Friday, June 20, 2008

Twin Tones Nacion Apache

Mexican Spaghetti Surf from Mexico City


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Treblemakers @ Great Lakes Surf Battle III

Montreal's Own

Gotta Make It To This One Next Year

Great Lakes Surf Battle

"Who says you have to be on one coast or the other?"

But in Toronto, Canada???????

Several weeks ago I posted the info and flyer about this two day show goin' down. One of the rabid readers out there made the happening and graciously sent me the file for the CD that was sold at this mega freshwater extravaganza. I hearby pass it upon all of you not in the center of North America.

Let there be Surf on the Lake!!

1 Robots - Ride The Surf
2 Eradicators - Love Or Money
3 Blue Demons - Nice Tits
4 Von Drats - Malaguena
5 Z Rays - Number Nine
6 Lorrainas - Rectified
7 Von Drats - Church Key
8 Blue Demons - Cougar Country
9 Burnin' Sands - Typhoon
10 Robots - Stinkey Juliens
11 Blue Demons - Pussy Whipped
12 Mysteron & The Demons - Wolfman
13 Reverb Syndicate - Lunar Attack
14 Burnin' Sands - Big Boss
15 Eradicators - Friends & Enemies
16 Von Drats - Wild Weekend
17 Aquaholics - Super Bee
18 Calrizians - Call Me Evil
19 Robots - Robots Rock
20 Treblemakers - Exploding Bikers From Hochelaga
21 Blue Demons - Beatnik Bandit
22 Mysteron & The Demons - Mindreader
23 Tabernacos Surfers - Hot Rod
24 Eradicators - Whistling In The Desert
25 Treblemakers - The Dentures In Space


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gettin' Down At The Casbah

The Lowtides
Live @ The Casbah Radio Show
Formed in the gritty streets of downtown San Antonio, The Lowtides are South Texas' top instrumental combo. The influences of the band run from straight-up 60s California surf-music, to cycle-delic fuzztone rave-ups, to ear-splitting Japanese Eleki, twangy spaghetti-western soundtracks, classic rock, R&B, soul, and good ol' fashioned punk rawk! The Lowtides' live performances combine the old and the new... perfect grooves for shakin' your tailfeathers!
1 Bustin' Coffins
2 Telstar
3 Black Sand Beach
4 Lonestar Spies
5 Penetration
6 Subductio
7 The Loser's Bar
8 S.A. Stomp
9 Lullaby of the Leaves
10 Surfin' Bird Flu
11 The Fuzzard
12 Cecilia Ann

Where Is That Confounded Chord?!

The Missing Chord
20 Rip Roarin' Blasts of Instrumental Surf & Rock 'n Roll

1 Huevos Rancheros - Girl From N.A.N.A.I.M.O.
2 Los Mel-Tones - Poseidon
3 Revtunes - Surfin' To The Max
4 Counterpoint - Hot Rod
5 Slim Whitfield - Ring Stringer
6 Los Nachos - Blue Stratos
7 Sgt Fury - Herman's Hangover
8 Surf Rats - Rat Motor
9 Wild Bob Burgos & His Band - Salt Box Hill
10 Surfin' Lungs - Vostok 1
11 Saberjets - Chickie Run
12 Surfzone - Big Day At Waimea
13 Deadman's Curve - Charlie's Point
14 Surf Creatures - Toxic Beach
15 Bustin' Bikini Beat - Watcha Say
16 Surf Trek - Deathwave Theme
17 Interceptors - Electric Pineapple
18 Sandblasters - Body Bag
19 Shotgun - Shotgun Rides Again
20 Empress of Fur - The Missing Chord
2 part file - get 'em both

It Must Be A Wiki Wiki Wednesday!

The Mysterons
Wiki Wiki

Music For Monsters

Herein lies the evidence of a career dedicated to musical grave robbing of the most heinous nature! Amongst the rubble of half eaten go-go girls, charred surf boards, radioactive lava lamps and possessed Tiki idols, a stench of decay will rise up to great you. At that moment, you will know you have entered the realm of The Mysterons. Go further at your own risk!

01. From The Ashes (692 K)

02. The Gristler (4.2 MB)

03. Tiger Boogie (4.3 MB)

04. Rotten To The Core (4.3 MB)

05. Bloodhound (3.6 MB)

06. Super Freak (4.4 MB)

08. Blood Sucker (2.9 MB)

09. The Sleeper Awaits (3.7 MB)

10. Spitfire (3.5 MB)

11. Devil's Ride (4.4 MB)

12. Tail Gunner (4.0 MB)

13. She Devil (7.5 MB)

14. Cold Chicken (6.4 MB)

15. The Tingler (4.3 MB)

17. Into The Night (3.9 MB)

18. Night Of The Ghouls (4.5 MB)

19. Out of the Mist (4.8 MB)

20. Plummi A Go-Go (672 K)


Friday, June 13, 2008

Warm Yourself By This Fire

Gwyn Ashton
Feel The Heat

Blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter Gwyn Ashton was born in Wales and raised in South Australia. At an early age he developed a love for blues and rock music that was fueled as a result of recordings by renowned artists like Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Rory Gallagher, Muddy Waters, and many others. At the age of 11, Ashton picked up his first guitar and began the chore of learning to play the instrument. His natural talent didn't take long to show through. When he was a teenager, he teamed up with a couple of friends to form his first professional band. He stood in as frontman. The little group often managed to land jobs at local blues clubs and bars. After building a small fan base and landing some positive press, Ashton took his act on the road across Australia. He also spent time serving as a member with other groups now and then. In 1993, Ashton finished recording his debut album, Feel the Heat. It took three long years before his sophomore full-length offering, Beg, Borrow and Steel, was released. By now he was touring and performing in countries worldwide, including finding a market in the United States for his slide guitar-filled blues-rock. Some of the musicians who have been part of his recording band along the way include drummers Brendan O'Neill, Rick Tredrea, and Michael Wiedrich; along with bassists Geoff Brown, Sambor Kansy, and Gerry McAvoy.

1 Loaded 6 Shooter
2 Ain't Got Time For That Stuff
3 Trouble's Knockin' At Your Door
4 Wastin' My Time
5 Bad Luck Blues
6 Too Late
7 Someone Like You
8 Just A Little Bit
9 Take Me Back Home
10 Wanted Man
11 We'll Find A Way



So You Think You Have An Axe To Grind?

Little Axe
Hard Grind


Little Axe's debut album, The Wolf That House Built, issued in 1994, created the mold for Moby's Play album — and he knows it. With its blend of deep, slow-grooved beats, loops, sampled voices of blues singers, heavy dub reggae effects, kicking drums, and wailing guitar, it was the roots music precedent to the bald one's fine record by half a decade. Eight years later, Little Axe returns with a new set that will no doubt be compared to Play when in reality it is in a league of its own. The sophomore effort issued by legendary reggae producer and mixmaster Adrian Sherwood, guitarist Skip McDonald, bassist Doug Wimbish, and drummer Keith LeBlanc is a dreamy, hazy cipher of an album that settles slowly and lazily over the listener, displacing his or her sense of time and space in the mix and then turning his or her approach to listening to blues and rhythm inside out. It features the voices of bluesmen telling stories and snippets of singers wafting ghostily out of the ether only to re-enter the mist and wind themselves around a slow, sultry, steamy rhythm, a heavily seductive mix that slithers around McDonald's awesome and understated guitar playing. It comes from the swampy underbelly of the Delta blues bible, and Sherwood's smoky, dubbed-out effects, loops, and echo chambers are everywhere, with sounds that come from out of time yet seem to belong right where they are. The set opens with a read of Blind Willie Johnson's "Dark Was the Night Cold Was the Ground," with his voice coming out of the grave and talking about the blues. On "All Night Party," the late Junior Kimbrough's voice entwines with those of absent friends and collaborators such as historians, preachers, and the players themselves with a shifting, careening mix that turns the blues motif into the fifth element, in the terrain where it encounters the seam of reggae becoming undone. On "Walk Right Shoes," country blues gets the hoodoo treatment, and the refrain of "Riding on the White Horse" is as much a metaphor for heroin as it is for a ride to heaven amid the voices of some well-known blues-rock greats. Overall, the record is spooky, almost mystical; it's a soundtrack for a film that could never be made, so complex is its plot (and blood) line, and is more enjoyable than anything Ry Cooder ever laid down for celluloid. This is music from another world; its roots are swindled, warped, and turned upside down and inside out, but they are never disrespected. The notion of song is ever-present and hypnotic; the continuity and consistency in the mixes from one track to the next are without peer. Hard Grind is the album that should have been the soundtrack for writhing late-night sexual trysts, dark morning soul-searching, long drives into the unknown, and sitting still and staring into the face of oblivion.

1 Dark as the Night Cold as the Ground
2 Blues Story II
3 Run Here Boy
4 One Drop Blues
5 All Night Party
6 Midnight Dream
7 Long Way to Go
8 Walk Right Shoes
9 Down to the Valley
10 Tight Like That
11 Seek That Truth


More Then One Ton-O-Fun

2000 lbs of Blues
Almost The Greatest Show On Earth

2000 lbs of blues formed by michael "pink" arguello playing early 40’s style piano driven jump blues in the spirit of big joe turner, wynonie harris, amos milburn & louis jordan are among the major influences of this band. there performances at major events & festivals and bringing down the house wherever they perform has given them the well desrved reputation as one of the wildest bands around . . over the years, from show to show the cast of characters of 2000 lbs of blues changes slightly, always keeping the act fresh & cool, regular band members include… vocals by: michael arguello, performing for over 25 years, this charismatic blues shouter fondly known to friends as pink, has played many different styles of music from jazz to blues to early rockabilly to funk and even some punk, the founding member of 70’s/80’s off beat group the daddyo’s, mr. pink is always on his game, being the consummate performer he has entertained many thousands of happy people through out his career, powerful vocals combined with a huge stage presences sets this singer apart from the pack . . . long time rhythm section mates ron felton on drums & tyler petersen on upright bass, together they have backed up many of the top blues artist of our time and are considered amongst their peers to be one of the premier rhythm sections on the west coast.the fun never stops with a special cast of characters coming down and playing every week, a real who’s who of great players, guitar hero’s kid ramos (formally of the fabulous thunderbirds), henry carjhal from (rod piazza & mighty flyers), kirk fletcher from (the charlie musslewhite band), junior watson (guitar god) and harmonica greats, james harman, johnny dyer, lynwood slim, & robert lucas (formally of canned heat) all have come out to play with 2000 lbs . . . this always adds excitement and spontaneity to every performance. there’s never a dull moment! ! !



Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rise Up!

The Gladiators
Back To Roots

The Gladiators' final album for the Front Line label, Sweet So Til, disappointed some roots fans who denigrated it as being too "lightweight." In hindsight, the album was seen as a classic; within the group experimented with a country style and exquisitely blended rockers rhythms with Ernest Ranglin's phenomenal, bluesy lead guitar and Jimmy Beckford's wailing harmonica.In any event, the trio decided to give the people what they apparently wanted, and Back to Roots perfectly sums up this set's sound. No longer dependent on guesting musicians, the group was now a self-contained unit with a lineup including drummer Stanley "Barnabas" Bryan, lead guitarist Clinton Rufus, and keyboardist Audley Taylor, and fleshed out by percussionist Zoot "Skully" Simms and the brass of Bobby Ellis, Felix "Deadly Headly" Bennett, and Dave Madden. Self-produced and recorded at Channel One studios, the Gladiators create a deep roots sound from the minor-key melodies, with the swollen atmospheres conjured up by the obligatory militant beats, throbbing basslines, and sharp riffs that swell around the brass and keyboards. Consequentially, few of the songs boast the immediate infectious appeal of much their earlier work, bar the anthemic "The Warriors," but this is a purely cultural set, and the band was deliberately trying to shake their more populist appeal. Songs like "Marcus Garvey Time," "God Bless," "Prayer to Jah," and "Rich Man Poor Man" are the standouts, the latter one of several cuts on which Clinton Fearon takes lead vocals. Falling off a major label may have hurt the group's profile abroad, but this album helped put to bed any doubts on the group's standing back home. This CD reissue appends four excellent live cuts, including two Wailers/Bob Marley covers, all presumedly recorded in the early '80s; the otherwise informative sleeve notes provides no information about them. Another in the stream of classic albums the group unleashed during the roots age.

1 Marcus Garvey Time
2 God Bless
3 The Race
4 Guts
5 Rich Man, Poor Man
6 No Wrong Idea
7 Follow the Rainbow
8 The Warriors
9 Prayer to Jah
10 Streets of Freedom
11 On the Other Side
12 Chatty Mouth
13 Talking Blues
14 Rude Boy Ska


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Feel So....Reverberated!

The 'Verb
Reverberated ... for your Pleasure

Ripped & Gifted by Teisco del Mar

The 'Verb are five well dressed gentlemen who look both ways before crossing a street, always open the door for a lady, never wear white after labor day, and play the reverb drenched surf and beach music of the early 60's with a punk edge and a British beat.

1 The Wrath of the Mercenary
2 Uomini del Pistola
3 Bikini Sunrise
4 Sixty Seconds 'til Sunrise
5 Altantic Waltz
6 Hull Breach reef
7 El Capitan
8 When it Rains...
9 Remeber the Summer
10 Scarlett Fever
11 Boogie at the Beach
12 Surf After Sunset
13 Riverside Drive
14 Order 66
15 All is Quiet at Sweetwater
16 The Mercenary Rides Alone (Into the Sunset)


Monday, June 09, 2008

From The House Band of The Titty Twister

Tito & Tarantula
Hungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies

Tito and Tarantula stretch out beyond the dark blues idiom they explored to the depths on Tarantism, though tracks like "Bleeding Roses" are no less dark or moody. "Love in My Blood" is obviously a Gun Club homage from the opening, unwieldy chords to the lyric "For the love of Ivy..."; "My German Fraulein" doesn't even try to hide its resemblance to Link Wray. Tito is a charmer with his recorder; even complete monstrosities, like the meandering and nonsensical title song (a parable incorporating Biblical and sci-fi imagery) end up sounding likable in Larriva's hands.


Jerry Cole's Surf Age

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen
Surf Age

1 Outer Limits
2 The Strut
3 Wipe Out
4 Colour Blues
5 Pipeline
6 Sukiyaki
7 Midnight Surfer
8 Pokey
9 Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
10 Point Panic
11 Tequila
12 Surf Age
13 Martian Surf
14 Night Rumble
15 Rosarita Surf
16 Movin' Surf
17 Power Surf
18 Bronze Surfer
19 Deep Surf
20 Ride-Um!
21 Jerry's Jump
22 One Color Blues
23 Racing Waves
24 Night Rumble
25 Border Run
26 Hot Rod Queen
27 Stinger
28 Roadster Run
29 T.Roadster Run
30 Driving Little Deuce
31 Night Drag


Friday, June 06, 2008

R.I.P. Jerry Cole

More sad news in the music industry.

Last weeks Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar Vol 2 showcased one of Jerry's turns so check it out.

There are also two other Jerry Cole & His Spacemen albums in the archives, Power Surf, The Best of Jerry Cole & His Spacemen and Outer Limits. Dig deep for them if you missed them the first time around.

Jerry Cole, a guitarist and songwriter who released several surf music albums in the 1960s and recorded with prominent bands such as the Beach Boys and the Byrds, died of a heart attack May 28 at his Corona home, said his wife, Gale. He was 68.With his own group, the Spacemen, Cole released four albums of "space-age surf music" in just over two years, beginning with "Outer Limits" in 1963, according to the Allmusic Internet database.

Jerry ColeCole was a member of producer Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew studio collective, a group of musicians who played on many pop hits in the 1960s. Cole can be heard on the Beach Boys' 1966 album "Pet Sounds," the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man" single and the band Them's self-titled 1965 album.

Born Jerald Edward Kolbrak on Sept. 23, 1939, in Green Bay, Wis., Cole moved to Los Angeles and joined the Champs in 1959 after the instrumental quintet had recorded the chart-topping "Tequila." Fellow band members included Glen Campbell as well as Jimmy Seals and Dash Crofts, who became successful as the duo Seals and Crofts in the 1970s.On television, Cole led the pit bands for the mid-1960s rock-'n'-roll-oriented shows "Shindig" and "Hullabaloo." He also cut a number of instrumental rock albums under a variety of names.Cole went in a country-rock direction after session work with Roger Miller and country singers Chuck Howard and Susie Allanson, Allmusic reported.

In 2004, Cole was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.In addition to Gale, whom he married in 1984, Cole is survived by daughters Monique and Katrina and a son, Cane.

A celebration of his life will be held at 1 p.m. June 28 at Corona Christian Center, 1901 W. Ontario Ave., Corona.

Get There Now!

Sorry this is so late, but just saw this one come up. Y'all need to be there if you can, eh!
More info:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Friday's Surf Session

Bradipios IV
Surf Session


The band was born in the mid 90's, although Ghigo and Enrico in the mid- 80's were already playing in a 60's oriented combo, The Neurotics, that eventually split up. Then Enrico and Ghigo started playing with two new guitarists, Francesco and Max (Ghigo’s brother), and having a great fun together they decided to give life to THE BRADIPOS IV. From 1990 to 1995 the band played at friends` parties, and of course is still playing a lot at the drummer's old pad. We finally recorded our first demotape "Sloth's Surfin' Party" and thanks to it we had many occasions to play in contests (Bologna, Bari, Cosenza, Ascoli). After that we recorded "Beach Fool", our first 7", for Killyourself Punkarrecords from Parma. You can also hear us in Go Surf!!, a split 7" with Scriteriati, another instrumental band from Rome; this record was released by Teen Sound Records. In February ’99 we recorded our first CD released by Omomusic, label based in Rome. It was an hard work, specially if you consider the fact that it was the first time we had to deal with a recording studio. The main trouble was to find the right sound: we wanted to sound like the bands on Del-Fi recordings. However, the sound technician was very open-minded and cared a lot about our needs (although he is an Heavy Metal expert!!). The title of the record is "Instro-Mania", it includes only instrumental tracks; obviously the predominant line is surf, but there are also rock’n’roll and garage tracks and some 60’s italian cocktails tunes (in our intensions!); the record is composed by 14 tracks including two cover, Work Song (Challengers` version) and Carmela (a neapolitan classic from Sergio Bruni), and was released in the first days of April by the above mentioned Omom Music. If you want to know which tracks we reckon the best, in our opinion they are definitely Work Song, Carmela, Dirty-Phonic and Forbidden Island; however, we think that the listener’s judgement is better than ours. Surely, using the Farfisa Compact in almost all tracks added a special sound. In the last year we played at some other contests like the Beat Festival in Piacenza and the Bus-One 60’s Party in Pavia; moreover we opened for The Boss Martians and Chocolate Watchband in Rome and for Link Protrudi in Naples. We have been listening to Surf, Garage and Italian Beat and in general to all the sixties oriented music since around a decade. Although we have precise musical tastes, we are curious and not closed to other musical genres (apart from Heavy Metal, of course!!!). Our brains are boiling for the Del-Fi and Hot Rod sound, Strummin' Mental and Diggin' Out, even for Jungle Exotica, Las Vegas Grind and Link Wray,but at the same time we like a lot of "modern" surf bands like Man Or Astro - Man ?, Phantom Surfers, Satan's Pilgrims, Finks and also European and Italian bands like Flashback V,Doctor Explosion,Petrifieds, Gravestones, Heads & the Hares, Others, Tijuana Tex & the Cowbones, Vice Barons, and many more. Recently, some of our tracks were released on:"That's New Pussycat- Surf Tribute To Burt Bacharach!", a compilation by Om Omusic; "Themes For Bathing Beauties And Woodies",a compilation by Teen Sound Records; and finally a Surf Tribute To Booker T & the MG's, on Wildebeest Records. In March 2001 the band record the soundtrack to the short indie movie "Blue Panthers" directed by Giancarlo Mazzaro now being distributed in France. In April 2001 the Bradipos IV are contacted by dutch tour promoter Arnold Vinkeles and set off on their first foreign tour. The main cities of the tour are: Arnhem, Dessau, Leipzig, Nürnberg, Dresden, Kassel and others. In July of the same year the group are the opening act in the first edition of the "Beat Fever Festival" in Verona organized by "The Fog Surfers" with bands like Lighting Beat Man and the Miracle Workers. At the beginning of November they play themselves in some scenes of "L 'Imbalsamatore"" by emerging director Matteo Garrone. The movie, produced by Fandango Films, includes musical tracks from the official soundtrack. Due out are another two tracks on the compilations "American Graffiti. A surf tribute" by OmOm Records and "For A Few Guitars More - A tribute to Morricone's Spaghetti Western Themes" for the american label of Larry White. This comp includes tracks by the best bands of the international surf scene like: Man or Astroman, Davie Allan, Bambi Molesters, Penetrators ,Cadillac Hitmen, 50 Foot Combo, Hellbenders, Los Relampagos, Irreversible Slacks, Langhorns, MiGs, Pollo del Mar and others. On December 2004 will be out two new records:a tribute to Richie Allen, a new compilation from Golly Gee Records with bands like The Hypnotic IV, The Waistcoats, John Blair, The Eliminators, The Aqua Velvets, The Chocolate Watchband and more..., in this comp the band plays the song "Room 304"; On February 2005 the band present "Surf Session", the new full lenght album from the Teen Sound Records.
1 Beach Grave
2 A Fist Full Of Dollars
3 Hey!
4 Night Of The Vesuvius
5 Reverb Gang
6 Egle's Key
7 Moon Relay
8 l'inseguimento
9 La Ultima Ola
10 She Devil's Curse
11 King Of Sloths
12 Bandito Supremes
13 Cut Back
14 Playa Inferno
15 Surfidia
16 Summer Time
Includes bonus video for your eyes

Thwimmin' For Themes

Themes For Bathing Beauties And Woodies


Sir Finks : Mandragora
Treblemakers : Fast Faoud
Boss Martians : A-Bone
Scriteriati : Tempestosa
Overtones : Full Moon on Balboa Beach
Middle Finger : Sicilian Girl
Saturn V featuring Orbit : Not So Quiet
Bradipos IV : Uno Sparo Nel Buio
Slow Slushy Boys : Let's Go To The Beach
Royal Knightmares : Hawaiian Moon Walk
Girl Bombs : The Search For Dr. Goldfoot
Ray Daytona and The GooGoo Bombos : Pipeline


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Los Kahunas en vivo

Don't Cry For Them Argentina, Just Rock!

Los Kahunas
El Fantastico Sonido Surf & Hot Rod de Los Kahunas

About Los Kahunas
Born in 2004, LOS KAHUNAS usually plays in Buenos Aires' finest places, like BA Stomp! 5 , Hard Rock Cafe, Garage Attack, etc.
After playing at Velez Sarsfield Stadium openig for Argentina´s biggest band, LA RENGA, we release our first CD: "El fantastico sonido surf & Hot Rod de LOS KAHUNAS".

REVERB CENTRAL REVIEW (4 STARS):"This first release from Argentina's Los Kahunas contains a spelndid set of surf that's mostly on the gentler side, yet has spunk and crunch. Some fine tracks here!"

DAVIE ALLAN (Talking about our tribute song, "Riding with Davie"): "The first word that came to mind was WOW! I can honestly tell you I am quite moved by your tribute to me. It's just great! "

Another Summer Song
Surfin’ Video
La Costa de la Muerte
Hot Line
Arena Girls
Burning Rubber
My Sunshine Girl
Midnigth Run
Riding With Davie
Desert Bound
Surfers Paradise


Just Coastin'

The Surf Coasters
Super Runabout

***Surf Coasters will be in California this September. I have my bar stool already picked out for The Purple Orchid show.

Check out their 2008 tour info at

The Surf Coasters were organized in 1994, by Shigeo Naka from Tokyo, Japan. Shigeo Naka is a guitar prodigy with amazing fretboard skills. His early love is for American surf music, and many Surf Coasters CDs feature reworkings of famed surf songs from the 60s. But the Surf Coasters are a modern band with modern production and crunchy guitar sound. Shigeo Naka writes originals in styles from quiet accoustic to throbbing garage rockers, from trad style surf to ripping fretboard excursions.The Surf Coasters are now the #1 instrumental band in Japan. They have released more than 20 CDs for the Columbia, BMG, and Victor labels. And with many appearances on film soundtracks (“69”) and video games (“Run About”). They have worked with UK producer Adrian Sherwood, the Southern All Stars (one of the most famous bands in Japan!), and played with Eleki legends Yuzo Kayama and Keigo Iwase.In 1995, famed surfing music legend Dick Dale, known as the “King of the Surf Guitar”, came to Japan and played many shows with The Surf Coasters. He proclaimed Shigeo Naka to be “The Prince of the Surf Guitar”.The Surf Coasters tour consistently in Japan and Shigeo Naka is known for his athletic stage presence. In a small hall or large stadium the Surf Coasters givs everything they have for the performance.

1. Up And Down
2. Escape From Alcatraz
3. Bulldog
4. Delivery Boogie
5. Bart
6. Scramble
7. F O G
8. Twin Peaks
9. Joe Montana
10. Candy - Blues For M