show where the group's influences lay. Guitarist Chris Cote's Willie Alexander-meets-Brian Seltzer voice moves the small handful of vocal tracks, especially "Happy Hour," a little too far into Cherry Poppin' Daddies territory, but on the instrumentals, Somewhere in This Town is a dynamite blast of party rock fun.

1. Bomba au Go Go
2. Happy Hour
3. It Takes Two to Tango
4. 5-0-5!!!
5. Morfina
6. Love Me (Parts 1&2)
7. Sicilian Civilian
8. I.R.O.C.
9. Strangely Familliar
10. Agua de Beber :: Water To Drink
11. Casino Royale
12. Charade
13. Fresh Perked
14. Somewhere in This Town

More Balls Than Brains!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mas Masked Madness


Even though we're nearing the end of summer, there is plenty of room for BIKINI-MANIA!!!

01 - Máscara del Mar & His Dragon Surfers- Dragon's Theme
02 - Máscara del Mar & His Dragon Surfers- Mas cerveza para mi
03 - Big Máscara - I wanna be your boyfriend
04 - Big Máscara - Pet sematary
05 - The Remoras - Noche Violenta
06 - The Remoras - Remora's song
07 - The Remoras - Yo mate a Robert Smith
08 - Placa Tumbler - Onda Zero
09 - Placa Tumbler - Co2
10 - Los Twangers - Carnívora
11 - Los Twangers - Hodad girl
12 - Sr. Bikini - Saca la chela (versión los luchadores)
13 - Sr. Bikini - Wave
14 - Sr. Bikini - Casino Shangai
15 - Sr. Bikini - El Santo had a hot rod
16 - Sr. Bikini - A taste of honey
17 - Sr. Bikini - La arena (versión acústica)

Even A Man Who Is Pure Of Heart Re-Up Re-Up

The Surf Trio
Curse Of The Surf Trio
Re-up of a Re-up for Kuken

Okay, so they're really a 4-piece and they definitely ain't just a surf band. But before there ever was a surf revival, before punk rock was topping the charts, there was the Surf Trio, combining the best of both worlds with a sound that owed as much to the Ramones as to Dick Dale.
Born in the garages of Oregon in the mid 80s, the Surf Trio brought together the purism of 60s garage and surf with the raw energy of 70s punk to create a sound that was all their own. With a repertoire that included both revved-up instrumentals and punk rock rave-ups, the band began to make its mark on the Northwest music scene with gigs around Portland, Eugene and Seattle.
And with their vinyl debut ­ a 7-song, all instrumental EP on Moxie Records ­ they helped breathe life back into surf music, predating the current surf craze by nearly 10 years. An offer from Voxx records followed, and in 1986 the band released its now-legendary debut album, Almost Summer, co-produced by former Bad Religion guitarist/Epitaph Records honcho Brett Gurewitz. The boys played shows from Seattle to Portland to L.A., and made a second album, the souped-up Safari in a Living Graveyard.
Now, after a 3-year hiatus in the early 90s, the Surf Trio are back and better than ever. Between 1995 and 1997, they released two more albums ­ the punky Shook Outta Shape on September Gurls Records and the all-instrumental Curse of the Surf Trio on the Pin-Up label. And, after years of sweating it out in clubs, they've won recognition as one of the greatest live bands in the Northwest. Two European tours and countless high-energy, no-holds-barred shows in the States have won the band a rabid following both at home and abroad. Along the way, the boys have even become TV stars, providing theme and background music for The Learning Channel's national series Neat Stuff. Never a band to rest on its laurels, the Surf Trio put out yet another screamer of an album in 1999. The predominantly instrumental Forbidden Sounds was co-released by Dionysus Records and Blood Red Vinyl and made a big splash with fans and critics alike. Two tracks from the album ("Vibrosurf" and "Salt Bath") were used in the cinematic exploitation opus "Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby". Plans are underway for a new album in 2000, and the band shows no signs of slowing down.

Cape Wonder


Surf Is Dead

Port Orford


99th Wave

On The Reach Around


Forbidden Zone


Mr. Rhythm

The Plunger

Las Luchadoras

The Wedge


Friday, August 22, 2008

Bear Longboard Invitational 2006

Seks Bomba performing "Cal Tjader"

Time To Drop This B.O.M.B.A.

Seks Bomba
Operation B.O.M.B.A.

Every now and then a band comes along... from seemingly nowhere they emerge on the scene, releasing crtically aclaimed CDs, filling night clubs... eventually sputtering out... then attempting to squeeze every last drop of a decaying carreer in hopes of extending their former glory. (Dokken immediately comes to mind. There are others.) After 11 years, 200+ shows, and 139.2 billion notes played, Seks Bomba joins those ranks, with the release of "Thanks and Goodnight".
What is known about this enigmatic unit has appeared in the form of a curious stream of press releases, CD reviews and other such (thoughtfully) recyclable effluvia. A quick wade through these materials would appear to mark the group as a sort of laboratory where elements of instrumental rock, cartoon jazz, and the occasional spy theme are fused with latin rhythms, classic pop moves and art damaged guitar stylings, which are then dragged kicking and screaming into a recombinant mutation that CMJ has termed "quite possibly the best among the new bands in their niche," adding that "they not only feature tight, hard-hitting musicianship but also swinging vocals from Chris Cote that are actually strong enough to rival those of Tom Jones."
The band's debut Operation B.O.M.B.A (YaYa) was described by the Boston Phoenix as "an exquisite collection of suspenseful slinkage, surfish polyesterism and crime-noir clatter." Their sohpmore effort, Somewhere in this Town (YaYa) took it further, leading Stuff@Night columnist Jonathan Perry to conclude that "remarkably, Somewhere In This Town goes that superb slice of aluminum one better. Everything, from the songwriting to the musicianship to the production is that much sharper." "This is one of the most fun, most clever, and downright best CD's I've heard in a long time" is how John Heidt of Vintage Guitar put it.And now we have Thanks and Goodnight. A collection of mostly instrumental, and mostly never before released tracks that showcase at its diverse best with a soaring rendition of "Up, Up and Away", the latin tinged "Cal Tjader", and the upbeat "Senor Cheba's Strange Vacation"
To find out more about SEKS BOMBA, just check out this site and join the legion of fans, enthusiasts, and... the occasional disappointed East European web surfer keying the word "Seks" in search of photographed images of unclad persons performing acts possibly banned by the League of Nations as early as 1922... that have made SEKS BOMBA known throughout the world as "a rock band with a website."
From Baltimore to Buffalo, from the Lizard Lounge to the Abby Lounge,
for 6 years now, Seks Bomba has been doing it all: rehearsing, drinking,
smoking, and opening for everyone from Combustible
Edison and Finnish surf avatars to Laika
& the Cosmonauts, to the Squirrel Nut Zippers.
And every few years it happens! The band makes a new recording whose Enormous
Hit Potential just can't be ingnored.

Jet City
The Right Track (Baby)
Theme from "To Kill 89"
Bright Lights And You, Girl
The Cat
Theme from "Mondo Edgar"
Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
Klown Kar
Operation B.O.M.B.A.
Main Title & Love Theme from "Satan's Shriners"
Last Call
It Had Better Be Tonight
Rum Holiday
The Seks Bomba Theme Parts 1&2

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wacky Stuff From The Boys Down South...Way South!

Los Santisimos Snorkels
Mascara Vs Snorkel

Brought to you by Noe Whey Hose

1. Arachnophobia
2. Mascara Vs Snorkeling
3. Mar Iguana
4. Malacopa
5. Enterrado En La Arena "Buried In The Sand"
6. Drunk Surfer
7. Surfeando De Noche
8. Krakatoa's Reverb
9. Desde La Tercera Cuerda "From The Third Rope"
10. La Venganza De La Llorona
11. Zombie Cara De Niño
12. No Contaban

Mas Mascaras y Surf

Los Santisimos Snorkels
Instrumental Surf Blender

01 Shaka Brah
02Go Go Girl
03 Surfing Trip
04 Bourbon Rendevous
05 Paddle Away
06 Insomnio
07 Sudadas Y Calientes
08 Brocken Neck Mafia
09 Horror En El Autosinema
10 Split 7 - 10
11 Congboard Extravaganza
12 Laberintos
13 Endless Summer Song
14 Toro Coco Aka 30 - 30
15 Moronga A Go Go
16 Zicatela Sunset

Friday, August 15, 2008

Los Santisimos Snorkels- Surfeando de Noche

Thumb, Fish, Bonzer

Cool Vid, Cool Tune

Las Ultrasónicas: "Monstruo Verde"

Friday, August 08, 2008

Celebrating Frank Zappa Day!!!!

August 9th has been officially designated Frank Zappa Day by the city of Baltimore Maryland, his birthplace.

This following selection should help you celebrate the day in style.

Thank You, Frank. We miss you!

by William Ruhlmann
Frank Zappa was one of the most accomplished composers of the rock era; his music combines an understanding of and appreciation for such contemporary classical figures as Stravinsky, Stockhausen, and Varèse with an affection for late-'50s doo wop rock & roll and a facility for the guitar-heavy rock that dominated pop in the '70s. But Zappa was also a satirist whose reserves of scorn seemed bottomless and whose wicked sense of humor and absurdity have delighted his numerous fans, even when his lyrics crossed over the broadest bounds of taste. Finally, Zappa was perhaps the most prolific record-maker of his time, turning out massive amounts of music on his own Barking Pumpkin label and through distribution deals with Rykodisc and Rhino after long, unhappy associations with industry giants like Warner Brothers and the now-defunct MGM.Zappa became interested in music early and pursued his studies in school, up through a six-month stint at Chaffey College in Alta Loma, CA. He scored a couple of low-budget films and used the money to buy a low-budget recording studio. In 1964, he joined a local band called the Soul Giants, which, over the course of the next two years, evolved into the Mothers, who played songs written by Zappa. The band was signed to the Verve division of MGM by producer Tom Wilson in 1966 and recorded its first album, a two-LP set called Freak Out!, which introduced Zappa's interests in both serious music and pop as well as his scathing wit. (Verve insisted on adding "of Invention" to the band's name.)Subsequent albums extended the musical and lyrical themes of the debut, and they came frequently. Three albums, for example, hit the charts in 1968: We're Only in It for the Money, a Mothers album that made fun of hippies and Sgt. Pepper; Lumpy Gravy, a Zappa solo album recorded with an orchestra; and Cruising With Ruben & the Jets, on which the Mothers played neo-doo wop. Toward the end of the '60s, Zappa expanded the Mothers lineup, turning more toward instrumental jazz-rock, much of which displayed his technically accomplished guitar playing. But by the end of the decade, he had broken up the band.In 1970, however, Zappa reassembled a new edition of the Mothers, featuring former Turtles lead singers Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan as frontmen. The lineup moved the group more in the direction of X-rated comedy, notably on the album Fillmore East: June 1971, but it was short-lived: during a performance at the Rainbow Theatre in London, Zappa was pushed from the stage by a demented fan and seriously injured.While he recovered, Zappa released several albums, then he re-formed the Mothers with himself as lead singer and made pop/rock albums such as Over-nite Sensation that were among his best-selling records ever. By the end of the '70s, Zappa was recording on his own labels, distributed in some cases by the majors, and he had attracted a consistent cult following for both his humor and his complex music. (Zappa's band, in fact, became a training ground for high-quality rock musicians, much as Miles Davis' was for jazz players.)In the '80s, Zappa gained the rights to his old albums and began to reissue them, at first on his own and then through the pioneering Rykodisc CD label. He wrote his autobiography and embarked on a world tour in 1988. That was the end of his live performing, except for such isolated appearances as one in Czechoslovakia at the invitation of its post-Communist president, Zappa fan Vaclav Havel. In late 1991, it was confirmed that Zappa was seriously ill with cancer. Nevertheless, his schedule of album releases continued to be rapid. Zappa died in December of 1993, with a number of posthumous releases to follow.

Frank Monkeeing Around

Go Cruising

Frank Zappa
Cruising With Ruben & The Jets

by François Couture
Frank Zappa loved '50s doo wop music. He grew up with it, collected it, and it was the first kind of pop music he wrote (like "Memories of El Monte," recorded by the Penguins in 1962). Cruising With Ruben & the Jets, the Mothers of Invention's fourth LP, is a collection of such music, all Zappa originals (some co-written with MOI singer Ray Collins). To the unexperienced, songs like "Cheap Thrills," "Deseri," and "Jelly Roll Gum Drop" can sound like an average doo wop song. A closer look reveals unusual chord sequences, Stravinsky quotes, and hilariously moronic lyrics — all that wrapped in four-way harmony vocals and linear piano triplets. A handful of songs from the group's 1966 debut, Freak Out, were rearranged ("How Could I Be Such a Fool" and "Anyway the Wind Blows" give the weirdest results), old material predating the Mothers was recycled ("Fountain of Love"), "Love of My Life," and "You Didn't Try to Call Me" became live staples. [For the album's first CD reissue in 1985, Zappa had bassist Scott Thunes and drummer Chad Wackerman re-recording rhythm tracks for all but one song. Since then, all reissues have followed the 1985 mix, leaving "Stuff up the Cracks" the only surviving example of what Cruising With Ruben & the Jets really sounded like. Unless listeners are particularly fond of Doo Wopl music, this album is definitely not the best place to start in Zappa's catalog.]

1 Cheap Thrills
2 Love of My Life
3 How Could I Be Such a Fool?
4 Deseri
5 I'm Not Satisfied
6 Jelly Roll Gum Drop
7 Anything
8 Later That Night
9 You Didn't Try to Call Me
10 Fountain of Love
11 No. No. No.
12 Any Way the Wind Blows
13 Stuff Up the Cracks

It's A Party So Get Up And Sheik Yerbouti!!

Frank Zappa
Sheik Yerbouti

by Steve Huey
In order to finance his artier excursions, which increasingly required more expensive technology, Frank Zappa recorded several collections of guitar- and song-oriented material in the late '70s and early '80s, which generally concentrated on the bawdy lyrical themes many fans had come to expect and enjoy in concert. Sheik Yerbouti (two LPs, one CD) was one of the first and most successful of these albums, garnering attention for such tracks as the Grammy-nominated disco satire "Dancin' Fool," the controversial "Jewish Princess," and the equally controversial "Bobby Brown Goes Down," a song about gay S&M that became a substantial hit in European clubs. While Zappa's attitude on the latter two tracks was even more politically incorrect than usual for him, it didn't stop the album from becoming his second-highest charting ever. Social satire, leering sexual preoccupations, and tight, melodic songs dominated the rest of the record as well, as Zappa stuck to what had been commercially successful for him in the past. The "dumb entertainment" (as Zappa liked to describe this style) on Sheik Yerbouti was some of his dumbest, for better or worse, and the music was undeniably good — easily some of his best since Apostrophe, and certainly the most accessible. Even if it sometimes drifts a bit, fans of Zappa's '70s work will find Sheik Yerbouti on nearly an equal level with Apostrophe and Over-Nite Sensation, both in terms of humor and musical quality.

1 I Have Been in You [live]
2 Flakes [live]
3 Broken Hearts Are for Assholes [live]
4 I'm So Cute
5 Jones Crusher
6 What Ever Happened to All the Fun in the World
7 Rat Tomago [live/instrumental]
8 Wait a Minute
9 Bobby Brown Goes Down [live]
10 Rubber Shirt
11 The Sheik Yerbouti Tango [live]
12 Baby Snakes [live]
13 Trying' to Grow a Chin [live]
14 City of Tiny Lites [live]
15 Dancin' Fool [live]
16 Jewish Princess [live]
17 Wild Love [live]
18 Yo' Mama [live]


Chunga's Revenge

Frank Zappa
Chunga's Revenge

by Steve Huey
Chunga's Revenge marks the debut of Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (among several other musicians) with the Mothers, and while their schtick has not reached the graphic proportions it later would, the thematic obsessions of the 200 Motels period are foreshadowed on tracks like "Road Ladies" and "Would You Go All the Way?" Other vocal numbers include the hard-rocking "Tell Me You Love Me," the musicians' union satire "Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink," and the doo wop-influenced "Sharleena." Meanwhile, Frank Zappa's strong instrumental music incorporates Eastern European influences ("Transylvania Boogie"), cocktail jazz ("Twenty Small Cigars"), and the percussion-only "The Clap." Zappa's guitar tone is wonderfully biting and nasty throughout; George Duke provides another musical highlight by scat-singing a "drum solo." But while there are plenty of fine moments, Chunga's Revenge is in the end more of a hodgepodge transitional album, with less coherence than Zappa's other 1969-1970 works. Still, it will appeal to fans of that creatively fertile period in Zappa's oeuvre.

1 Transylvania Boogie
2 Road Ladies
3 Twenty Small Cigars
4 The Nancy & Mary Music
5 Tell Me You Love Me
6 Would You Go All the Way?
7 Chunga's Revenge
8 The Clap
9 Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink
10 Sharleena

And Finishing Up With My Favorite Zappa Album

Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Filmore East June 1971

"We are not groupies!"

You need to set this one up to play the whole album in sequence. There is order in chaos!

by Steve Huey
As an enduring work, Fillmore East: June 1971 is a mixed bag, but it does represent the peak of the Flo & Eddie edition of the Mothers. Most of the songs are essentially comedy routines set to music, often dealing with the life of a touring rock musician and, of course, the various opportunities for sexual adventure therein; in one scenario, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan reprise their Turtles hit "Happy Together" in exchange for sexual favors. The humor is often glib and juvenile, marking the beginnings of Frank Zappa's tactic of making complex music more accessible with half-sardonic arena-frontman antics and crowd-pleasing dirty jokes. Whether one considers the results funny and parodic or crass and pandering, the band is undeniably good, especially as showcased on "Little House I Used to Live In," "Willie the Pimp, Pt. 1," and "Peaches en Regalia."

1 Little House I Used to Live In
2 The Mud Shark
3 What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?
4 Bwana Dik
5 Latex Solar Beef
6 Willie the Pimp
7 Do You Like My New Car?
8 Happy Together
9 Lonesome Electric Turkey
10 Peaches en Regalia
11 Tears Began to Fall


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beautiful Above & Below Surface Film

Anyone For A Golden Shower?

The Mysterons
Golden Showers

For those of you who liked the Wiki Wiki album, their first releases here in one tight package.

Personnel: Schatzie Boneslide (guitar, bass, noise), Mr. Fist (guitar, bass, organ, noise), Teeter 'n' Rock (drums).

The material in this collection was originally released as two cassette EPs. The first was called Golden Showers (tracks 1-7) which had a limited edition of about 20 copies. The second was called 101 Guitars (tracks 8-15) which had a limited edition of about 5 copies. The original release and track ordering is preserved on this collection. These were the first official releases by The Mysterons.



Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Aquasonics

Surfin' The Rockies

The Aquasonics
Play Songs For The Surfin' Set
Take a wild ride back to the early 1960’s when every state in the U.S.A. had an ocean. The Reverb-laden, instrumental sound of Surf Guitars was not restricted to the west coast but swept through the nation like a giant wave.From the streamline grace of “Pipeline” to the brash pummel of “Wipeout” to the majestic wallop of “Miserlou” it was the instrumental blasts that truly sounded the Pacific’s and the nations roar.
It was a full-blown phenomenon! The Fracas spread to thousands of upstart inland Hodad bands like The Trashmen and the Astronauts who were from Colorado just like the Surf band of present, The AquaSonics.The AquaSonics are the landlocked Surf band from the Mile High City of Denver Colorado who has enjoyed great success playing Surf music throughout the state, shoot’in the curl through the mountains and plains.
We have been around the better part of the twenty first century and have played just about every major venue in the area including Red Rocks Amp. Theater and Denver Center of the performing arts. We have opened for los StraitJackets, Big Sandy and the Fly-rite boys and Deke Dickerson to name a few.
1 Hot Doggin'
2 Down Shiftin'
3 The Lonely Apache
4 Movin'
5 Surf Softly
6 Mexico
7 Kuk
8 The Cruel Sea
9 Our Favorite Martian
10 Squad Car
11 Journey To The Stars
12 The Hearse
13 The Infintile Surf
14 The Spanish Blue
15 The Jester

Monday, August 04, 2008

Only Good Things Come Out Of A Tiki Shaker

The Glasgow Tiki Shakers
In Venice


The Glasgow Tiki Shakers play modern instrumental surf music with a twist. Based by the sea in the Los Angeles area the Glasgows play with a vintage sound in a modern setting. Tight - intense - soft and soulful, it's all here.

Read what Phil Dirt of Reverb Central says: This is the first "real" release from the one of the best kept secrets of surf, the Glasgow Tiki Shakers. 13 wonderful tracks to make your day. Uplifting and well crafted surf abounds here.

Speedway Chase
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
"Speedway Chase" is a splendid song with with a sense of adventure and coastal weather. There's a tiny reference to "Penetration" that gives it just a touch of traditional flavor beyond the reverb. This interesting track features an unusual melody that's both surf and not. Surf in style and arrangement, and not in its character, which is like an advanced blues riff.

350 Bumper Car
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
On the faster side, "350 Bumper Car" romps with liquid joy and rich textures. The backtrack supports the melody quite well. Overall, it's a splashy good time with a playful and colorful sound.

Velvet Surf
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
Lush swimming chords, softly tribal drums, moody bass... it's a deadly combination. "Velvet Surf" is a beautiful track with a haunting air and slightly sad emotional edge. This is quite compelling in a Mermen kinda way! Quite grand!

Bamboo Boogie
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
Exotic percussion and a very playful melody ride above a circulating rhythm and bass. The lead-rhythm interplay is superb! Together, "Bamboo Boogie" almost laughs. The grin and tweaky joy are irresistible. I love this!

Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
Throbbing tremolo, sparkling reverb, cool bass, and superb drums deliver a sultry island adventure. Lurid and saucy, with a gentle afternoon charm. Lovely and very engaging.

Surf Instrumental (stereo)
Rich and wonderful muted reverb guitar rhythm, big splash, dramatic drums, rumbling bass, and a nifty guitar melody. "Splat" is aptly named, with a sense of heavy surf and rocks and the meeting of your butt and the cliffs. Very cool!

Surf Instrumental (stereo)
"Buumu" is slightly moody, with a sense of subtle danger and expectation. The big island chords and shimmer are really nice. It's quite apparent that a lot of time went into the arrangement and production.

Tram Jumper
Surf Instrumental (stereo)
On the fast side, "Tram Jumper" has a sense of motion and adventure, and a traditional surf beat. The ringing tone and thumping beat make for great listening. The muted high note runs are particularly pleasurable.

Agave Days
Surf Instrumental (stereo)
Warbly vibrato, island chords, twangin' shimmer, and a gentle pace gives "Agave Days" a moody after the storm feeling. The optimism peaking out from behind the breaking clouds is quite stark. The dribbled "Italian" lines bring additional emotion to the song.

Spicy Danger
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
On the darker side, "Spicy Danger" has a sped up spy feel to it, with a circular riff and high surf energy. Quite adventurous and rich in reverb charm, and the bass-centric riff between verses if very cool!

Cotton Candy
Surf Instrumental (stereo)
This is a light song, almost as light as the fluff of "Cotton Candy" that gives it its name. The muted guitar lines are wonderful, and the island chords inviting. This is simply a lovely track with a light heart.

Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
"Exbrook" is a happy go lucky piece of surf laughter with with not a care in the world. Splashy and playful, with an uplifting beat and melody. Way cool!Toes Surf Instrumental (stereo)"Toes" has a decidedly traditional sound with the Beach Boys in mind. Light and playful, poppy and fun.


Hot, Hot, Hot!

Frankie & The Poolboys

Ewa On The Beach

Sunday, August 03, 2008

You Say You Can't Get Enough Of Satan's Pilgrims?

Satan's Pilgrims
Plymouth Rock: The Best of Satan's Pilgrims

by Richie Unterberger
Offering something for both the selective collector and the completist, disc one of this two-CD set compiles 18 tracks from the instrumental group's 1994-1999 albums, while disc two assembles rare, previously unreleased, and newly recorded material. Though almost all original compositions are featured, the unwary might not guess that these were either originals or 1990s recordings, so accomplished is the group's retro-surf (with other influences creeping in from early-'60s Pacific Northwest rock, horror movies, Joe Meek productions, Davie Allan, and the mid-'60s power chording of the Kinks). It was too late to reinvent the wheel on this sort of thing, but it's performed with style and confidence, with plenty of dripping reverb and splashing drums. The rarer stuff on disc two is pretty similar to the more widely exposed items on CD one, in both style and quality. Even enthusiastic fans of the band might have missed some of the three previously released tracks on the rarities disc, as those were taken from out of the way various-artists comps and a 1994 single. Of note to those who follow these particular pilgrims' progress is the appearance of four tracks that represent the group's first new recordings in over half a decade. Finally, disc two also has ten minutes of enhanced CD video footage that scrapes together fragments of several songs the band performed live between 1994 and 2000, the live concert clips being of considerably lower fidelity than the TV ones.

CD 1
1 Vampiro
2 ¿Que Honda?
3 Plymouth Rock
4 Super Stock
5 Grave-Up
6 La Cazuela
7 The Godfather (Theme)
8 Bossa BSA
9 Peter Lorre
10 Creature Feature
11 Shit Sandwich
12 Chi Chi
13 Soul Pilgrim
14 Badge of Honor
15 Surf Lyre
16 The Lonely Pilgrim
17 Ragtop
18 Scorpio 6
CD 2

Friday, August 01, 2008

Get Ready For Something Very Different

Hazmat Modine

Some might think that T has gone off the deep-end. I've been there before. On of my readers/listeners turned me on to this album. It's like nothing you have heard before. Rock, blues, reggae, jazz, just about everything you can think of thrown in the mix.
Walk on the wild side and give it a try.

by Jeff Tamarkin
It's a fairly good bet you won't hear another record like Bahamut any time soon — because there isn't one. Hazmat Modine tap into the deepest veins of raw, unpolluted prewar blues and ancient jazz, then whip them up in a blender, tossing in strains of Caribbean calypso and ska, Eastern European klezmer and Balkan brass, Middle Eastern mystery, and more than a few unidentifiable elements that just somehow fit. The result is music that sounds at once ageless and primeval, authentically indigenous and inexplicably otherworldly, familiar and unlike anything else. Hazmat Modine revolve around the vision of Wade Schuman, a virtuoso on the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas and a variety of guitars who then mixes and matches his machines to a variety of other instruments till he arrives at that place his head has been visiting. Those instruments include the commonplace (drums, trumpets), the unexpected (Hawaiian steel guitar, lots of tubas), and those you're just not going to find down at the local music shop (cimbalom, zamponia, claviola). With that arsenal and sympathetic players at hand, Schuman invents. Sometimes, as in "Lost Fox Train," he's on his own, unreeling a thrilling solo harmonica piece that nudges the instrument out past the town limits. Alone again on "Ugly Rug," it's just Schuman and his lute guitar. For "It Calls Me" (on which Schuman's usually rough-hewn vocals slide up the scale and recall the late Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson of Canned Heat), "Everybody Loves You," and "Man Trouble," he brings in the legendary Tuvan throat singers Huun-Huur-Tu, whose amphibian warblings may or may not have met up with tuba and Hawaiian steel guitar before, but probably never within the same song. If all of this sounds a bit deliberate and precious, the relieving news is that it's not. Hazmat Modine are unconventional in every sense, but theirs is listener-friendly music, nothing that requires a degree in ethnomusicology to enjoy. Many other bands, from Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks to the Cheap Suit Serenaders, and from the Jim Kweskin Jug Band to Squirrel Nut Zippers, have mined forgotten caves of Americana before, but Hazmat Modine's widened the playing field here, taking the resurrection international on this stunning debut.


1 Yesterday Morning
2 It Calls Me
3 Bahamut
4 Fred of Ballaroy
5 Broke My Baby's Heart
6 Almost Gone
7 Steady Roll
8 Everybody Loves You
9 Lost Fox Train
10 Dry Spell
11 Ugly Rug
12 Who Walks in When I Walk Out?
13 Grade-A Gray Day
14 Man Trouble
15 Ticket #14-9140


Between One Side and The Other

The Eagles
On The Border

The Eagles began recording their third album in England with producer Glyn Johns, as they had their first two albums, but abandoned the sessions after completing two acceptable tracks. Johns, it is said, tended to emphasize the group's country elements and its harmonies, while the band, in particular Glenn Frey and Don Henley, wanted to take more of a hard rock direction. They reconvened with a new producer, Bill Szymczyk, who had produced artists like B.B. King and, more significantly, Joe Walsh. But the resulting album is not an outright rock effort by any means. Certainly, Frey and Henley got what they wanted with "Already Gone," the lead-off track, which introduces new bandmember Don Felder as one part of the twin guitar solo that recalls the Allman Brothers Band; "James Dean," a rock & roll song on the order of "Your Mama Don't Dance," and "Good Day in Hell," which is strongly reminiscent of Joe Walsh songs like "Rocky Mountain Way." But the album also features the usual mixture of styles typical of an Eagles album. For example, "Midnight Flyer," sung by Randy Meisner, is modern bluegrass; "My Man" is Bernie Leadon's country-rock tribute to the recently deceased Gram Parsons; and "Ol' 55" is one of the group's well-done covers of a tune by a singer/songwriter labelmate, in this case Tom Waits. The title track, meanwhile, points the band in a new R&B direction that was later pursued more fully. Like most successful groups, the Eagles combined many different elements, and their third album, which looked back to their earlier work and anticipated their later work, was a transitional effort that combined even more styles than most of their records did.


1 Already Gone
2 You Never Cry Like a Lover
3 Midnight Flyer
4 My Man
5 On the Border
6 James Dean
7 Ol' 55
8 Is It True
9 Good Day in Hell
10 The Best of My Love