Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beware Of The Reverb!!!

Surf Guitar 101 Convention
Suzy's Bar and Grill1141 Aviation Blvd. (at Prospect)Hermosa Beach, California
Noon to 5 or 7 pm, separate night show is 8 pm to midnight

a Swap Meet of surf music(cds, lp's 45s -new used), and instrument/gearshirts, posters, hats etc. if you have surf swag/merch to sell bring it, grab a free table and sell away.Major Vendors will be.

Double Crown Records

Dionysus Records

Golly Gee Records

Gomez Amplification

Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum

John Blair with his re-issue of The 80's album Stampede on CDw bonus trx

Machturtle Productions, and many surf bands many other bands members will be there selling their cds.

There will be 1 table with Tiki magazine and other tiki related stuffif you get tired of the Surf stuff.

**but Please save enough Money for the Night show, and their Merch. they need money too, as some of them are coming from The Mid West andNor. Cal.

Multi media presentations,Dominic Priore's Assistant Brian from the Dumb Angel Gazette and Surf Pop Culture Books, will have some of their books and mags.showing surf music clips from the 60's and a slide show of historic pictures

and Possibly have the Original Surfaris Sufari LP for sale.(Lmited qtys)

There will be a short trailer of the "Sound of Surf" music documentary that is in production now, and they may be doing interviews at this event for the film.

Paul Johnson will be having the premier of the Pounding Surf! DVDplus historic stories and footage from the 60's surf all of the different cds he has for sale.

Surf Show

4 Bands

The Boardwalkers(LA)


The Aquasonics(Colorado)

Secret Samurai,(San Diego)

ALSO just added a short 4 song Eliminators set,4 songs of Eddie Bertrand with the Eliminators,and a 30 min Slacktone set.

Surf Jam/ (sign up list to join will be posted soon)many songs,you play a Standard along with a Live backing bandhere is the Link to the Tread with the list of songs to choose to play with Outterwave.this list will be close soon, so join in now.

.Later that night The Madeira from Mid west, Pollo Del Mar from Nor. Cal., Insect Surfers and Detonators are playing 8 pm till Midnight.

There is also a San Diego show with Pollo Del Mar,Madeira,Secret Samurai, and Zombie Surf Camp, on the Fri. nite. Aug 1st. If anybody would like to go down there to get an early start on the Reverb overdose is rough schedule.

Swap meet Noon to 2 pm

1:30 to 1:45 slide show of old surf history by Brian Chidister.

1:45 to 2pm, clips from the surf drumming dvd

2pm drum off with Dusty Watson, and Jeff Utterback.

2:20 ish. The Sound of Surf trailer clips , surf music documentary

2:30 Slacktone,

3pm Eddie Bertrand, and PJ and Norm of Ghastly Ones do Squad Car and Mr. Moto.

3 :15, Jams with some people playing with Dusty and PJ.

3:45ish. Outterwave

4:15ish Eddie Bertrand w Eliminators 4 songs. Then Eliminators 4 songs

4:45ish Boardwalkers

5:15ish Aquasonics

5:45 Secret Samurai

6:15 back to the Jam,

7 pm end of the show.


If you have questions please contact Jeff at:

Jeff has worked hard to put together this great reverb drenched array of events for you all to enjoy.

Be there!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Whale Of A Grand Finale For Surfin' Sunday Concert Series

This coming Sunday, August 3rd at the Huntington Beach Pier Plaza will be the Grand Finale of the summers Surfin' Sunday Series. And what a finale it is. Get a load of the line-up for this fantastic day in the sun.

11:00 The Fabulous Nomads
12:00 AquaSonics
1:00 Pollo Del Mar
2:00 The Madeira
3:00 The Relix
4:00 The Surftones

Six hours of splendid summer sun & surf fun put together by the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum.

Make sure to drop by the Museum to check out the amazing collections gathered displaying the many facets of Surf Culture throughout the world. A must see for anyone who has ever dreamed of riding the waves.

Drop on by the Museum booth at Pier Plaza and say Hi.

All I can say is "Be there!"

Want to see something really scary?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Senoritas De Rock

Las Ultrasonicas
Corazon Rocker

From mi amigo, Noe

Two things are sure about up-and-cumming Las Ultrasónicas, an all-female garage punk band from Mexico City: they've got a thing for sex, and they sure like to role-play. One moment they're independent women who reject girlie obsessions with romance and boyfriends in favor of free, uh, "love." The next they're sleazy coke whores who (as the song's chorus drives home) like to swallow. And although listening to their latest CD, Oh sí, mas mas (Oh yes, more more), a few times might leave some of us wishing, after a while, that these gals would proceed beyond defining themselves almost purely in relation to sex and men, it's also true that in many parts of the world outside San Francisco, women spitting in the face of sexual convention is still a radical thing. Either way, word is Las Ultrasónicas put on one hell of a show. With their aggressive, fuck-it-all attitude and coquettish high-energy punk rock with surf undertones, they're sure to get everyone hot, sweaty, and begging for more.

01 Necesito Accion
02 I'm Fucking Pregnent
03 Vive Cochino
04 El Rock De La Pajara Peggy
05 Nero
06 Camel De Sevilla
07 Juventud Senil
08 Freak De La Sociedad
09 Loser Mentality
10 Agrio Silencio
11 Hija De Papa

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Out Of The Cave

The Cavernarios
The Cavernarios

The cluster emerges in Cuautitlan Izcalli state of Mexico in January 2002, appearing for the first time under the name "The cave". In the summer of that year recorded the first demo called "Primitive Songs" and the stage begins most of the banda sound. Since its inception The cave'm looking to have a sound, characterized by a sound crude and primitive, nurtured not only for music but also by surf punk, rockabilly, blues and even rock English among other musical styles. Immediately upon leaving the Primitive Songs are invited to play at different places like the Forum Alicia, given X, Animal, Uta, all of them in Mexico City alternating with different groups of surf, garage, rockabilly and more underground circuit Nacional. In early 2003 the banda is invited to collaborate with 2 themes for a national coupled called "ROCKABILLY attack" involving gangs from Mexico City and Monterrey. In July the same year recorded the second demo material called "Animal Music", the material was distributed in the different circuits rock getting a good acceptance. In January 2004 were invited to another international coupled this time called "SURF AS ART" taking a song demo Animal Music. This coupled bands appear as the Aqua Velvets, THE ATLANTICS, penetrators, Chewbacca .. S among others ... In early 2005 they recorded two songs for the national coupled called "MEX-SURF" Grabaxiones edited by Alicia, in April the same year are invited to open the concert by Los Straitjackets forum in Alice, the end of that year indicated with an item on the international coupled called "Spaghetti & WESTERN CHILI" edited by isotonic records. By the summer of 2006 falling to record the first LP named homonym "THE cave" his latest production which includes recordings made in a shot to recreate the sound live with the disclosure of the banda sound that characterizes crude, is a grouping of 15 items that contain a mixture of instrumental surf, rockabilly and garage. The disc salio in early 2007 under the seal Grabaxiones Alicia. Actuales banda is in the process of recording produccion pretending that you get a totally instrumental EP. (Translation via Google Language)

La fuga
El bravo
Noche de rock
Guitarra estrella
Paraiso en las rockas
El diablo tras de mi
El ahogado
El cadaver del canal
Todos santos
Rocking heart
El asiento de atras
Devil dance

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Get A Drink And Chill Out

Dean Martin
Dino: The Essential Dean Martin


Dino: The Essential Dean Martin is an attempt by Capitol Records to fill up a single CD to the brim (30 tracks in nearly 78 minutes) with Dean Martin hits in the manner of the Beatles' 1. It's a welcome development from a label that was previously content to survey the same territory on the 1998 collection Greatest Hits: King of Cool, which contained only 16 tracks and ran less than 50 minutes. Martin put 36 recordings in the pop singles charts between 1949 and 1969, and 23 of them are found here. Of the four Top 40 hits not included, the most notable is the 1964 version of "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You." The collection does include the 1960 non-hit version of that song instead, a decision that probably was made to reduce the number of essentially similar arrangements heard on Martin's '60s singles for Reprise Records. After he hit number one with "Everybody Loves Somebody" in 1964 using a '50s rock & roll-style triplet rhythm he repeated the same approach several more times ("The Door Is Still Open to My Heart," "Send Me the Pillow You Dream On") before moving on to a pop-country style in such hits as "Houston." The compilers have broken up the same-sounding tracks with inventive sequencing, but reducing the repetition by one must have seemed like a good idea. Before the listener gets to this final phase in Martin's hit-making career, however, there is the long stretch of '50s hits, many of them with an Italianate tone (and not a few Italian lyrics). The disc's long running time allows space for quite a lot of this material; it takes up two-thirds of the album. The compilers have included a few tracks that were hits only in the U.K., plus a couple of Martin classics that were not actually chart items: his renditions of "Just in Time" from the film version of Bells Are Ringing and "Ain't That a Kick in the Head," a song he sang in Ocean's 11. By sticking to a core of major U.S. hits and adding some key elements, the collection makes for an outstanding single-disc treatment of Martin's best-known recordings.


1 Ain't That a Kick in the Head
2 That's Amore
3 Memories Are Made of This
4 Just in Time
5 Sway
6 I'd Cry Like a Baby
7 Volare
8 Under the Bridges of Paris
9 Love Me, Love Me
10 If
11 Mambo Italiano
12 Let Me Go Lover
13 Standing on the Corner
14 You Belong to Me
15 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)
16 Innamorata [Sweetheart]
17 I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)
18 Kiss
19 You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
20 Return to Me
21 The Door Is Still Open to My Heart
22 Houston
23 Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
24 Everybody Loves Somebody
25 In the Chapel in the Moonlight
26 I Will
27 Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
28 Somewhere There's a Someone
29 In The Misty Moonlight
30 Gentle on My Mind

Put On Your Old Blue Jeans

Takeshi "Terry" Terauchi & His Blue Jeans
The Complete Collection
What more can be said about this fantastic artist that my friend Brandonio and I have not said before.
You just need to get it! NOW!!
1. Fate (Theme From Beethoven's 5th Symphony in C minor)
2. In A Persian Market
3. Tsugaru
4. Walk Don't Run
5. Caravan
6. Slaughter On 10th Ave
7. Diamond Head
8. Pipeline
9. Far Away From The Sun
10. Karelia (Kiri-no Kareria)
11. Driving Guitar
12. Feedback Guitar
13. Flying Guitar (Sora-tobu gita)
14. Guitar In Tears (Namida-no Gita)
15. Forever With You (Kimi To Itsumademo)
16. Black Sand Beach (Burakku Sando Biichi)
17. Hey, Traveller (Tabibito Yo)
18. Stars In The Night (Yozora-no Hoshi)
19. Seishun-e-no Messeeji
20. Blue Star

Jason Lee and the R.I.P.Tides It's Alive!

It's Alive!!!

Jason Lee & The R.I.P. Tides
EP Sampler

Killer group of guys playin' the wildest of surf tunes.
And dig the hair on Jason!
Wreaking havoc on Southern California, Jason Lee brings you raw & addictive surf with Blood On The Beach. Jason Lee draws inspiration from the old and new, from Dick Dale to The Ghastly Ones and everyone in between.
Check 'em out @

01 It's Alive
02 Killer Cadillac
03 Grandpa's Organ
04 Earth Invasion

Monday, July 21, 2008

How We Spent Our Summer So Far

Teaching my Grandkids Gage & Mackinzie to surf. Got up on their first attempts. They're naturals. It's all down hill for them now!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Secret Samurai - Surf Beat

Bow To The Kings

The Surf Kings
Coming Up For Air
The Surf Kings are a Southern California based progressive surf/rock band. The Surf Kings are the creation of one of the few remaining 1st wave guitar players of the early 60's ... Tom Stanton. Tom played with the now infamous Crossfires from Southern Calilfornia, who later on became the Turtles of "Happy Together" fame. On April 26th 1996, the Surf Kings played their debut performance at Surfer's Paradise, the Mother of all Surf Music Events. They played a stunning set and the word seemed to spread over night... a new sound was born from the roots of traditional surf and Tom Stantons modern and creative surf/rock writing style. The father of all surf radio Phil Dirt reviewed that amazing evening like this ...
"They were incredible! They blew the house down. Everyone I talked to was amazed...hook drenched surf and reverb trance inducing psyche...astoundingly great!" Phil Dirt, KFJC Radio

" Coming Up For Air " is the Surf Kings second and latest CD, released 6-15-04. 3 years in the making it contains songs rooted deep in traditional surf to songs that expand and explore modern surf/rock with acoustic guitar to the Didgeridoo. From pristine to fully rockin', this CD contains 14 songs, all written and arranged by Tom Stanton with the exception of one great cover song, "Casbah". It's a masterpiece of work that you will enjoy for years to come.


1. Hammerhead
2. Coming Up For Air
3. Glass Bowls
4. Casbah
5. Catalyst
6. Lobotomy
7. Amp Head
8. Oral Exciter
9. Gods of Atlantis
10. Spirit of Man
11. Jaba Point
12. Amanda
13. Bolero for a King
14. Black Sea

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Craazy Stuff!

It's A Tiki FreakOut!

This Upcoming Saturday July 19th from 7 pm to Midnight
the Light Gallery opens the Tiki Freakout group art exhibition at
440 East 17th St. in Costa Mesa!
Admission is Free
Artists on display include:
Tiki Diablo
Green Tiki Pat
Tiki Tony
Steve VanDemon
Jimmy C
Sam Gambino
Tiki RAy
Roy Gonzalez
Ken Ruzic
Joe Vitale
Jeremy melton
'Tattoo Jimmy' McCleod
Phil Roberts
Crazy Al
Odd Rodney
Bamboo Ben
Robb Hamel
Dave Calver
and 3 Sheets!
We'll also have Skinny Dog-Scott and Jen showing off their mind-blowing wearable Tiki art.....
And don't forget TikiRick's incredible Tiki Speakers!
Jeff BigTikiDude will be spinning some Exotica meets Polynesia meets Freakout tuneage.
and Stone Brewing Company and Steaz Energy Drink will be sponsoringthis event!
Holden and your friends at Tiki Farm

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daikaiju @ Dragoncon 2006

Just a taste of a live show from these guys. Bummed I missed them here last year. Maybe next time.

Howdoyoudo Daikaiju?

Monster Surf

Daikaiju's 1st EP for your listening pleasure.


In Japanese, Daikaiju means "giant monster." The Huntsville, AL-based instrumental surf-rock band Daikaiju made its public debut in December 1999, its members hidden behind Japanese masks and pseudonyms, with Secret Asian Man and Dymaxion Lee on guitars, Brain Conflict on bass, and Mr. Nein on drums. During the early years of the 21st century, Daikaiju built up a following in the southeastern U.S. while placing tracks on various compilations (e.g., "Route Nowhere" on's Road Trip Tunes and "The Phasing Spider Menace" on Hep Cat Records' Heavy Surf). The group released it debut EP, Monster Surf, on its own Migoto Radiation label in February 2001. They expanded their roadwork overseas with a tour of the Netherlands in November 2001, followed by a lengthier European stay in 2002. In February 2002, they released their second EP, The Phasing Spider Menace (later picked up for distribution by Valiant Death Records). In 2003, the band recorded its self-titled debut album, but it was not released until July 2005, when it appeared on Reptile Records.
01 Daikaiju Die
02 Attack Of The Crab Women
03 Showdown In Shinjuku
04 Farwell To Monster Island Live
05 Incognito
06 Route Nowhere

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Slickee Boys For You

Definately Here To Stay

The Slickee Boys
Here To Stay

The Slickee Boys were a 5-piece psychedelic rock band that formed in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Not quite punk but not quite pop either, they carved out an innovative niche somewhere in between. Singing about lost love, meeting girls or just heading to the beach for kicks, these were songs that got you moving but also featured melodic hooks that would stick in your heads for days afterwards. While looking back to long forgotten bands of the "Nuggets" variety such as The Squires and The Chocolate Watchband for inspiration, The Slickee Boys gradually evolved into a distinctive guitar power pop band with songs that refused to fit into any trendy category dreamed up by slimy record executives to create a "buzz". The Slickee Boys simply rocked- and left you begging for more.


by Dean Carlson
A compilation of early EPs from 1976-1982, Here to Stay chronicled the Slickee Boys in full new wave/garage rock swing. From the screwy doo wop flavor of "Glendora" to the Rokes/Grass Roots cover "Let's Live for Today," partially sung in Italian by short-time vocalist Martha Hull, the Slickee Boys hadn't yet developed real force or their own idiosyncrasies (the recurring bridge in "Forbidden Alliance," retitled "Forbidden Love," got close to Split Enz but it was still off the mark). Mystery Science Theater: 3000 fans would enjoy "The Brain That Refused to Die," even if most of Here to Stay was diluted and indecisive.

Golden Love
Forbidden Love
Put a Bullet Thru the Jukebox
Let's Live for Today
Girls Want to be With the Girls
Heart On
Here to Stay
Porcelain Butter Kitten
Brand new Cadillac
Psycho Daisies
Manganese Android Puppies
What a Boy Can't Do
Theme From Exodus
Gotta Tell Me Why
The Brain That Refused to Die
Love In


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Six String Samurai Theatrical Trailer

"Follow The Yellow Brick Road,Homey"

"Don't Touch My Guitar, Don't Even Touch My Guitar

Six-String Samurai
All in glorious 320 bit

by Tom Schulte
This is one of the best soundtracks of recent years. It is full of hilarity and zany surf guitar ditties. Snatches of dialogue tell the story of, apparently, a geek surf guitar virtuoso interrupted en route to Vegas to dispatch a band of desert-dwelling Russian marauders. A sample of the dialogue that makes this collection classic is: "They say you can kill over 200 men and play a mean six-string at the same time.... is that really true?" This is immediately followed by "Boogie on the Beach," a trombone and rock band surf number with strong reverb on the vocals.


1 United States of Russia [Dialogue/Score]
2 Neverland [Score]
3 Love Pipe
4 A Mother's Hand/Buddy [Score]
5 Fly Away Little Butterfly [Dialogue/Score]
6 Kill 200 Men (Dialogue)
7 Boogie on the Beach
8 I Do Not Like Rock & Roll (Dialogue)
9 Hungarian Dance #5
10 Arrowed Kid/Bowlers on the Floor (Dialogue)
11 Rock & Rolling Ourselves to Death (Dialogue)/Jerry's Got the Squeeze B
12 Lonely Highway of Love (Dialogue)/Scorchi Chornie
13 My Darling Lorraine
14 Astro [Score]
15 Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Dialogue)/Leech
16 See You Around Kid (Dialogue)/Siberia
17 Good Golly Miss Molly
18 My Love Is Killing Me
19 Sacred Funeral [Score]
20 Relentless Sun [Score]
21 Over the Hill [Score]
22 Bring His Guitar to Me (Dialogue)/Sahara Burn
23 A Boy and His Spirit [Score]
24 If You Were Me, You'd Be Good-Looking (Dialogue)/Surfing in Siberia
25 Draggin a Fallen Hero [Score]
26 Nice Tuxedo (Dialogue)/Showdown at Not Okay Corral [Score]
27 Bend Before the Ways of Heavy Metal (Dialogue)/Dueling Guitars [Score]
28 Dream March [Score]
29 The Great Battle [Score]
30 End of a Hero/Finale [Score]
31 On My Way to Vegas [Score]

The Movie

A rockin' swordsman goes on an epic quest to Las Vegas, because Elvis has left the building.

Justin's Review: 1957, the bomb drops. Bummer. Then the Russians invade. Suckatude. But things can't be all bad, because Elvis reigns over free "Lost" Vegas for forty years. This has a slightly adverse affect on the world because it spawns dozens of King wannabes who also, for no apparent reason, carry around swords with their guitars. Now that Elvis is dead, there's a race to get to Vegas to have a new rocker crowned The King. And just to make things interesting, Death himself is trying to thin out the applicants.

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic looney bin of crazy proportions.

Our hero in Six-String Samurai, Buddy (Jeffrey Falcon), is a product of the 50s and bad action movies. He's stoic, natch, never breaking into a grimace or grin while cutting down scores of bad guys. Toting around a samurai sword strapped to a guitar, he's got a gig he can't miss. It's basically Back to the Future with more radiation and random acts of violence.

Buddy makes the fatal mistake of rescuing a little kid at the beginning of the film, condemning himself to have a sidekick that, for the most part, just grunts "AUGHHH!" and tags along like a parasitical tapeworm. You watch this film, and you will, will grow to hate this kid. It's an absolute certainty. Kids never have a place in action movies, but for some reason filmmakers keep throwing them in there so that we can be reminded to have our tubes tied after exiting the theater. Fortunately for us, Buddy smacks said little brat on the head a lot and throws him into the trunk of a car, which is a good role model for most babysitters.
Samurai and kid quest across the arid wastelands of Nevada, encountering a score of sunstroke victims. Answer me this: why are there never any happy, normal, civilized people in post-apocalyptic earth? I'm sure that out there, there just had to be some English tea drinkers, debating Longfellow over a game of backgammon. But no, here we get violent bowlers, a nuclear family gone bonkers, a gang of men in spacesuits (which, in a desert, just has to be crispy cool), your standard mutants and Spinach Monsters, and -- of course -- the Grim Reaper (as a heavy metal enthusiast) and his merry gang. It's a tough road to travel for the samurai, and he can never find a rachet when he needs one.
With almost nonstop rockabilly music -- the soundtrack is downright unrelenting -- Six-String Samurai is a confused mixture of action, fantasy, and slap-happy humor. Although the idea of this film very much appeals to me (we just don't get enough post-apocalyptic flicks to suit my taste), it had a hard time winning my heart. At many times, it felt somewhat amateurish, particularly when Buddy was posing before and after and during battles like a stock action figure. Yet, it also has a slavish devotion to the 50s rock-and-roll spirit, and I dug the attitude and quotes that were written in here. Because of the PG-13 slant, most of the action scenes lose their punch with frantic cuts and lack of blood, so it becomes nothing more than some clever martial arts posturing.

Where Six-String Samurai excels is in its world, which manages to be diverse while at the same time retreading territory that we've seen in films like Mad Max and The Stand. It was some sort of wacked stroke of genius to have our hero take on, more or less, the entire Red Army in a sword fight. That, indeed, was groovy.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Six-String Samurai is not just a quirky flick, but instead a cult masterpiece. All I know is that I wish more filmmakers would be this imaginative when it comes to location and story. But next time, leave the kid at home and make it an adult night out. And you should probably see this, just so that you can say to your coworkers or friends, "Last night I watched a post-apocalyptic flick starring a guitar-playing samurai who wanted to replace Elvis as King." That'll get you dates.

We Miss You SamIam! So Chill That Ham

Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet
Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham

Revitalizing and upgrading (@320) a posting made by my friend SamIam over at Rocks In My Pocket ( back in '06. Sam has been pretty quite up there for awhile now. Hoping that the summer heat thaws him out soon.

More rockin' instrumentals from those three Toronto lads as promised. The tracks on this, their second CD, have a more polished and less garage feel but haven't lost any of their fire. More than just surf, they meld a myriad of genres to provide you with a well balanced album that keeps you guessing what will come next (though I for one would be more than satisfied with straight surf! must have more surf!). I'm glad they haven't lost the sense of humour they showed in their first release.

While Savvy Show Stoppers is obviously the most immediately worthwhile of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet's releases -- and only true fans of the band will feel a need to own more than one of their albums -- Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham is an equally appealing collection of post-indie surf revival; the band's true asset is that they really seem to be more than just a surf band, and there's a sense of rock and variety in Dim the Lights that should appeal well beyond the boundaries of the genre. [Nitsuh Abebed/AMG]

Borrowing as much from UK pre-Beatles instrumental legends the Shadows as the reverb-drenched American surfmeisters of the '60s, Toronto's Shadowy Men are a tough act to duct-tape to the chair. These '90s guys keep squirming loose to add unexpected elements to their brew. Benny Goodman's "Swing, Swing, Swing" pops up in "I Know a Guy Named Larry." And "Bang Bang," the Sonny Bono tune, tellingly combines gypsy swagger and 007 intrigue with a rockabilly bridge. Like San Francisco's Mermen, this is kinda surf and kinda not. When the Shadowy Men play Brian Wilson's "In My Room," you can bet they've got a pail of water balanced over the door, just waiting for some sap to walk in. [Jud Cost/]

1 Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham
2 Reid's Situation
3 I Know a Guy Named Larry
4 Exit from Vince Lombardi High School
5 Aunts Invasion
6 Running Meredith
7 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
8 Hot Box Car
9 In My Room
10 Dewy Drops of Spring
11 5 American 6 Canadian
12 Who Painted Whistler's Mother
13 Case of the Missing Ladyfingers
14 Jackpot
15 D. Tour
16 Hunter S. Thompson's Younger Brother
17 Misogomy & The Object
18 Ben Hur Picked Off in a Gazebo
19 Who's Afraid of Alyson Hymer/Wow Flutter Hiss
20 You Spin Me Round '86
21 Babakganoosh
22 Siesta Cinema
23 Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham Reprise


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Para Teisco!

Teisco Del Rey
The Many Moods Of Teisco Del Rey

by Craig Harris
Performing on a wide array of what he calls, "el cheapo guitars," Texas-based instrumentalist Teisco Del Rey (born Dan Forte) has brought the sounds of surf music to the Lone Star state. His 1992 album, The Many Moods of Teisco Del Rey, included guest appearances by Charlie Musselwhite, David Grisman, Jimmy Vaughn, Steve Douglas, members of Laika & the Cosmonauts, and Mel Taylor of the Ventures. His second effort, Plays Music for Lovers, released four years later, was accented by contributions by slide guitarist Sonny Landreth and synthesizer player Tim Ware.Hailing from California's San Francisco Bay Area, Del Rey played sessions with San Jose-based group the Mallards before moving to Austin, TX, in the late '80s. He continued to play sessions with a studio band, the Lords of the New Surf.A scholarly rock journalist, Del Rey wrote the liner notes to the Rhino Records' compilation Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 5: Surf. He interviewed members of Spinal Tap in 1984 and 1992.

by Cub Koda
Playing all manner of cheap, pawnshop guitars, and with guest stars Jimmie Vaughn, Charlie Musselwhite, and David Grissom aboard, Del Rey serves up an even dozen buzzing instrumentals that cover all manners of genres from surf to blues to jungle rock. Highlights include "Camel Walk," "Storm Warning," and a superlative cover of Dick Dale's "The Wedge."

1 Ridin' the Wind
2 Camel Walk
3 Dimples
4 The Wedge
5 Teisco Redentor
6 You're Gonna Miss Me
7 Los Surf
8 Pier Pressure
9 I Almost Lost My Mind
10 The Hearse
11 Small Fry
12 Storm Warning

Monday, July 07, 2008

They're On A Rampage!

The Chesterfield Kings
Surfin' Rampage


The legendary Chesterfield Kings have been a lot of things to a lot of people in their always colorful career: (early) Stones-worshipping cave stompers, Dee Dee Ramone-supervised nouveau-punks, defiant Upstate glam-rockers, (mid-period) Stone-throwers, then suddenly --a SURF combo?!!

Well, Pendelton shirts notwithstanding, this delightful album is much, much more than just another Beached Boy riff-off: these boys actually got down and get wet grappling with the REAL thang, be it Domenic Priore-approved instrumental work-outs or Sloan & Barri-composed bingo-blanket ditties. The thirty-two (count em!) selections packed onto this disc more than prove Greg, Andy and the guys have spent their due time pouring over Surfaris and Fantastic Baggy albums, to say nothing of the late, greatly missed Gary Usher's considerable song folio, yet it's Brian Wilson's ultra-challenging "No Go Showboat" which shows the Kings, unlike the majority of other mere mortals who might attempt such a task, possess even the vocal chops to pull it all off.
More surprising still is that amongst several equally authentic swipes at the dreaded Hot Rod genre herein, the coolest by far is the band's own composition, "Shelby GT 356," which would easily pass the mustard on the flipside of any Jan & Dean 45, believe you me!
I only hope The Chesterfield Kings will now go that extra quarter mile and attempt this endeavor on stage (now THAT would surely separate the ho-dads from the gremmies!), but even if this is one incarnation of the band's that is destined to exist only on record, and possibly only this once, these guys all get my stamp of approval for riding this particular killer wave ALL the way in and living to stomp about it.
By Gary "Pig" Gold

1 The Surf Is In
2 Top Down Time
3 Anywhere the Girls Are
4 Farmer's Daughter
5 Draggin' Deuce
6 Moon Relay
7 Shelby GT 356
8 Wax Board and Woodie
9 Black Denim
10 R.P.M.
11 Ballad of Bonneville
12 Little Honda
13 Beat '65
14 Our Car Club
15 Summer Means Fun
16 No Go Showboat
17 Devil on Wheels
18 Little Beach Bunny
19 Double O Surf
20 Hot Rod High
21 D/Gas Chevy
22 My Little Bike
23 Custom Machine
24 The Swim
25 Echo
26 Surfin'
27 Surf Side Steady
28 Competition Coupe
29 Coffin Nails
30 Land Beyond the Moon
31 Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'
32 Surfin' Rampage



Sunday, July 06, 2008

Playa Revolcadero Surf!

Revolcadero Surf!
1 Apolo 13 Salamandra Surf
2 Apolo 13 El Inodoro Asesino
3 Apolo 13 Estatica
4 Big Mascara I Wanna Be Sedated
5 Big Mascara Sheena
6 Espectroplasma Plasma Forces
7 Los 4 Tikis Bajo La Luna
8 Los 4 Tikis Walk Don't Run
9 Jardin de Mari Caberet
10 Los Perversos Cetaceos Mexican Mosquitos
11 Los Perversos Cetaceos El Nuevo Ni
12 Los Perversos Cetaceos Marea Rojo
13 Nycotina Esta Noche
14 Nycotina No Tengo Madre
15 Nycotina RockabillyBaby Boogie
16 Los Vibratonics El Ataque De Los Tetra-Simio-Canabinoides
17 Los Santisimos Snorkles Insomnio
18 Los Santisimos Snorkles Enterrado En La Arena
19 Los Santisimos Snorkles Hiedra Venenosa
20 Telekrimen Somos Zombies
21 Telekrimen Creaturas Del Dr Moroe
22 Telekrimen Ataque Fantasma
23 Telekrimen Daktari Freak
24 Telekrimen Cocktail Marciano
25 Telekrimen El Ultimo De Los Planetas
26 Telekrimen Km58
27 Los Pijama Vitacilina
28 Ultrasonicas Camel De Sevilla
29 The Cavernararios Chacmol
30 Chino Y Los Cochinos Ahora Estoy Solo
31 Chino Y Los Cochinos Punchout
32 Los Pegajosos Acido Surfurico En
33 Los Pegajosos Hoy Voy A Lokear
34 Los Pegajosos Titila En Cholula
35 Los Pegajosos El Gatito Mas Ara
36 The Acaros Garage Night
37 The Acaros Surfer
38 Thunder Surfers Otras Langostas
Get 'em both

You Will Surf Comrads!


Even in the Cold War, the Russians wanted to surf.

Served hot & cold by the mysterious Charles Vine.

1. Vernis'
2. Melodiya iz k/f
3. Solnechnye chasy
4. Veselye turisty
5. Chetyre orbity
6. Vechernie teni
7. Melodiya iz k/f
8. Posmotri
9. Dom voskhodyacshego solntsa
10. Novyj tanets
11. Kolybel'naya Svetlane
12. Vatussi
13. Grezy
14. Shagi v nochi
15. Bystree zvuka
16. Ten' tvoej ulybki
17. Solnechnyj zajchik
18. Vechnoe dvizhenie


1st Thing Every Morning, Get The Surf Report

Surf Report
Formed in 1994, Surf Report reigned the Southern California surf music scene for ten years. During that time they released four full length CD's, toured the west coast and southwest United States and were billed with such greats as Link Wray, Dick Dale, the 5 6 7 8's, Buck-o-Nine, and Los Straightjackets to name a few. Surf Report was featured on radio shows worldwide, M-TV's "The Real World," performed live at pre-game parties for tens of thousands of San Diego Chargers' fans, christened the brand new stadium at opening day at Pet-Co park for the San Diego Padres, and were pleased to provide local radio stations with the San Diego Charger's fight song. In 2000, Surf Report was voted the Number 1 Rock Band in San Diego in the San Diego Reader's Poll, and was nominated for a San Diego Music Award in 2002.Led by blues guitarist Ruhar, and aptly supported by double-picking prince of the surf guitar (yes, Dick was the King) Rick, Surf Report made immediate strides with the help of the ever tight and consistent rhythm section made up by Vince Mack on bass and Mr. E on Drums.
1 Surfonica
2 Tsunami Rex
3 WristRocket
4 The Flash (not a song)
6 Freakaholic II (Sex Crimes)
7 Persuasion Stick
8 Green Horizons
9 Barnburner
10 Crowbar
11 The Trooper

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mas de Mexico

Twin Tones
Nacion Apache

A postillas:
The Twin Tones are a banda originating in Mexico City and this is his first LP edited. Formed in 2002 the quintet acuña rhythms ranging from the Surf, Instrumental Western, Northern and Polka Country without excluding the use of sampling referring to the old west but with a touch Mexican copiously. The record since we heard with a good friend I loved, songs like "2 trees", "10 steps of death", "Apache Nation", "Territory Stolen" are some pieces that have a high degree of originality and musical composition, on the other hand, give effect to a social resonance that comes from several decades ago: migration, 3200 km of border and the Rock of globalization has led to a generation of musicians whose sound and cultural fusion is important: of Mexico with the United States .. I think that perhaps with the passage of time, this record will be memorable.

Translation via Google Language

1. Nación Apache
2. Bandidos
3. A 10 Pasos de la Muerte
4. Nómadas
5. Territorio Robado [El Dorado]
6. Joaquín Murrieta [El Bandolero]
7. Salón Chihuahua
8. El Mexicano
9. Doroteo Arango
10. Flor del Desierto
11. Dos Arbolitos
12. Aztlán [Tierra Prometida]


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Goodbye Bozo We Love You!

This brought a tear to my eye today.

Kids today have no idea what these guys meant to us back then.

LOS ANGELES - Larry Harmon, who turned the character Bozo the Clown into a show business staple that delighted children for more than a half-century, died Thursday of congestive heart failure. He was 83.

His publicist, Jerry Digney, told The Associated Press he died at his home.

Although not the original Bozo, Harmon portrayed the popular frizzy-haired clown in countless appearances and, as an entrepreneur, he licensed the character to others, particularly dozens of TV stations around the country. The stations in turn hired actors to be their local Bozos.
"You might say, in a way, I was cloning BTC (Bozo the Clown) before anybody else out there got around to cloning DNA," Harmon told the AP in a 1996 interview.
"Bozo is a combination of the wonderful wisdom of the adult and the childlike ways in all of us," Harmon said.
Pinto Colvig, who also provided the voice for Walt Disney's Goofy, originated Bozo the Clown when Capitol Records introduced a series of children's records in 1946. Harmon would later meet his alter ego while answering a casting call to make personal appearances as a clown to promote the records.
He got that job and eventually bought the rights to Bozo. Along the way, he embellished Bozo's distinctive look: the orange-tufted hair, the bulbous nose, the outlandish red, white and blue costume.
"I felt if I could plant my size 83AAA shoes on this planet, (people) would never be able to forget those footprints," he said.
The business — combining animation, licensing of the character, and personal appearances — made millions, as Harmon trained more than 200 Bozos over the years to represent him in local markets.
"I'm looking for that sparkle in the eyes, that emotion, feeling, directness, warmth. That is so important," he said of his criteria for becoming a Bozo.

From The OC To Paris & Back

The Surf Piranhas
Both Sides Of The Surf

Three American students venture to Paris, France for a semester abroad. Three months later they are playing Surf-Rock together. Shortly after that a Recording Session is booked resulting in "Both Sides of The Surf" a rare and highly coveted slab of vinyl that many consider one of the finest examples of "Surf Music's Second Wave". Fast forward to today and word on the dock is that the band is reuniting to record the long awaited follow-up. Sessions will take place in Nashville, TN.

Do The El Camino
Basement Bop
Lonely Fisherman
Costa Mesa
Rancho Verde
Sunset Beach
Rockin' Dive Party
Attleboro Surf
Boss Piranha


Hot surf da América do Sul

Brazilian Surf Music

1. 3 Dux - Take Over (2:08)
2. Argonautas - Sonadora (2:36)
3. Go! - O Espião que me Amava (1:44)
4. Estrume'n'tal - Bolero (Um Apenas, Meu Bem) (2:06)
5. Frank Simata - Primeiro Campeonato Mineiro de Surf (1:52)
6. Gasolines - El Caminho (2:17)
7. Xevi 50 - Fator de Proteção Solar 50 (2:25)
8. Los Sea Dux - Seaducers (3:06)
9. Limbonautas - Dick Dale na Terra da Ipioca (2:39)
10. Netunos - 120 (2:07)
11. Argonautas - Maré Vermelha (2:14)
12. Los Sea Dux - Malaria (2:29)
13. Xevi 50 - Out Sider (1:59)
14. 3 Dux - Pancho (2:18)
15. Go! - Tubo da Morte (2:15)
16. Estrume'n'tal - Vacalgada (2:21)
17. Gasolines - Tornado (1:51)


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Banda Mexicano de Surf

Twin Tones
Salon Chihuahua EP

Could not find much about these hombres from down in Mexico City.

Just dig 'em.

1 Viendo el desierto desde el ferrocarril
2 El dorado (2da parte)
3 Salon Chihuahua (Shuffle version)
4 Cotton eyed (Popular country)
5 La frontera es una mujer en llamas
6 Arnold's wild ride (Version acustica)

Sit Back And Cool Out With A Little Ice Tea

Cafe Lounge Iced Lemon Tea


01. Gregor Salto feat. Helena Mendes - Mas Que Nada
02. Riovolt feat. Ju Cassou - Calcadao
03. Nicola Conte meets Aldemaro Romero - Tema De La Onda
04. Nylon - Rio 70
05. Povo feat. Katrine Madsen - You Are (Nicola Conte Samba Mix)
06. Greyboy - Mastered Teh Art (Nicola Conte Jet Sound Remix)
07. I Dep feat. Elen Nascimento - Rustlica
08. Marcela - Os Grilos (Crickets Sing For Ana Maria)09. Marco Polo Cecere feat. Maruca Rodriguez - Puro Prazer (Jet Bossa Mix)
10. Roberto Menescal & Wanda Sa - Copa
11. Cris Delanno - Fotografia
12. Xaver Fisher trio - Mombasa Bossa

Back To The Village

The Space Coasters
Surfside Village
Re-uppd @ 320

Reverb 1000:シェイクNo.1
Tsunami Struck
Code Name SG7:秘密のアクト
Sea Knows:(海のみぞ知る)
Jaws Theme ~Shark Attack:ジョーズのテーマ~人喰い鮫との死闘
Test Driver
Vamos por ahi:麗しのアカプルコ
Boogie Man:怪人天国
Chasing Shadows (Album Version):チェイシング・シャドウ
Death Rage 2000:ラウド・サーファー
Tornado: エス・エス・イー
Let's Go Trippin' ~Live(CDのみ)
Scratch ~Live (CDのみ)*15-16 LIVE at YOKOSUKA PUMPKIN on 1995.3.7

Get both files