Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Are YOU Lookin' For?

Bryan Himes
Lookin' For R.L.

Don't remember where I picked this one up but grooved to it the other night. Well worth the d/l to start out your Friday night.

Bryan Himes has played his music all over the country opening for acts, Everlast, Chip Taylor, Carrie Rodriquez, Angie Aparo, Bright Eyes, and Paul "Wine" Jones
Blues Revue: ...shows he can carry the show alone.. displays an excellent voice.. nice job modernizing a Robert Johnson feel.
Cd Baby: .. is boiling water, white-flaming excitement and high-wired... he is a habanero pepper.. all emotion hanging out, gut-churning and gritty.
music is fresh sounding, and not dated, even when he drives into his influences.


1 .Take My Sickness
2 Cold as a Machine
3 Martha Ruth
4 I Want You Bad
5 Crazy
6 Contemporary Caucasian
7 Willin' 'N Able
8 When a Woman Gets You Down
9 Looking for R.L.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Don't Hold Back Again!

Re-up for bfg666

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have released the first of a wicked ass single from their latest album "Push The Button" and this is a guaranteed floor filler as it combines the best in electronica with a hip-hop flavor that will have everyone in a frenzy for months. The Chemical Brothers team up with rapper Q-Tip to create one of the best anthems we will hear for 2005. This song topped the UK Chart within its first week of release. The Original Version of this song is a down tempo BPM-Wise tune with killer violin hooks, a pumpin' baseline and some freak-n-sweet ass breakdowns and build-ups that are almost to hard to describe in words. Q-Tip deserves a lot of respect for bringing his talent to this record. Not to mention he will have a huge impact on bridging the gap between hip-hop lovers and electronic/dance lovers to unite on the dance floor at once. The funny thing is some people won't realize it's hip-hop and some people won't realize it's a form of electronic/dance.

1 Galvanize
2 Galanize (Extended Version)
3 Electronic Battle Weapon 7

+ bonus party track


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How To Roll A Mercedes