Friday, April 30, 2010

It's A Big Bamboo Ben Blowout!

Thats right. Bamboo Ben, the purveyor and creator of a hell of a lot of fine Tiki style and bamboo furniture and accessories is opening up the barn this Sunday May 2nd from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm to make available to YOU, my friend the many fine goods to be had. But thats not all.... Many of Boo Boy's friends are also schlepping their exquisite  wares and artwork down to this ONE BIG LOCATION.

But wait....theres more!

To accompany your shopping experience the sounds of The Hard Riders, CHUM and The Squares will excite the little bones in your ears.

Don't miss out.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Trip To Hell....And Back?

Thes Siniestros

Campo de Satan
@ a blazin' 320

The shortest rock opera in the world. In 38 minutes (17 tracks spread over two acts!), Thes Siniestros recounts the odyssey of an American cowboy who travels to hell, literally. Expanding the band's classic trio with piano, strings and winds, the group evokes a retro atmosphere, side by side between rockabilly and surf rock dealer.

In a brief period, taking into account the complexity of the project and the intensity of the story, Thes Siniestros condenses multiple styles and climates, such as when the ballad "Hell" dilutes the pace, or when the landscape changes by the Mexican American to the passage of Tex-Mex "Devil King."

Crossing Spanish with full sentences in English and not even half time to give breath to the voices from one track to another, the band manages to draw a story fast, fun flying and running through St. Louis, Memphis and the coast. We see that the road to hell is longer than many portray it ...


Vida De Cactus
El Carnal
Campos De Satán
Cruz Caudillo
El Infierno
Diablo Rey
El Patrón
Viaje Por Los Campos
Encuentro Con El Malo
Viva Las Heras!
El Crack Del Balonpié
Caballo Negro
El Tuerto
El Forastero

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cruise On Down PCH For This Hot Show At Don's

This Saturday night at the Famous Don the Beachcomber.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Left My Wallet In El Segundo??"

The Mighty Gordinis

Fueled on Fuzz

Ripped @ a blacktop smokin' 320

"Don't make me wanna go hippity-hop!"

From the smolderin' ashes of The Vice Barons, like a phoenix rose The Mighty Gordinis! Hold on and get your fuzz on with these bad-assed twangers from Belgium.


Pret à jouir
Mission in Space
Le Mistérieux M. Wrong 
The Devil's Backyard
Stockholm Connection
Belly Dancing
The Man With The White Jaguar
Doctor LSD
Peepshow Romance
Return to Baronville
Skater Dater Rock
Supernova 666
Striptizzz Mundani
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Did Somebody Turn The Heat Up?

Urban Surf Kings

Live In Hell
Ripped @ a flamin' & burnin' 320

Canada's East Coast instro-nuts, URBAN SURF KINGS, play surf music, 1960's style. Think the beach blasts of Dick Dale, the leather jacket rumble of Link Wray, and the biker fuzz of B-movie heroes Davie Allan & the Arrows. The 13 year old trio is led by Mohawk surf guitarist Rev Hank, Crash Flagg on surf bass, and Inky on traps. That's right, no singer, but not to worry...there's always plenty of dancing on and off the stage: the swim, the frug, the watusi, the twist... URBAN SURF KINGS have 9 releases to date, including their latest CD, "Bang Howdy Partner". They even released a 45rpm titled "el Toro!" a while back to capture their surf sound on vinyl (the way it should be!). The band will perform the new record and new live show far and wide. With a fan base that extends around the world (including North & South America, Europe, Asia & Australia), Urban Surf Kings may be the busiest surf band in Canada. CBC


1. Journey to the Stars
2. Seven Faces of Dr. Surf
3. Twister
4. Radar Range
5. Moment of Truth
6. Mojave Hadji
7. Twisted Brain
8. Moncton Stomp!
9. Star Wars
10. Diamond Head
11. Surf Kings Stomp!
12. Invisible Ray
13. Legend of Bog Road
14. 7 Veils a Go Go
15. Radarmen From the Moon
16. Kookie's Comb
17. Espresso Twist
18. James Bond
19. Misirlou
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Doctor, Doctor, Pleeease!

The Surftones
Surf Fever 2000
Only @ 128 but well worth the d/l.

The Supertones are certainly the best guitar group to ever come out of NYC. The Tones’ 20 track Surf Fever 2000 finds the quartet romping through standards like "Exodus", "The Lonely Bull", "Baja", "A Hard Day’s Night"


  1. Surf Fever 2000 
  2. Playa Del Rey 
  3. Moonshot Part 1 
  4. The Lonely Bull 
  5. Exodus 
  6. Side Slippin' 
  7. The Sweet Ride 
 8. Media Noche 
 9. Stranger In Paradise 
 10. A Taste of Honey 
 11. Perfidia 
 12. Lone Rider 
 13. Morgan 
 14. Scrambler 
 15. Movin' 
 16. King Size 
 17. Moonshot Part 2 
 18. Baja 
 19. Endless Summer 
  20. A Hard Day's Night

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What'cha Gonna Do?

Pablo Cruise

A Place In The Sun


Panned by many, enjoyed by most. One of my 70's guilty pleasures.


Biography by Steve Huey

Pablo Cruise achieved some measure of success during the latter part of the '70s with its mellow, easygoing California pop. The band was formed in 1973 by former members of Stoneground and It's a Beautiful Day: guitarist Dave Jenkins, keyboardist Cory Lerois, bassist Bud Cockrell, and drummer Steve Price. The group was praised for the compositional and instrumental skill on the albums Pablo Cruise and Lifeline, and were rewarded with the Top Ten hit "Whatcha Gonna Do?" in 1977 from A Place in the Sun. Cockrell left and was replaced by former Santana bassist Bruce Day. Worlds Away went platinum, as did its predecessor, and produced three hit singles, including the Top Ten "Love Will Find a Way." By the time the '80s rolled around, the new wave movement was in full swing on the pop charts, and Pablo Cruise fell out of favor with the record-buying public. Several of the group's songs were used as soundtrack material for sports programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC, and their work also appeared in the films Free Ride, An Unmarried Woman, and Dreamer.


1 A Place in the Sun
2 What'cha Gonna Do?
3 Raging Fire
4 I Just Wanna Believe
5 Tonight My Love
6 Can't You Hear the Music?
7 Never Had a Love
8 Atlanta June
9 El Verano

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Remember To Take Your Niacin




Ripped @ a progressive 320

Biography by Steve Huey

Having played straightforward hard rock with Mr. Big since the tail end of the '80s, bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan formed Niacin as an outlet for his jazz fusion and prog rock inclinations during the mid-'90s. The trio also featured keyboardist John Novello and drummer Dennis Chambers, both musicians who had crossed frequently between the worlds of jazz and rock during their careers. With Niacin, Novello devoted himself especially to the Hammond B-3 organ, a longtime mainstay of both jazz and prog rock. The band recorded a self-titled debut album in 1996, following it up in 1998 with High Bias. An import-only concert recording, Live!: Blood, Sweat and Beers, surfaced later that year as well. For their next album, Niacin moved from Stretch to Magna Carta, the label that became virtually synonymous with technique-oriented neo-prog rock at the turn of the millennium. Deep was released in 2000 and featured the group's first vocal track, courtesy of special guest Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), as well as Toto guitarist and session ace Steve Lukather.

Review by Scott Yanow

The fusion trio Niacin, comprised of keyboardist John Novello, bassist Billy Sheehan, and drummer Dennis Chambers, perform originals (mostly from Novello and Sheehan) plus Frank Zappa's "King Kong." Their playing frequently falls between improvised rock and soul-jazz, with Novello's organ and keyboards leading the dense and crowded ensembles through some avant funk grooves. While it is doubtful that any of the individual originals will catch on, fans of the rock side of fusion will find Niacin's music to be stimulating and fairly original within the genre.


1 Barbarian @ the Gate
2 Nemesis
3 Blisterine
4 King Kong
5 Super
6 Magnetic Mood
7 Hair of the Dog
8 4's 3
9 Stumble on the Truth
10 Club Soda
11 No Shame
12 Clean House
13 Footprints in the Sand

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When Your Behind...

Milan Pilar

Catch Up


MAX GREGER JR., MILAN PILAR und CHARLY ANTOLINI are known as outstanding musicians and independent personalities. They met in the 70s while playing in the orchestra of Max Greger Senior. It was there where the idea of “CATCH UP” started. With their unique style the CATCH UP group became a creative element of the German jazz scene.

Their first album “Catch Up 1” was recorded in 1975 in the legendary Munich Studios, for the label Calig. Rare Groove addicts consider this album as a speciality. Two titles out of the album have been licensed by now: For a “Compost - Glücklich” – and for a “Gilles Peterson - Talkin‘ Jazz” -Sampler.

The initial release was much sought after over the years and it is now finally available again on vinyl (lim. 180 gr) Max Greger jun., started his first piano lessons at the age of five years. He was a student at the Munich Musical Academy. He especially likes the classical masters and his idols are Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock und Mc Coy Tyner. Max Greger jun. is mainly busy as pianist, composer and arranger and he’s accompanying various musicians. He performs regularly in the Munich jazz scene and is conducting several big band orchestras.

Milan Pilar, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, studied at the Musical Academy and Conservatory of his home town. After moving to Germany he continued to study composition at the Cologne Academy of Music. His musical variability has been proven by playing the double bass in various symphony orchestras, the Bavarian State Opera and by playing the electric-bass as a jazz musician in great demand. As composer and arranger he conceived the idea to this album.

Charly Antolini, is definetely a world-class drummer. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland and started his musical career at the local Musical Academy. He played with all the famous jazz musicians like Wolfgang Dauner, Barbara Dennerlein, Art Farmer, Dusko Goykovich, Albert Mangelsdorf, Nils Henning Örsted Pedersen, Baden Powell and many more. His album “Knock Out” caused a sensation in 1979 and advanced to a cult release.


1 Catch Up

2 Bordun

3 Onkel Joe

4 Moonlight on a Baldhead

5 Lydia

6 Blues for the Kaiser

7 A Night without Dreams/The Little Things That Make Us Happy

8 Spinning Wheel

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer In The Shadows

Very clever video.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"They Got The Steely Dan T-Shirts"

Steely Dan
Showbiz Kids - The Steely Dan Story 1972-1980
@ 320 w/ 3% Recovery 

Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Most rock & roll bands are a tightly wound unit that developed their music through years of playing in garages and clubs around their hometown. Steely Dan never subscribed to that aesthetic. As the vehicle for the songwriting of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, Steely Dan defied all rock & roll conventions. Becker and Fagen never truly enjoyed rock -- with their ironic humor and cryptic lyrics, their eclectic body of work shows some debt to Bob Dylan -- preferring jazz, traditional pop, blues, and R&B. Steely Dan created a sophisticated, distinctive sound with accessible melodic hooks, complex harmonies and time signatures, and a devotion to the recording studio. With producer Gary Katz, Becker and Fagen gradually changed Steely Dan from a performing band to a studio project, hiring professional musicians to record their compositions. Though the band didn't perform live after 1974, Steely Dan's popularity continued to grow throughout the decade, as their albums became critical favorites and their singles became staples of AOR and pop radio stations. Even after the group disbanded in the early '80s, their records retained a cult following, as proven by the massive success of their unlikely return to the stage in the early '90s.

Walter Becker (bass) and Donald Fagen (vocals, keyboards) were the core members of Steely Dan throughout its variety of incarnations. The two met at Bard College in New York in 1967 and began playing in bands together shortly afterward. The duo played in a number of groups -- including the Bad Rock Group, which featured future comedic actor Chevy Chase on drums -- which ranged from jazz to progressive rock. Eventually, Becker and Fagen began composing songs together, hoping to become professional songwriters in the tradition of the Brill Building. In 1970, the pair joined Jay & the Americans' backing band, performing under pseudonyms; Becker chose Gustav Mahler, while Fagen used Tristan Fabriani. They stayed with Jay & the Americans until halfway through 1971, when they recorded the soundtrack for the low-budget film You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It, which was produced by the Americans' Kenny Vance. Following the recording of the soundtrack, Becker and Fagen attempted to start a band with Denny Dias, but the venture was unsuccessful. Barbra Streisand recorded the Fagen/Becker composition ‘I Mean to Shine’ on her album Barbra Joan Streisand, released in August 1971, and the duo met producer Gary Katz, who hired them as staff songwriters for ABC/Dunhill in Los Angeles, where he had just become a staff producer. Katz suggested that Becker and Fagen form a band as a way to record their songs, and Steely Dan -- who took their name from a dildo in William Burroughs' Naked Lunch -- was formed shortly afterward.

Recruiting guitarists Denny Dias and Skunk Baxter, drummer Jim Hodder, and keyboardist/vocalist David Palmer, Becker and Fagen officially formed Steely Dan in 1972, releasing their debut, Can't Buy a Thrill, shortly afterward. Palmer and Fagen shared lead vocals on the album, but the record's two hit singles -- the Top Ten "Do It Again" and "Reeling in the Years" -- were sung by Fagen. Can't Buy a Thrill was a critical and commercial success, but its supporting tour was a disaster, hampered by an under-rehearsed band and unappreciative audiences. Palmer left the band following the tour. Countdown to Ecstasy, released in 1973, was a critical hit, but it failed to generate a hit single, even though the band supported it with a tour.

Steely Dan replaced Hodder with Jeff Porcaro and added keyboardist/backup vocalist Michael McDonald prior to recording their third album, Pretzel Logic. Released in the spring of 1974, Pretzel Logic returned Steely Dan to the Top Ten on the strength of the single "Rikki Don't Lose That Number." After completing the supporting tour for Pretzel Logic, Becker and Fagen decided to retire from live performances and make Steely Dan a studio-based band. For their next album, 1975's Katy Lied, the duo hired a variety of studio musicians -- including Dias, Porcaro, guitarist Elliot Randall, saxophonists Phil Woods, bassist Wilton Felder, percussionist Victor Feldman, keyboardist Michael Omartian, and guitarist Larry Carlton -- as supporting musicians. Katy Lied was another hit, as was 1976's The Royal Scam, which continued in the vein of its predecessor. On 1977's Aja, Steely Dan's sound became more polished and jazzy, as they hired jazz fusion artists like Wayne Shorter, Lee Ritenour, and the Crusaders as support. Aja became their biggest hit, reaching the Top Five within three weeks of release and becoming one of the first albums to be certified platinum. Aja also gained the respect of many jazz musicians, as evidenced by Woody Herman recording an album of Becker/Fagen songs in 1978.

Following the release of Aja, ABC was bought out by MCA Records, resulting in a contractual dispute with the label that delayed until 1980 the release of their follow-up album. During the interim, the group had a hit with the theme song for the film FM in 1978. Steely Dan finally released Gaucho, the follow-up to Aja, in late 1980, and it became another Top Ten hit for the group. During the summer of 1981, Becker and Fagen announced that they were parting ways. The following year, Fagen released his solo debut, The Nightfly, which became a critical and commercial hit.

Fagen didn't record another album until 1993, when he reunited with Becker, who produced Kamakiriad. The album was promoted by the first Steely Dan tour in nearly 20 years, and while the record failed to sell, the concerts were very popular. In 1994, Becker released his solo debut, 11 Tracks of Whack, which was produced by Fagen. The following year, Steely Dan mounted another reunion tour, and in early 2000 the duo issued Two Against Nature, their first new studio album in two decades. It won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Steely Dan followed it in 2003 with Everything Must Go. Fagan’s solo album Morph the Cat was released in 2006, and Becker released Circus Money in 2008 as Steely Dan embarked on another tour. AMG


Disc 1
"Do It Again," from Can't Buy a Thrill - 5:56
"Dirty Work," from Can't Buy a Thrill- 3:08
"Reelin' In the Years," from Can't Buy a Thrill - 4:37
"Only a Fool Would Say That," from Can't Buy a Thrill - 2:57
"Change of the Guard," from Can't Buy a Thrill - 3:39
"Bodhisattva," from Countdown to Ecstasy - 5:18
"The Boston Rag," from Countdown to Ecstasy - 5:40
"Show Biz Kids," from Countdown to Ecstasy - 5:26
"My Old School," from Countdown to Ecstasy - 5:46
"Rikki Don't Lose That Number," from Pretzel Logic - 4:32
"Night by Night," from Pretzel Logic - 3:40
"Pretzel Logic," from Pretzel Logic - 4:32
"Any Major Dude Will Tell You," from Pretzel Logic - 3:08
"Black Friday," from Katy Lied - 3:41
"Bad Sneakers," from Katy Lied - 3:21
"Doctor Wu," from Katy Lied - 3:55
"Any World That I'm Welcome To," from Katy Lied - 3:55
"Chain Lightning," from Katy Lied - 2:59
Disc 2
"Kid Charlemagne," from "The Royal Scam" - 4:38
"Don't Take Me Alive," from "The Royal Scam" - 4:16
"Haitian Divorce," from "The Royal Scam" - 5:51
"The Fez" (Becker, Fagen, Paul Griffin), from "The Royal Scam" - 4:02
"Here at the Western World," from Greatest Hits - 4:01
"Black Cow," from Aja - 5:10
"Aja," from Aja - 8:00
"Deacon Blues," from Aja - 7:36
"Peg," from Aja - 4:00
"Josie," from Aja - 4:35
"FM," from FM (soundtrack) - 5:06
"Babylon Sisters," from Gaucho - 5:49
"Hey Nineteen," from Gaucho - 5:07
"Time Out of Mind," from Gaucho - 4:12
"Third World Man," from Gaucho - 5:13

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thee Jaguar Sharks

Thee Jaguar Sharks


Brought to you by The Mysterious Charles Vine in tough 320

by Sarah Ventre for You Asked For It
Surf rock can't help but be a bit ironic out of the context of the time and space that it was created. That is to say, in the 2000s and in the middle of the desert, the meaning just doesn't quite translate the way one might like. This doesn't, however, mean it can't provide a much-needed aural escape, to a land where rivers aren't dry dirt beds, and summer is a desirable season.

Thee Jaguar Sharks' self-titled debut album does just that. A wrinkle in time, it transports you straight to the coast, in a period when boy shorts were more popular than bikinis, and gas was under $1 a gallon. (Think of the beach-dancing scene in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.)

This instrumental record is a really enjoyable listen, made by people who seem to have a genuine love and admiration for the genre. Full of reverb, the tunes are laid back and danceable. While lighthearted and endearing, the riffs become somewhat repetitive at times, and it would be nice to hear a bit more variation. The production, though, is phenomenal. Everything from the overall sound, to the packaging, to the way the cymbals resonate is carefully crafted and could not have been made by someone who wasn't well versed in and has a deep respect for the surf sound.

Even the title of the band is an oceanic reference to Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The jaguar shark is an animal of questionable existence that eats the lead character's best friend.

And as if writing a surf rock album in the middle of the Sonoran Desert wasn't a bold enough move, it is available for download by "name your own price", á la Radiohead's In Rainbows. (It's also available for purchase on CD, for those of us old-fashioned folks who prefer a more physical medium.)

So while it may not be the most groundbreaking record of the past year, it's still a lot of fun for people whose only memory of the beach is a distant one, and whose sense of balance doesn't qualify them to roller skate, let alone surf. Just put the album on, close your eyes, start the fan, slather yourself with some sunscreen, light a coconut-scented candle, mix up a mai tai, and you could be on a glorious stay-cation.

Come on, show these Sharks some love and visit their site and donate to the cause so we can hear some more from them.

1 Lobster Rumble

2 Firewater
3 Chop Suey Watusi
4 Tube Twister
5 Manta's Dream
6 Shady Rip
7 Night at the Octodrag
8 Dead Man's Curve
9 Shark Chase
10 Sato's Broken Heart
11 Stingray Stomp
12 Temptation at Danger Cove

Get it HERE for 3 days only. Link will come down Sunday night.


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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Get On The Board!!

Surfeando En El Asfalto


Arrancado en una mancha de 320

w/ 3% Recovery 

Presented by "Usher in the Dark"


1   Chewbaccas's - Astro Collision

2   Thunder Surfers - Long Borrad

3   Malibu' - Tuneles De Guanajuato

4   Los Pegajosos - La Criatura

5   Malibu' - Nostalgia

6   Los Pegajosos - Mexican Love

7   Thunder Surfers - Sea Madness

8   Cosmic Vampires - Cosmic Vampires

9   Cosmic Vampires - Requiem for Bela Lagosi's

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