Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wow!!! Maggie Q

Just saw the new Die Hard movie last night. I'm in love!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Waning Hours Of 2007

2007 has been a very convoluted year for me. With my fathers illnes and passing in February, to my consulting business continuing to move ahead, to the many folks out there who I have been able to spend time with and share our love for music. I've connected with many of you out there other then a passing salute. Many have become what I truely call friends. As my business takes me out of town, I hope we have the chance to meet up with some of you in person. I've had a few thwarted meet ups with two of my friends, Eek the Cat and jackamoto. The logistics will workout sometime, I know it.

To all of my regular visitors and others in the blogger world, I wish you a happy holiday with your friends and family. There is nothing more important.

We'll be back after the New Year

Peace my friends


Two Cool American Guys About Town

Trustar and my grandson Gage in Sienna, Italy

Boy!, What Knockers!!

One of the strange things that I noticed on our trip to Europe in October was the very intricate door knockers all over. I became facinated with them in every city we were in and took pics of many. (Easily entertained) Here are two for a preview of the slideshow I'm working on.

Friday, December 21, 2007

OK Gracie, Now It's Christmas Time

One of my other areas of hoarding is with old radio shows. I have a modest collection of comedy shows with many "crime" shows like Boston Blackie, The Shadow, The Thin Man and others. Wanted to begin sharing a few of these here at the appropriate times.

The first one is a Burns and Allen Christmas show from 1936. Burns, as in George Burns. You know, the old guy who played God (for the younger set). So d/l and curl up next to the fireplace, close your eyes, and enjoy.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Crazy Sounds From Munich

Rubens & The Barrichellos
Gran Turisimo

Great surf trio from Munich featuring the members of the MOTORPSYCHOS.
Clear reverb drenched surf with strong influences of Italo-Western Soundtracks, Drag Racing and Secret Agent movies.
1 Tamburetto
2 Mondo Liberace
3 Esmeralda
4 Brazil
5 Parabolics
6 Besame Mucho
7 Geronimo
8 Dungeon Keeper
9 Mahagoni Dream
10 El Chico
11 Inspecter Cohen
12 Grave Digger
13 Eau Rouge
14 Space Rider

From Mom & Dad's Turntable To You

Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66

Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66

For most of the second half of the '60s, Sergio Mendes was the top-selling Brazilian artist in the United States, charting huge hit singles and LPs that regularly made the Top Five. His records with his group Brasil '66 regularly straddled the domestic pop and international markets in America, getting played heavily on AM radio stations, both rock and easy listening, and he gave his label, A&M, something to offer light jazz listeners beyond the work of the company's co-founder, Herb Alpert. During this period, he also became an international music star and one of the most popular musicians in South America.

1 Mas Que Nada
2 One Note Samba/Spanish Flea
3 The Joker
4 Going out of My Head
5 Tim Dom Dom
6 Day Tripper
7 Agua de Beber (Water to Drink)
8 Slow Hot Wind
9 O Pato (The Duck)
10 Berimbau

What Do They Put On French Fries In Norway?

The Samuel Jackson Five
Easily Misunderstood
The Samuel Jackson Five, or the SJ5, started up a couple of years ago as a failed drum’n’bass-project. After numerous changes in material, instruments, visions and band members, we've finally released our debut album. It has received good reviews and enabled us to do a fair amount of gigs. The Samuel Jackson Five have always been an alternative to the mainstream acts and see no reason to change that now. We let each individual explore and push their own limits, without losing focus on the melody. The outcome is ever changing but often leads to ethereal, experimental, improvised, dynamic music. Or at least thats what we think.
1 Skinflick Dress Rehearsal
2 If You Show Off The Milk, Who's Gonna Buy The Cow
3 Easily Misunderstood
4 Charlie Foxtrot Queen
5 Person Most Likely To Enjoy The Taste Of Human Flesh
6 Unimog
7 No Name
8 Song For Sarah
9 Psycho Derelict
10 Michael Collin's Autograph
11 Switch Ambulance Trip

Saturday, December 15, 2007

You Can't Lick The Nematoads

The Nematoads
Five Guns West

The Nematoads, a trippy, twangy, five-piece modern surf band from Austin, straddle the line between ´60s retro cool and tall-in-the-saddle Tejas twang. Behind the reigns is guitarist Ted James – the legendary man with two first names – who, in bygone times, led Johnny Vortex and Squid Vicious. The rhythm section stars bassist Mark Brazle, percussionist Jaime Joseph, and drummer George Pestana. George treats his drum heads like the skulls of his arch enemies, pounding them into submission and kicking them while they’re down. Mark adds to the melee with his bitchin’ sense of groove, and Jaime adds a touch of Latin percussion that gives the band the spring in its step and the spice in its chili. And speaking of gas, the Nematoads have a new tiger in their tank: trumpeter Tiger Anaya, a herald of good things to come. The Nematoads' pasta-fueled excursions embody the sound of The Third Coast, the vibe of the street with a 5-o’clock club beat. This is modern surf with a heart that beats all – six-string action blends the classic sounds of the Ventures and Davie Allan & the Arrows with the surf-punk of the Dead Kennedys, the twangy madness of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, and the sonic attack of the Pixies. Of course, we can't forget our Texas roots! Catch the ironic hypersonic wave of the Nematoads live and prepare yourself for a very different type of Austin show. The Nematoads: ´60s surf cool with Texas instrumental rock.


Dear Guests

Received this note from Ted James, guitarist and songwriter for The Nematoads. In an effort to support Ted and his group, I am pulling the link for this one. Please purchase this great album at CD Baby, Deep Eddy Records or the Hematoads own site at

Hey! This is Ted James, guitarist and songwriter for the Nematoads. Thanks for all of the kind words. I really hope that you all will actually buy a copy of our CD rather than download it for free here, especially since we spent so much money making it. Rehearsal and recording time is expensive, so we have a lot to recoup. If you would like to buy a copy, you can get one at CDBaby, our website: or our record label Deep Eddy Records:
Ted James
The Nematoads

Eddie Angel
Eddie Angel's Guitar Party

by Richie Unterberger
Los Straitjackets' guitarist Eddie Angel's solo outing offers an acceptably authentic homage to greasy instrumental 1950s rock & roll, largely though not wholly comprised of original material. Angel's biggest influence is the scratchy, distorted guitar of Link Wray, but there's also some grinding R&B roadhouse in the saxophone of Morrissey sideman Boz Boorer. Floating around in the mix are echoes of the surf era ("Kawanga") and tinges of exotica sleaze ("Casbah") and horror movie soundtrack creepiness. For all that, it doesn't have the menace or innovation of those old Link Wray records, though it has a heartfelt sense of fun. It's also hard to imagine any surf or instrumental rock band titling one of its songs "Topless Beach," as one of these tracks is named.

1 Thunder
2 Police Raid on Toe Rag
3 Kawanga!
4 Brawl
5 Caveman
6 Beyond Zone X
7 Werewolf
8 Itchy Chicken
9 Mumbling Beatnik
10 Topless Beach
11 Casbah
12 Jurassic Beat
13 No Money
14 Take It Off
15 Toe Rag Rumble
This link pulled by request of Art B from MuSick Records. Get the real deal @

Destination...Get Down!

Diplomats Of Solid Sound
Destination...Get Down!

by Mark Deming

Iowa City's keepers of the good groove, the Diplomats of Solid Sound are serving up more old-school funk and soul on their third album, Destination...Get Down! The biggest change in the group's attack this time out is the addition of David Basinger on sax, who adds a new level of muscle and atmosphere to the Diplomats' signature sound, but for the most part this is in the same vein as their previous set, Let's Cool One. But while Destination...Get Down! may offer up "more of the same," the truth is that the DOSS are getting better at their Meters meets Booker T. Hammond-fortified grooves, and the group sounds both cool and passionate throughout these 12 instrumental tracks, with keyboard man Nate "Count" Basinger clearly the star of this show. The jazzy undercurrents in the Diplomats' tunes are easier to spot here, without sacrificing the R&B heart of their music, and even without the presence of a full-time bassist on these sessions, they have the ability to get the dancefloor burning in no time flat, without leaving the listeners behind. Fun stuff, and well worth a spin for those who like their soul hot and cool at the same time.

1 Smash Up
2 Knock a Piece Off
3 Holdin' the Money
4 Wicked P
5 Intercontinental Git
6 Ladies' Choice
7 Dealer Cheater
8 Loaf and Jug
9 Sizzler
10 Mohair Momma
11 Triple Starch
12 Growin' in It

Monday, December 10, 2007

Like A Mai Tai Spiked With Vicodin

The Vanduras
In The Dark

Brace yourself, this is a darker beach party where the Mai-Tai's are spiked with Vicodin and no ones really sure who's good, bad or ugly.

If anyone could creep up and offer you a glimpse into the void, it would most certainly be 'The Vanduras.' The enchanting melodies on their new album, 'In The Dark' combine the essence of surf-noir and spaghetti-western with a twist of exotic schmaltz. The Vanduras go for the jugular and create an instrumental album that is anything but uneasylistening.

1 In the Dark
2 La Planche
3 The Big Hurt
4 El Monte
5 Cybele's Reverie
6 Lost Beach
7 Dinner With Robert
8 Charlotte
9 Sarajevo Rose
10 Rope'n Pineapples
11 Theme For Troubled Teens
12 Atomic
13 Levitare'

Power Surf Again

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen
Power Surf! The Best Of..


by Richie Unterberger
Twenty early-sixties instrumental rockers, most tied (if nominally) to surf music, taken from three 1963-64 Capitol albums (Surf Age, Hot Rod Dance Party, and Outer Limits). Cole was different from the average surf guitarist: he was more experienced and versatile, a result of his extensive experience in Los Angeles sessions. His arrangements were also slicker—in the favorable sense of that adjective—with tight, and tightly paced, arrangements (frequently with brass) that reflected his proximity to the world of Hollywood film and television. So it is that much of this sounds like cool background music for action sequences in early-to-mid-sixties teen-oriented movies and TV shows. Perhaps his closest counterparts in this regard would be the Marketts (whose "Out of Limits" Cole covers here); there are also strong echoes of the Ventures, and occasional nods to exotica. This is less "garage-y, " perhaps, than much vintage surf music, but no less powerful. It's also more melodically varied than most vintage surf acts were, and Cole excels at coaxing an impressive assortment of thick, assertive tones from his axe. As a consequence, this disc is recommended to surf fans who are getting a bit tired of the same-old generic Southern California sound as the reissue vaults get more deeply plundered, and want to hear a refreshingly different take on the style.

1 Power Surf
2 Night Drag
3 Surf Age
4 Deep Surf
5 Stinger
6 Midnight Surfer
7 Rosarita Surf
8 Driving Little Deuce
9 Bronze Surfer
10 The Strut
11 Night Rumble
12 Movin' Surf
13 Outer Limits
14 One Color Blues
15 Martian Surf
16 Roadster Rock
17 Point Panic
18 T-Roadster Rock
19 Dancing Mags
20 Racing Waves

How Very Creepy!

The Creepniks
Graveyard Shindig

Thanks go out to C-500 for this jewel.
A rather refreshing change-up from the typical Misfit-ed doowoppery that typically comes with bright green covers, drippy logos and vows of containing "pure rock & roll terror!!!", The Creepniks exude an interesting mulch of twangin' surf rock, parmesan-dusted spaghetti western strummery and WAY gone psychobilly slobbering. While the demoniacal Dick Dale-ing of "Surfin' With Satan" proved my favorite out of nine, there's no denying that the ravioli'd rumblage of "Pale Rider" and "Zombie Stomp" are sure to make Sergio Leone drum along on his coffin lid as well. "Vocalist" Johnny Lockjaw is mercifully used rather sparingly - appearing on just over half of GRAVEYARD SHINDIG's tracks. With a croon that artfully blends the talents of Lux Interior, Tom Waits and a pregnant manatee coping with Down's Syndrome while being broiled alive in dill butter, Lockjaw's talents are best shaken rather than stirred and, in spite of themselves, make for the most memorable portions of these ptomaine-tainted Texans' debut offering. While not something I'll bust out with the regularity of... say... The Cramps, Mr. Waits, or any of a variety of cruelly slaughtered Florida fauna, GRAVEYARD SHINDIG succeeded in dodging my preconceived stereotypes and is most likely sure to please any horrorbillypsychopunks out there looking for a new kinda voodoo-broo to fix up with.
Horrorwood Babbleon - September 2005

1. Zombie Stomp
2. Shadow Over Elkhart
3. Pale Rider
4. Surfin' With Satan
5. Hellbent Sickobilly
6. Zombie Kinda Love
7. El Gringo Loco
8. Freaky Friday
9. How Do You Sleep?

It's A Tokyo Wipe Out!!

Rat Holic
Wipe Out With Rat Holic

This five-piece combo from Japan delivers a fun, energetic set of surf and frat rock style tunes on this 16 track CD. Featuring Kahori on organ, Marie on drums, Run Run on bass, Etsuko on saxophone and Ajiro on guitar, this band might have an odd name, but they play rock n' roll on the same level as fellow countrymen Jackie & The Cedrics, Goggle-A, The El Caminos and The Mighty Moguls.

1 Silver Bullet
2 Mr. Hiro
3 Little Woody
4 Surf Party
5 Good Grief
6 Dynamite
7 Kamikaze
8 250cc Rider
9 Surfin' Alligator
10 Yu-Hi
11 Church Key
12 (Koi-No) Rat Blues
13 Red River Rock
14 Fat Rat Surfer
15 Surfin' Chihuahua
16 Run! Run!

Link removed by request of Double Crown Records

Visit them @

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Last Surf Coasters

The Surf Coasters
Samurai Struck


Samurai Struck - (studio)
Dreams - (studio)
Bamble Bee - (studio)
Nineteen - (studio)
Soyokaze - (studio)
Wataridori - (studio)
Stamp Stomp - (studio)
Midnight Headlight - (studio)
Summertime Blues - (studio)
Tsunami Struck (Live) - (studio)
Clash (Live) - (studio)
Sharkman (Live) - (studio)
Surf Express (Live) - (studio)
Baja (Live) - (studio)
Ramble (Live) - (studio)
Jack The Ripper (Live) - (studio)
Misirlou (Live) - (studio)
Fly Up (Live) - (studio)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Whys Right In Your Own Home!!

The Whys
From Fukuoka, Japan
Ruiko was influenced from Trashmen. Naomi was from Dick Dale.Since 1999, we started with other woman drummer. Yuta joined it in 2003. He wear woman's disguise at the start. However, he entreated it, and it was dressed like a man!2003,we joined GOGGLE-A's 'SAZANAMI LABEL' comp CD.2004, Phill Dirt 'Reverb Central' gave "SURF OPERA 4 stars.2006,we release new CD 'THE WHYS Sanjo!'
1 Por Que
2 Makka Na Taiyo
3 Sunset Party
4 Oh! Ninja
5 Bye Bye Beach
6 Bye Bye Beach
7 Satsujin Taiyo
8 Minato De Sasareta Otok
9 Surf Opera
10 Ebola Beach

The Whys - live at Purple Orchid in El Segundo, CA

You gotta see them!
Turned on to this group by the ever-rotting, Al Zombie.

Wow Flutter Hiss

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet

Wow Flutter Hiss '86

by Greg Prato

Best known for supplying the theme song to the popular TV comedy show The Kids in the Hall, Toronto's largely instrumental trio Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet originally formed in 1984, consisting of members Brian Connelly (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Reid Diamond (bass, lead vocals), and Don Pyle (drums, backing vocals). The band merged punk (à la the Dead Kennedys) and surf (à la the Ventures) sounds together to create a highly original style, resulting in a steady stream of EPs/singles issued throughout the mid- to late '80s. These included such quirky titles as "Love Without Words," "Wow Flutter Hiss '86, Schlagers!," "Live Record With Extra Bread and Cheese," "Explosion of Taste," and "Reid Does Neil." By 1989, a local comedy troupe (and friends of the band) was given their own TV show, Kids in the Hall, which used the Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet track "Having an Average Weekend" as their theme song. In 1990, the trio issued their debut full-length release, Savvy Show Stoppers, which was a compilation of material from their earlier singles. Two more releases followed shortly thereafter, 1991's Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham and 1993's Sport Fishin' (the latter of which was recorded by Steve Albini), but by 1995, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet had split up. The former members went on to other projects: Diamond and Pyle joined forces once again in Phono-Comb, while Connelly worked with Neko Case's Boyfriends and Atomic 7. In early 2001, Diamond passed away after a battle with cancer.

1 Theme From T.V.

2 Zombie Compromise
3 Customize [2nd version]
4 Shake Some Evil