Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Out Of The Cave

The Cavernarios
The Cavernarios

The cluster emerges in Cuautitlan Izcalli state of Mexico in January 2002, appearing for the first time under the name "The cave". In the summer of that year recorded the first demo called "Primitive Songs" and the stage begins most of the banda sound. Since its inception The cave'm looking to have a sound, characterized by a sound crude and primitive, nurtured not only for music but also by surf punk, rockabilly, blues and even rock English among other musical styles. Immediately upon leaving the Primitive Songs are invited to play at different places like the Forum Alicia, given X, Animal, Uta, all of them in Mexico City alternating with different groups of surf, garage, rockabilly and more underground circuit Nacional. In early 2003 the banda is invited to collaborate with 2 themes for a national coupled called "ROCKABILLY attack" involving gangs from Mexico City and Monterrey. In July the same year recorded the second demo material called "Animal Music", the material was distributed in the different circuits rock getting a good acceptance. In January 2004 were invited to another international coupled this time called "SURF AS ART" taking a song demo Animal Music. This coupled bands appear as the Aqua Velvets, THE ATLANTICS, penetrators, Chewbacca .. S among others ... In early 2005 they recorded two songs for the national coupled called "MEX-SURF" Grabaxiones edited by Alicia, in April the same year are invited to open the concert by Los Straitjackets forum in Alice, the end of that year indicated with an item on the international coupled called "Spaghetti & WESTERN CHILI" edited by isotonic records. By the summer of 2006 falling to record the first LP named homonym "THE cave" his latest production which includes recordings made in a shot to recreate the sound live with the disclosure of the banda sound that characterizes crude, is a grouping of 15 items that contain a mixture of instrumental surf, rockabilly and garage. The disc salio in early 2007 under the seal Grabaxiones Alicia. Actuales banda is in the process of recording produccion pretending that you get a totally instrumental EP. (Translation via Google Language)

La fuga
El bravo
Noche de rock
Guitarra estrella
Paraiso en las rockas
El diablo tras de mi
El ahogado
El cadaver del canal
Todos santos
Rocking heart
El asiento de atras
Devil dance


zillagord said...

Thanks for yet another South-of-the-border treat! Or should I say Gracias? This is a really fun record with some great surf and some wacky vocal numbers.

One thing: the first song appears to have a skip about 20-25 seconds in. Is this on my end or on yours? If it is on yours, could you post the song again? It's a good 'un! I know, I know, I'm a needy SOB. Believe me, bro, I am really just grateful for all the shares!

Thanks as always. I'll be bcak soon.