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Now, If You Could Only Get Them To Clean Out The Litterbox!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Monsters From Peru

Hot Trash From Peru


El Entierro De Los Manganzoides


More craziness from Lima Peru.


  1 (Yo Me Enamoré de Una) Zombi  
  2 Gina  
  3 Caníbles  
  4 Te Toca Perder  
  5 El Espía  
  6 Déjame Entrar  
  7 La Bruja  
  8 No Más  
  9 Submarino Marrón  
  10 7 + 7 Es  
  11 Detrás de la Puerta Verde  
  12 Sumatra  
  13 Cadáver Al Volante  
  14 Ten Cuidado (Con Lo Que Sueñ


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time To Go ApeShit

The Apemen

Surfvival of De Onbeschosste


The Apemen is a Dutch surf rock band, comprising band-members from Tilburg and Rotterdam, with their base remaining in Tilburg.

They have existed since the early 1990s, and has seen several changes in line-up and musical style since their beginning. Their most active period was in the mid-90s when they released all of their records. They are famous for wearing gorilla masks and suits on stage combined with various stage acts, including jumping and moving around on stage, shaking hands with the audience, telling jokes between songs and climbing on top of the bar while playing.

Their first album Are you being surfed? (1994) is strictly guitar-oriented, and includes a mix of songs from their first EP and surf classics like Pipeline and Penetration. The personnel on this record was Joep Verbeek and John Peate on guitar, Jeroen van de Sande on bass, and their first drummer Mike Rosema on drums.

Surfvival of de onbeschofste (1995) saw a change in line-up with Joep Verbeek and John Peate quitting the band, Jeroen van de Sande moving from bass to guitar, and David Andriesse filling in on bass. On this record Albert Benier was added to play organ, and he wrote much of the material for this album. The sound on this record is more organ-based with several songs using that as the lead instrument. El rey del Surf is their only vocal song on Surfvival..., and is a Spanish language version of Trashmen's King of the Surf.

After Surfvival of de onbeschofste the group has only recorded one song that has been released: 24 hours from Tulsa which was released on the surf-music tribute to Burt Bacharach That's new Pussycat! (OmOm Records, 2000).

Their live-set mainly comprises songs from Surfvival of de onbeschofste with several numbers from Are you... and songs they have written after Surfvival of de onbeschofste, and has seen little change after their prolific period.

On January 6, 2007 they played their farewell concert in Geel, Belgium.

1   Cor Steijn Rides The Wild

2   Het Grote Surfeest

3   Tokonado

4   Joop Walvis Hangs Ten

5   De Wip

6   El Rey Del Surf

7   Surf Dracula

8   Los Broodje

9   Bongo Bongo

10  Shake Your Hoover

11  Space Race

12  Bahareba

13  El Tortura

14  Queen Jacula

15  Anestesia

16  When Johny Comes Wreckin' Home


A Little Southern Half 'n Half


Brazil/Argentinian Surf


1   Me & You

2   Bad Seed Is Coming To Town

3   Gonna Lose Control

4   Bloody Mary Stomp

5   I Walked With A Zombie

6   Funbags

7   Rock-A-Hula Stomp

8   Both Wheels Left The Ground

9   Too Many Nights In The Gin Mills


10  Pipemind

11   Fenomeno

12   Beta Beat

13   Simpsons Theme

14   Melodion

15   Velvet Boards

16   Cruel Sea


She Has A Rose Tattoo Where????

Rose Tattoo

Assult & Battery



Biography by Jason Ankeny

Aussie hard rock combo Rose Tattoo was formed in Sydney in 1976 by ex-Buffalo guitarist Peter Wells; with the additions of former Buster Brown vocalist Angry Anderson, guitarist Mick Cocks, bassist Ian Rilen and drummer Dallas "Digger" Royal, the group made their public bow on New Year's Eve at the local club Chequers, which several years earlier launched the career of AC/DC. Chiefly inspired by the Rolling Stones and the Faces, Rose Tattoo's ferocious, ear-splitting sound quickly earned a devoted following among Sydney area pubgoers, and in 1978 the group signed to Albert Productions; their debut single "Bad Boy for Love" was written by Rilen, who left the lineup prior to the record's release. Anderson's onetime Buster Brown bassist Geordie Leech was recruited for Rose Tattoo's self-titled debut LP; after nearly three years of relentless touring, they issued the follow-up, Assault and Battery, in 1981. 

After a tour of Europe which saw them hailed as the loudest band to play London's Marquee Club since Led Zeppelin, Rose Tattoo returned to Australia to begin work on their third album; with new guitarist Robin Riley replacing Cocks, they issued Scarred for Life in 1982, subsequently touring the U.S. in support of Aerosmith and ZZ Top. However, over the course of 1983 Wells, Royal and Riley all left the group, with the remaining duo of Anderson and Leach recruiting guitarists Greg Jordan and John Meyer along with drummer Scott Johnston to record 1984's Southern Stars. Leach then exited to join Wells, Royal and Riley in the short-lived Illustrated Men; Anderson and Johnston continued on as Rose Tattoo, enlisting guitarist Tim Gaze and bassist Andy Cichon for 1986's Beats from a Single Drum. Anderson finally mounted a solo career soon after, as did Wells. After years of substance abuse, Royal died in 1991. 

At the request of longtime fans Guns N' Roses, Anderson, Wells, Cocks, Leach and new drummer Paul DeMarco reformed Rose Tattoo in 1993 to open for the Gunners on their Australian tour; the reunion proved brief, however, and upon completing the tour each member returned to his solo endeavors. The same lineup, with original bassist Ian Rilen replacing Leach, reformed yet again in 1998 for the "All Hell Breaks Loose!!" tour; by the following year, Leach had returned to the fold once more. Fall 2000 saw the release of 25 to Life.

  1     Out of This Place
  2     All the Lessons  
  3     Let It Go
  4     Assault and Battery  
  5    Magnum Maid
  6    Rock 'N' Roll Is King
  7    Manzil Madness
  8    Chinese Dunkirk  
  9    Sidewalk Sally
  10  Suicide City



The Silencers

The Silencers


Biography by Richie Unterberger

A trio with Dave Leeds (bass), Rob Felenchak (drums), and Eric Toth (guitar), the Silencers are a Michigan-based surf revival band that play in the Dick Dale style, with a darker approach than the average contemporary surf act. Their self-titled debut, consisting of mostly original material, was issued in 1997, and its follow-up, Cyclerific Sounds followed two years later.

Review by Richie Unterberger

"Link Wray & the Ventures rolled into one big ball and heaved through Dick Dale's living room window!!!" screams the back cover. It's not as mind-bending as that description would have you believe, but it's a very respectable 1990s surf revival effort, with excellent chops and a good sense of menace. Of their three cited influences, Dick Dale is definitely the biggest, as Eric Toth's banzai guitar leads amply demonstrate. 

  1    Bleach Pit   
  2    Journey to the Stars
  3    Martini Lunch
  4    Woof-Woof  
  5    Mr. Transmogrifier  
  6    Drag Queen  
  7    Run Kitten Run  
  8    In from the Cold
  9    Lawn Job
  10  Rough Rider
  11   Spaceman  
  12  Birdy Nums-Nums


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Been A Pleasure Serving You This Year Come Back Again

It's His Birthday

Merry Christmas All!

Monday, December 22, 2008

What Do You Want From Life?

The Tubes

T.R.A.S.H.   (Tubes Rarities and Smash Hits)


Review by Doug Stone

The Tubes' reputation (or lack thereof) is built on their uninhibited '70s performances, and, to a much lesser extent, on the non-hits collected on T.R.A.S.H. Before ultra-clean David Foster production pushed the Tubes into the Top 40 in the '80s, this circus of the insane recorded with an eclectic array of talent, delivering bouncy, wavy Americana spit-wads like the immortal "White Punks on Dope" and the materialistic "What Do You Want from Life?" Some funny stuff here ("Slipped my Disco"), but what works onstage, surrounded by naked women, doesn't always require repeat listening. The Tubes were definitely ahead (or outside) of their time, and "Don't Touch Me There" is the kind of looniness Jim Steinman would take to the top and beyond. The Tubes constructed many brilliant singles with wit and depth, but you-had-to-be-there for much of T.R.A.S.H. Still, this collection of their A&M work is easy access to the Tube's overlooked '70s stuff, and worth a few spins. 

   1 Drivin' All Night Prince
  2 What Do You Want from Life?
  3 Turn Me On Anderson
  4 Slipped My Disco Spooner
  5 Don't Touch Me There  
  6 Mondo Bondage [live] 
  7 Love Will Keep Us Together
  8 White Punks on Dope, Pt. A & B
  9 Prime Time
  10 I'm Just a Mess
  11 Only the Strong Survive


Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Matter What Language or Where It Comes From,It's All Surf


Surf Guitar (CD-R)


The band, formed with the intention of playing instrumental surf music (rock Californian of the years 60) the group is presented in different scenarios de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Coast of Argentina from the year 2002. With a repertoire of themes from The Shadows, The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Astronauts in the year 2003 Graban "Surf Guitar" and present it in the Rojas Cultural Center in a show with "The supersonic" (Uruguay). En 2005 lanzan "Take a trip" their first official cd. If original and emphasize the themes of the versions of Henry Mancini and Astor Piazzolla. Share shows with Cienfuegos, Massacre, Mimi Maura, The storm, Los Kahuna and Flavio Casanova among other artists. During 2005 and 2006 Abisal form part of the soundtrack of the following tv shows: "MDQ for the whole world" and "CHAU SUNDAY" .. In April 2008 vuelven the scenarios with the new formation and enter the studies TIXA to record new material (TSUNAMI) .... (Translated via Google Translator)

1   Rise 'n Fall

2   Torque Wrench

3   Pipeline

4   Mr. Moto

5   Casbah

6   Apache

7   Beyond Zone X

8   Midnight

9   Kon Tiki

10 Atlantis

11  Wipe Out

12  Boss

13  Kawanga

14  Werewolf


Sock It To The Holidays!

Happy Holidays From Trustar Vibrations

Be Safe


Good News For The Holidays

Music industry drops effort to sue song swappers

LOS ANGELES – The group representing the U.S. recording industry said Friday it has abandoned its policy of suing people for sharing songs protected by copyright and will work with Internet service providers to cut abusers' access if they ignore repeated warnings.

The move ends a controversial program that saw the Recording Industry Association of America sue about 35,000 people since 2003 for swapping songs online. Because of high legal costs for defenders, virtually all of those hit with lawsuits settled, on average for around $3,500. The association's legal costs, in the meantime, exceeded the settlement money it brought in.

The association said Friday that it stopped sending out new lawsuits and warnings in August, and then agreed with several leading U.S. Internet service providers, without naming which ones, to notify alleged illegal file-sharers and cut off service if they failed to stop.

It credited the lawsuit campaign with raising awareness of piracy and keeping the number of illegal file-sharers in check while the legal market for digital music took off. With two weeks left in the year, legitimate sales of digital music tracks soared for the first time past the 1 billion mark, up 28 percent over all of last year, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

"We're at a point where there's a sense of comfort that we can replace one form of deterrent with another form of deterrent," said RIAA Chairman and Chief Executive Mitch Bainwol. "Filing lawsuits as a strategy to deal with a big problem was not our first choice five years ago."

The new notification program is also more efficient, he said, having sent out more notices in the few months since it started than in the five years of the lawsuit campaign.

"It's much easier to send notices than it is to file lawsuits," Bainwol said.

The decision to scrap the legal attack was first reported in The Wall Street Journal.

The group says it will still continue to litigate outstanding cases, most of which are in the pre-lawsuit warning stage, but some of which are before the courts.

The decision to press on with existing cases drew the ire of Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson, who is defending a Boston University graduate student targeted in one of the music industry's lawsuits.

"If it's a bad idea, it's a bad idea," said Nesson. He is challenging the constitutionality of the suits, which, based on the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999, can impose damages of $150,000 per infringement, far in excess of the actual damage caused.

Nesson's client, Joel Tenenbaum, faces the possibility of more than $1 million in damages for allegedly downloading seven songs illegally, which Nesson called "cruel and unusual punishment." The case is set to go to trial in district court in Massachusetts on Jan. 22.

Brian Toder, a lawyer with Chestnut & Cambronne in Minneapolis, who defended single mother Jammie Thomas in a copyright suit filed by the RIAA, said he is also set to retry the case March 9 after a judge threw out a $222,000 decision against her.

"I think it's a good thing that they've ended this campaign of going after people," Toder said.

"But they need to change how people spend money on records," he said. "People like to share music. The Internet makes it so easy. They have to do something to change this business model of theirs."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A "Grand Wazoo" Of A Finish

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Boxed Set

Disk 9  Wart & All  I

side one
dead girls of london [2]
suicide chump [1]
street & roads (aka shut up 'n play yer guitar) [2]

side two
13 [1]
magic fingers [1]
rubber girl (ms pinky theme) [1]
peaches III [2]


[1] 1978/10/31 concert 'the palladium', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, p.o'hearn, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, l.shankar, t.mars, p.wolf  

[2] 1979/02/18 concert 'the hammersmith odeon', london, uk
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf & l.shankar 


Disk 10  Warts & All  II

side one
ms. x [5]
the young sophisticate [2]
more streets & roads (shut up 'nplay yer guitar some more) [3]
sy borg [1]

side two
the dance contest [1]
duck duck goose / down in de dew [4]
section of little house i used to live in [4]
the deathless horsie [4]


[1] 1978/10/28 concert 'the palladium', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, p.o'hearn, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, l.shankar, t.mars, p.wolf  

[2] 1978/02/18 concert 'the hammersmith odeon', london, uk
f.zappa, a.belew, p.o'hearn, t.bozzio, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[3] 1979/02/17 concert 'the hammersmith odeon', london, uk
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[4] 1979/02/19 concert 'the hammersmith odeon', london, uk
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[5] 1978/10/28 concert 'the palladium', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, p.o'hearn, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, l.shankar, t.mars, p.wolf  


Disk 11  Soup & Old Clothes

side one
nite owl [1]
penis dimension [2]
in memorium of hieronious bosch [3]
the twelve inches [4]
florentine pogen [5]

side two
debra dadabra [6]
stranded in the jungle [7]
the tolkien tapes [8]
do the funky room service [6]


[1] 1980/05/09 concert 'the nassau coliseum', ny, usa 
f.zappa, r.white, i.willis, a.barrow, d.logeman, t.mars  

[2] the "200 motels" movie / incl. keith moon

[3] 1967 - the "bitter end" tv show, nyc, ny, usa 

[4] 1974/10/29 concert 'the boston music hall', boston, ma, usa 
f.zappa, t.fowler, c.thompson, r.underwood, n.m.brock, g.duke & tom waits 

[5] 1979/03/05 concert 'the forum', copenhagen, denmark
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[6] 1975/04/27-E- concert 'the boston music hall', boston, ma, usa
f.zappa, captain beefheart, d.walley, t.fowler, t.bozzio, n.m.brock, b.fowler, g.duke  

[7] 1976/10/30 concert 'the felt forum', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, r.white, p.o'hearn, t.bozzio, e.jobson, b.odin  

[8] 1971/05/25 the wabx radio interview, detroit, michigan, usa with dave dixon


Disk 12  Advanced Study: World Pop Domination

1. Zappa's Lecture
2. The Bust
3. Dinah-Moe Humm
4. Camarillo Brillo
5. Get a Little II
6. You Didn't Try to Call Me
7. Laid Back

8. Love of My Life
9. You Are What You Is
10. Catholic Girls
11. Fine Girl [Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]
12. Treacherous Cretins


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Chunks For The Frank-O-Files Out There

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Boxed Set

Disk 6  The Grank Wazoo Orchestra

side one
the new brown clouds
big swifty
for calvin & his next two hitchhikers

side two
think it over


1972/09/10 concert 'the hollywood bowl', los angeles, ca, usa

f.zappa, t.duran, d.parlato, j.gordon, r.underwood, t.raney, j.kessler , i.underwood, s.marquez, b.fowler, e.dumler, m.mcnabb, t.malone, g.ferris, j.mcnabb, k.shroyer, m.altschul, j.migliori, r.reed, c.owens  


Disk 7  Show & Tell

side one
redunzl [1]
cucamonga [1]
cucamonga again [1]
cover-ups [2]
end of florentine pogen [3]
instrumental jam [3]
a few minutes with norma bell [4]

side two
how could i be such a fool [4]
i ain't got no heart [4]
i'm not satisfied [4]
early packard goose [4]
black napkins [4]


[1] 1973/08/21 concert 'the skansen', stockholm, sweden 
f.zappa, t.fowler, r.humphrey, r.underwood, j.-l.ponty, i.underwood, g.duke  

[2] 1974/07/06 the koaz radio interview, little rock, arkensas

[3] 1974/10/30 concert 'the felt forum', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, t.fowler, c.thompson, r.underwood, n.m.brock, g.duke  

[4] 1975/10/31-E- concert 'the felt forum', ny, ny, usa
f.zappa, r.estrada, t.bozzio, n.m.brock, a.lewis, n.j.bell


Disk 8  The Night Of The Iron Sausage

side one
lonely little girl [1]
take your clothes off when you dance
what's the ugliest part of your body
chunga's revenge

side two
disco boy
i promise not to come in your mouth
wild love


[1] 1975/10/31-E- concert 'the felt forum', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, r.estrada, t.bozzio, n.m.brock, a.lewis, n.j.bell  

[2] 1977/10/31 concert 'the hartford civic center', connecticut, usa
f.zappa, a.belew, p.o'hearn, t.bozzio, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf & r.estrada



Ask Santa to put this in your stocking!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wise Words Come From The Simplest Minds

Why couldn't the news media explain it this well!!

Forrest Gump Explains Mortgage Backed Securities


Mortgage Backed Securities are like boxes of chocolates.
Criminals on Wall Street stole a few chocolates from the boxes and
replaced them with turds.
Their criminal buddies at Standard & Poor rated these boxes AAA
Investment Grade chocolates.
These boxes were then sold all over the world to investors.
Eventually somebody bites into a turd and discovers the crime.
Suddenly nobody trusts American chocolates anymore worldwide.
Hank Paulson now wants the American taxpayers to buy up and hold all
these boxes of turd-infested chocolates for $700 billion dollars until the
market for turds returns to normal.
Meanwhile, Hank's buddies, the Wall Street criminals who stole all the
good chocolates, are not being investigated, arrested, or indicted.

Mama always said: "Sniff the chocolates first, Forrest".

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On The 14th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa

Disk 5  Hotel Dixie

side one
the air
dog breath
other people
you didn't try to call me
king kong
concentration moon / mom & dad

side two
the duke - includes:
  little house i used to live in
  the mud shark
  penis dimension
  holiday in berlin
  inca roads chord pattern
  easy meat chords
  cruisin' for burgers


Saturday, December 13, 2008

On The 13th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa   Box Set

Disk 4  Gas Mask

side one
the eye of agomato [1]
my guitar [1]
chanting [1]
dead air [1]
audience participation [1]
untitled section [1]

side two
the eric dolphy memorial barbecue [1]
hungry freaks daddy [1]
return of son of hunchback duke (aka the duke, little house i used to live in) [1]
the story of a pound for a brown on the bus [2]


[1] 1969/05/23 concert 'university of wisconsin', appleton, usa

[2] 1969/06/06 concert 'the royal albert hall', london, uk

f.zappa, r.estrada, j.c. black, a.tripp, i.underwood, d.preston, bunk gardner, j.sherwood


Thursday, December 11, 2008

On The 12th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa   Boxed Set

Disk 3  The Cucamonga Era

side one
the masters: breaktime
baby ray & the ferns: how's your bird
baby ray & the ferns: the world's greatest sinner
ned & nelda: hey nelda
ned & nelda: surf along
the heartbreakers: everytime i see you
bob guy: dear jeepers
bob guy: letters from jeepers
brian lord & the midnighters: the big surfer

side two
the penguins: memories of el monte
the hollywood persuaders: grunion run
the hollywood persuaders: tijuana surf
mr.clean: mr.clean
mr.clean: jessie lee
the rotations: heavies
the hollywood persuaders: drums-a-go-go
the hollywood persuaders: hot water
brian lord & the midnighters: not another one
the masters: sixteen tons


You'll Always Be With Us Betty

Where Are All The Zappa Fans???

I know there are more then 5 Zappa fans out there. Great googly-moogly!

10 disks more to go

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On The 11th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Bosed Set

Disk 2  The Soundtracks

side one
the way the air smells [3]
"run home slow" highlights [1]
your eyes [3]

side two
rance muhammitz in a steaming briefcase [4]
"the world's greatest sinner" highlights [2]
dance of the rock & roll interviewer pt.2 [4]
what will this evening bring me this morning [4]
people think that groupies are such dirty girls [4]


[1] 1959 - 1962 the "run home slow" soundtrack

[2] 1961 "the world's greatest sinner" soundtrack
the pamona valley symphony orchestra & eight rock musicians

[3] 1979 the "baby snakes" soundtrack / audience recording from the movie
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf 

[4] the "200 motels" movie


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On The 10th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Box Set

Disk 1  The Basic Primer: Z - A

This 12 LP boxe set was pressed in April 1981 & came with a 16-page booklet. Each LP has its own title. There were 1,000 box sets pressed but 565 were seized in one raid & other legal problems netted an additional 100. There were also 25 "Silver Edition" sets pressed with each LP in a silver jacket with 11" x 11" black & white slicks on the front & back & had deluxe bogus labels. Re-released (regular box set) as an import on "fz 4801-12) with a black & white laminated cover with silver printing & some without the booklet. The source for this 1984 set was the original LPs sot the sound quality is inferior to the original set. This box set is sometimes refered to as the "Bogus Box #2".

side one
yo mama [1]
keep it greasey [2]
village of the sun [2]
segment uncle meat demo [3]
segment of interview [4]

side two
titties and beer [5]
what kind of group do you think we are [5]
all the way down the tonsils [3]
rollo & st-alphonzo's pancake breakfast [6]
a short piece of tape [7]


[1] 1979/02/18 or 19 concert 'the hammersmith odeon', london, uk
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[2] 1978/09/21 concert 'the mid hudson civic center', poughkeepsie, new york, usa
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[3] the uncle meat demo
f.zappa, r.collins, r.estrada, j.c. black, b.mundi, i.underwood, d.preston, bunk gardner, j.sherwood  

[4] the inner-view show with jim ladd, 1976

[5] 1976/11/19 concert 'the cobo hall', detroit, michigan, usa
f.zappa, r.white, p.o'hearn, t.bozzio, e.jobson  

[6] 1972/12/31-E- concert 'the constitution hall', washington, d.c., usa
f.zappa, t.duran, d.parlato, j.gordon, b.fowler, e.dumler, m.mcnabb, t.malone, g.ferris, g.barone 

[7] 1963/--/-- concert 'the mt st-mamy's college', claremont, ca, usa
f.zappa, ...


Monday, December 08, 2008

Git Your Overalls On And Sip You Some Whiskey, Your Goin' To Buttholeville.

Drive By Truckers



Favorite tunes of mine are Panties In Your Purse, Steve McQueen,  and of course, Buttholeville. You'll dig 'em the most.

Review by Bill Peters

The Drive-By Truckers don't need an agenda to be a good band. Sure, Southern Rock Opera more or less anointed the Truckers as a smarter, more attentive Lynyrd Skynyrd, and critics, in turn, made them famous for all the wrong reasons. And while critics tossed around adjectives like "brash" and "raunchy" and dug out their riffs on Southern rock revival and the renovation of country, Gangstabilly, DBT's debut, went largely overlooked. No mock-rock operas or anxious, insistent Southernism here — Gangstabilly keeps its charm by keeping it simple. Whereas post-Pizza Deliverance DBT tended to veer into weathered tailgate-party twang, Gangstabilly is a swamp of mushy drums, scraggly acoustics, and pedal-steel whimper — a catalog of trashy but telling details and broader yet personal pangs. NASCAR, monster-truck rallies, and countless episodes of COPS and America Undercover have melted the South down into a handful of stereotypes. But if frontman Patterson Hood has shown anything, all you have to do to cut through the velvet Elvis/TV rodeo/Haffenreffer muck of white-trash clichés is simply treat them seriously. While DBT retain a campy sensibility to distance themselves from their songs, the Truckers' South doesn't come without its share of loss and hardship. Take "Wifebeater," the album's opener. The title explains it all, but the subject matter is accepted as part of life, rendered like a conventional love song — "Don't go back to him, he's a wife beater." The drums lurch, the pedal steel rises like steam, the harmonies go bullfrog-croak low, and Hood puts you inside a would-be dismissed act of domestic violence. Then, there's "Panties in Your Purse" — a title which tells a whole newly painful story of a night of drinkin' and cheatin' in and of itself. But perhaps more than any song in their back catalog, "The Living Bubba" perfects the Truckers' combination of tough but hurt. Dedicated to the late Atlanta guitarist Gregory Dean Smalley, "The Living Bubba" comes through with an introverted, slowly ascending verse and a chorus you can flick a Bic to. Bottom line: do yourself a favor and don't ignore this album. The sad songs are sad the way you want them to be, the ballsier songs tempered with a little mellow manly pain. After Gangstabilly, the Drive-By Truckers would provide good albums, sure, but they'd be of the Napster-good sort, the buy-it-used sort. But for a brief moment, the Drive-By Truckers created something whose praise wouldn't come by default, that wouldn't play immediately into critics' expectations. Gangstabilly was a thankless job, but a good one.

  1 Wife Beater
  2 Demonic Possession 
  3 The Tough Sell  
  4 The Living Bubba  
  5 Late for Church  
  6 Panties in Your Purse  
  7 Drive By Truckers  
  8 Why Henry Drinks
  9 18 Wheels of Love
  10 Steve McQueen
  11 Buttholeville  
  12 Sandwiches for the Road
  13 Drive By Truckers


Drive By Truckers

Not just a cool music video but an interesting view on all the work that goes into making a guitar.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Five Horse Johnson

Fat Black Pussy Cat


Ripped @ a crankin' 320

Biography by Charles Spano

Five Horse Johnson comes straight out of Toledo, OH, with big riff, get down, rootsy, middle American rock & roll that takes acid blues and Led Zeppelin and mixes in influences like the Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, and ZZ Top.

The band -- made up of Eric Oblander on harps and vocals, Brad Coffin on guitar, Steve Smith on bass, and Mike Alonso on drums -- got together in 1995 and began opening for acts like War, Southern Culture on the Skids, Atomic Bitchwax, the Queens of the Stone Age, and R.L. Burnside. In 1998, they released Double Down. The critically acclaimed Fat Black Pussycat followed in 1999 and The No. 6 Dance came out on Small Stone Records in 2001.

Review by Tom Schulte

The logo of the Chevy Super Sport cars, popular as hot rods, inspires Small Stone's logo. The band in the roster that probably best combines these elements of monster guitars and muscle cars is Five Horse Johnson. The group's Fat Black Pussy Cat is their unabashed, entirely successful celebration of a bold, giant '70s Southern rock sound. It is a big sound of power blues and attitude. 

  1 Lightning When I Need
  2 Fly Back Home 
  3 So Low
  4 She Don't Know  
  5 Sermons in the Yard  
  6 Say We Can  
  7 Bleachin' Bones  
  8 I Cried  
  9 Dead Language  


Right Up Your Alley

Gary Hoey

Bug Alley


Bug Alley continues the line of great Gary Hoey instrumental guitar albums and the production is superb (the drums and guitar sounding particularly strong). Bug Alley is solid from top to bottom, and contains another phenomenal set of cover tunes, the Peter Green/Santana classic  "Black Magic Woman" and Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody." 

  1 Desire
  2 Tribal War Babies  
  3 Black Magic Woman  
  4 Yeah  
  5 Bug Alley
  6 Peace Pipe  
  7 Gotta Serve Somebody  
  8 Karma Climb  
  9 Moustache Muchacho
  10 Coasting  
  11 The Green Room


She Talks In Stereo

Gary Myrick & The Figures


Biography by Steve Huey

Dallas-born singer/guitarist/songwriter Gary Myrick blended rootsy rock & roll with the energy and sensibility of new wave on several '80s albums and later made a surprising comeback in the late '90s. Myrick was playing around the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his own bands straight out of high school; in his early twenties, he moved to Austin to join a band called Kracker Jack, which featured two ex-members of Johnny Winter's band and whose guitarist (one Stevie Ray Vaughan) had recently quit. Myrick moved to California after a couple of years, and formed his own outfit called the Figures. They landed a deal with Epic and issued their debut album, Gary Myrick & the Figures, in 1980; it produced a minor cult hit in the single "She Talks in Stereo." The follow-up, Living in a Movie, was released in 1981, but after the supporting North American tour, Myrick decided to disband the Figures in pursuit of a different approach. 

The solo EP Language appeared in 1983, after which Myrick hooked up with John Waite and contributed to his 1984 pop breakthrough No Brakes. After one more album, 1985's Stand for Love, Myrick chose to concentrate on a career as a session musician for a time. In 1991, Myrick joined former Clash bassist Paul Simonon and drummer Nigel Dixon (of the British rockabilly revival group Whirlwind) in a new band called Havana 3AM. Mixing Texas roots rock with punk flavor, the group recorded a self-titled debut and toured Europe, North America, and Japan. However, Simonon left to pursue an art career not long after, and sadly, Dixon passed away due to cancer. Myrick eventually regrouped the band with bassist Tom Felicetta and drummer Jamie Chez; this lineup issued the generally well-received Texas Glitter and Tombstone Tales in 1996. Myrick followed it five years later with the reflective, Tchad Blake-produced Waltz of the Scarecrow King.

  1 Living Disaster   
  2 Ever Since the World Began
  3 She Talks in Stereo   
  4 Model   
  5 She's So Teenage   
  6 You   
  7 Meaningless  
  8 Who'll Be the Next in Line   
  9 Deep in the Heartland


Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Black Keys

Live at Lollapalooza 2007

Add this one to fill out your collection. All of the other Black Keys albums are posted on the hip and fantastic "The Garage Brothers" site  (link on the right sidebar) You can't go wrong with any of these.

Biography by Richie Unterberger

The two-man duo comprising the Black Keys, singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney, were in their early twenties when their debut, The Big Come Up, was issued in 2002. From Akron, OH, they play close-to-the-bone, raw blues-rock, the only instrumentation being Auerbach's guitar, Carney's drums, and the occasional organ. Auerbach had a fine, mature, lived-in blues voice for one so young, and the group's material worked in funk, soul, and rock influences from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown that avoided undue repetition of the overdone chord progressions and stock riffs common to so many such acts. Before the year's end, the band inked a deal with Fat Possum. The Black Keys' second album, Thickfreakness, was recorded in 14 straight hours one day in 2002. To prepare for its April 2003 release, the duo was handpicked by Sleater-Kinney as the opening act for their winter tour of North America. Rubber Factory followed in 2004 and earned notices as one of the best records of the year. A live DVD arrived in 2005, followed by the Chulahoma EP and the full-length Magic Potion in 2006. Three years later, the Keys issued the Danger Mouse-produced Attack & Release, an album rumored to have originally been planned as a collaboration between the duo and Ike Turner prior to Turner's death in December 2007.


Girl Is On My Mind

Just Got To Be

10am Automatic

The Breaks

Stack Shot Billy


Set You Free

Everywhere I Go

Your Touch

Grown So Ugly

I Got Mine

No Trust

Have Love, Will Travel


Friday, December 05, 2008

Good Bye and Rest In Peace Uncle Forry

Forrest Ackerman introduced many a youngster to the wonderful world of Monsters. For this I will always be thankful. RIP

LOS ANGELES – Forrest J Ackerman, the sometime actor, literary agent, magazine editor and full-time bon vivant who discovered author Ray Bradbury and was widely credited with coining the term "sci-fi," has died. He was 92.

Ackerman died Thursday of heart failure at his Los Angeles home, said Kevin Burns, head of Prometheus Entertainment and a trustee of Ackerman's estate.

Although only marginally known to readers of mainstream literature, Ackerman was legendary in science-fiction circles as the founding editor of the pulp magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. He was also the owner of a huge private collection of science-fiction movie and literary memorabilia that for years filled every nook and cranny of a hillside mansion overlooking Los Angeles.

"He became the Pied Piper, the spiritual leader, of everything science fiction, fantasy and horror," Burns said Friday.

Every Saturday morning that he was home, Ackerman would open up the house to anyone who wanted to view his treasures. He sold some pieces and gave others away when he moved to a smaller house in 2002, but he continued to let people visit him every Saturday for as long as his health permitted.

"My wife used to say, 'How can you let strangers into our home?' But what's the point of having a collection like this if you can't let people enjoy it?" an exuberant Ackerman told The Associated Press as he conducted a spirited tour of the mansion on his 85th birthday.

His collection once included more than 50,000 books, thousands of science-fiction magazines and such items as Bela Lugosi's cape from the 1931 film "Dracula."

His greatest achievement, however, was likely discovering Bradbury, author of the literary classics "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Martian Chronicles." Ackerman had placed a flyer in a Los Angeles bookstore for a science-fiction club he was founding and a teenage Bradbury showed up.

Later, Ackerman gave Bradbury the money to start his own science-fiction magazine, Futuria Fantasia, and paid the author's way to New York for an authors meeting that Bradbury said helped launch his career.

"I hadn't published yet, and I met a lot of these people who encouraged me and helped me get my career started, and that was all because of Forry Ackerman," the author told the AP in 2005.

Later, as a literary agent, Ackerman represented Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and numerous other science-fiction writers.

He said the term "sci-fi" came to him in 1954 when he was listening to a car radio and heard an announcer mention the word "hi-fi."

"My dear wife said, 'Forget it, Forry, it will never catch on,'" he recalled.

Soon he was using it in Famous Monsters of Filmland, the magazine he helped found in 1958 and edited for 25 years.

Ackerman himself appeared in numerous films over the years, usually in bit parts. His credits include "Queen of Blood," "Dracula vs. Frankenstein," "Amazon Women on the Moon," "Vampirella," "Transylvania Twist," "The Howling" and the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video. More recently, he appeared in 2007's "The Dead Undead" and 2006's "The Boneyard Collection."

Ackerman returned briefly to Famous Monsters of Filmland in the 1990s, but he quickly fell out with the publisher over creative differences. He sued and was awarded a judgment of more than $375,000.

Forrest James Ackerman was born in Los Angeles on Nov. 24, 1916. He fell in love with science-fiction, he once said, when he was 9 years old and saw a magazine called Amazing Stories. He would hold onto that publication for the rest of his life.

Ackerman, who had no children, was preceded in death by his wife, Wendayne.

Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien

I've seen Joe live at least a dozen times now and this still gets my chest a thumpin'.

Something Special

Joe Satriani

Surfing With The Alien


Remastered       @320

Biography by Greg Prato

Along with teaching some of the top rock guitar players of the '80s and '90s, Joe Satriani is one of the most technically accomplished and widely respected guitarists to emerge in recent times. Born on July 15, 1956, in Westbury, NY, and raised in the nearby town of Carle Place, Satriani -- inspired by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix -- picked up the guitar at the age of 14 (although he was initially more interested in the drums). Quickly learning the instrument, Satriani began teaching guitar to others and found a kindred spirit in one of his students, Steve Vai. By the late '70s, however, Satriani had relocated to Berkeley, CA. With his sights set on his own musical career, "Satch" kept teaching others, including such future rock notables as Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Larry LaLonde (Primus), David Bryson (Counting Crows), and jazz fusion player Charlie Hunter. 

In the early '80s, Satriani got a gig playing guitar with power popster Greg Kihn, doing some session work and touring with the group (an archival release recorded around this time, King Biscuit Flower Hour, was later issued in 1996), and issuing his own solo self-titled EP in 1984, financing and releasing the project entirely on his own. But when Vai hit the big time as the guitarist of David Lee Roth's solo band in 1986, he offered praise for his good friend and former teacher in several major guitar publications, leading to widespread interest in Satriani's playing. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for Satch, as he'd just issued his first full-length solo album, Not of This Earth, which automatically made ripples in the rock guitar community. 

But the best was still to come, in the form of his sophomore release, 1987's Surfing with the Alien. Almost overnight, Satriani was widely regarded as one of rock's top guitarists, as the album earned gold certification and the guitarist would finish at the top of guitar magazine polls for years afterward. He was even handpicked by Mick Jagger to accompany the famous singer on a tour of Australia and Japan around this time. A stopgap EP, Dreaming #11, combed both studio and live tracks and was issued a year later, and in 1989, Satriani issued his third solo full-length, Flying in a Blue Dream. Another sizeable hit, the album also marked Satch's debut as a vocalist on several tracks. His career received another big push the same year when his song "One Big Rush" was included on the soundtrack to Cameron Crowe's hit movie Say Anything. 

The '90s began with Satriani creating his own line of guitars for the Ibanez company (the JS Joe Satriani model), but it wasn't until 1992 that he would issue his next solo release, The Extremist. The double-disc set Time Machine followed a year later (a combination of new tracks, live material, and the long out-of-print Joe Satriani EP from 1984), and in 1994, Satch filled in on tour for the departed Ritchie Blackmore for heavy metal pioneers Deep Purple. Although he was asked to become a full-time member, Satriani turned down the offer to return to his solo career. 

Satriani issued two more solo albums during the '90s -- 1995's self-titled release and 1998's Crystal Planet -- and also started the G3 guitar showcase tour with Vai in 1996, becoming an annual event and issuing a live document of the tour's initial run, G3: Live in Concert, a year later. 2000 saw Satriani issue his most musically daring release yet, the electronic-based Engines of Creation, and a year later, Live in San Francisco. Engines was nominated for a Grammy the next year, and after a successful tour he stepped back into the studio. The result, Strange Beautiful Music, was released in 2002. Electric Joe Satriani: An Anthology arrived in 2003, followed by Is There Love in Space? in 2004, Super Colossal in 2005, and Satriani Live! in 2006. In addition to his own albums, Satriani has guested on several other artists' albums over the years, including Blue Öyster Cult's Imaginos, Alice Cooper's Hey Stoopid, Stuart Hamm's Radio Free Albemuth, Pat Martino's All Sides Now, and Spinal Tap's Break Like the Wind.

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Surfing with the Alien belongs to its era like Are You Experienced? belongs to its own -- perhaps it doesn't transcend its time the way the Jimi Hendrix Experience's 1967 debut does, but Joe Satriani's 1987 breakthrough can be seen as the gold standard for guitar playing of the mid- to late '80s, an album that captures everything that was good about the glory days of shred. Certainly, Satriani was unique among his peers in that his playing was so fluid that his technical skills never seemed like showboating -- something that was somewhat true of his 1986 debut, Not of This Earth, but on Surfing with the Alien he married this dexterity to a true sense of melodic songcraft, a gift that helped him be that rare thing: a guitar virtuoso who ordinary listeners enjoyed. Nowhere is this more true than on "Always with Me, Always with You," a genuine ballad -- not beefed up with muscular power chords but rather sighing gently with its melody -- but this knack was also evident on the ZZ Top homage "Satch Boogie" and the title track itself, both of which turned into rock radio hits. This melodic facility, plus his fondness for a good old-fashioned three-chord rock, separated Satriani from his shredding peers in 1987, many of whom were quite literally his students. But he was no throwback: he equaled his former students Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett in sweep picking and fretboard acrobatics and he had a sparkling, spacy quality to some of his songs -- particularly the closing stretch of the Middle Eastern-flavored "Lords of Karma," the twinkling "Midnight," and "Echo" -- that was thoroughly modern for 1987. The production of Surfing with the Alien is also thoroughly of its year -- stiff drumbeats, sparkling productions -- so much so that it can seem a bit like a relic from another era, but it's fine that it doesn't transcend its time: it captures the best of its era and is still impressive in that regard. 


  1 Surfing with the Alien  
  2 Ice 9  
  3 Crushing Day
  4 Always with Me, Always with You
  5 Satch Boogie  
  6 Hill of the Skull  
  7 Circles  
  8 Lords of Karma
  9 Midnight
  10 Echo



The Dog's Bollocks of American R&R Instrumentals

Vol 4


Still More

The Dog's Bollocks of American R&R Instrumentals

Vol 3



The Dog's Bollocks of American R&R Instrumentals

Vol 2


The Name Says It All

The Dog's Bollocks of American R&R Instrumentals

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