Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mas de Mexico

Twin Tones
Nacion Apache

A postillas:
The Twin Tones are a banda originating in Mexico City and this is his first LP edited. Formed in 2002 the quintet acuña rhythms ranging from the Surf, Instrumental Western, Northern and Polka Country without excluding the use of sampling referring to the old west but with a touch Mexican copiously. The record since we heard with a good friend I loved, songs like "2 trees", "10 steps of death", "Apache Nation", "Territory Stolen" are some pieces that have a high degree of originality and musical composition, on the other hand, give effect to a social resonance that comes from several decades ago: migration, 3200 km of border and the Rock of globalization has led to a generation of musicians whose sound and cultural fusion is important: of Mexico with the United States .. I think that perhaps with the passage of time, this record will be memorable.

Translation via Google Language

1. Nación Apache
2. Bandidos
3. A 10 Pasos de la Muerte
4. Nómadas
5. Territorio Robado [El Dorado]
6. Joaquín Murrieta [El Bandolero]
7. Salón Chihuahua
8. El Mexicano
9. Doroteo Arango
10. Flor del Desierto
11. Dos Arbolitos
12. Aztlán [Tierra Prometida]



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