Friday, July 27, 2007

Surfer's Mood Vol 1

Surfer's Mood

16 Wet Ones From The 60's

By request for Gambino de Lorenzo. Godere!

Enchanted Surf
Green Surf
Teenage Express
Surfers Mood
Nite Mare
Jungle Fever
94 Second Surf
With Vigor
High Wall
Big Surf

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ahhhhhh Intoxica!

Intoxica! Strange and Sleazy Instrumentals From The SoCal Suburbs


All Music Guide
Downey Records was a small label run out of the back room of Wenzel's Music Town, a fabled record shop in the sleepy Los Angeles suburb of Downey, CA. While the folks who ran Downey recorded a little bit of everything, the label's heyday came during the glory days of instrumental rock, and this compilation features 26 wordless wonders from their vaults. While "instrumental rock of the early '60s" equals "surf music" to most folks, Brian Nevill's liner notes take great pains to point out that most instrumental bands were inspired by R&B rather than the crashing waves, and some of the stuff here goes in other directions altogether. Give your attention to the Latin jump of "Se Acabó" by the Del Rio Brothers, the slick cover of "Third Man Theme" from Las Vegas lounge outfit Ginny & the Gallions (they also tackle "Hava Nagila" and interpolate the theme from Exodus!), the faux-exotica of "Sound of Mecca" by the Blazers, and the Joe Meek-influenced electronic manipulations of "Space Battle" by Stories in Sound. The best-known cut here is "Comanche" by the Revels, which appeared on the soundtrack to the film Pulp Fiction, and its twanging guitars, honking sax, and vivid atmosphere are in the same league as the other tracks, most of which sound like odd little movies for the mind that you can dance to if you please. Most of these songs are genuine obscurities and six have never been released before, so folks who dig vintage instrumental sounds can add some new wrinkles to their collections with Intoxica!, and pretty much everything included is solid and satisfying.
Mark Deming

Intoxica / Revels 2:20
Night Scene / The Rumblers 2:14
Se Acabó / The Del Rio Brothers 2:26
Eight Ball / The Hustlers 2:10
Night Rider / Ed Burkey 3:25
Bandido / Pastel Six 2:22
Here Comes the Bug / The Rumblers 2:33
Sound of Mecca / The Blazers 2:43
Hava Nagila / Ginny & the Gallions 3:01
Migraine / The Hustlers 2:32
Night Scene / Chuck Higgins 3:00
A Week from Tuesday / Pastel Six 2:02
Inertia / The Hustlers 2:47
Comanche / Revels 2:09
Theme of Etiquette / The Hindus 2:15
Blockade (aka That's It) / The Rumblers 2:16
Dreams of Downey / Ed Burkey 2:24
Ghost of Mary Meade, Pt. 2 / Little Caesar & the Ark Angels 2:18
Third Man Theme / Ginny & the Gallions 3:31
Water Wheel / Chuck Higgins 2:31
Hot Licks / The Rendells 2:19
Frenzy / The Hindus 2:59
Rosemary's Baby (aka Apache Ghost) / Ed Burkey 2:12
Maid 'N Japan / The Nylons 1:54
Russian Roulette / Nevegans 2:12
Space Battle / Stories in Sound 2:27

Molto Bene


Just Surf


After two singles that came out in 1995 (Surfin1 with) and 1996 (Sea Storm) and sold out in few weeks, and the two songs (Matador & Sea Storm) included in the compilation called Smells Like Surf Spirit, published by Gee-Dee Music in 1997, Just Surf is the first album ever by the most acclaimed italian instrumental surf band on the road since 1990: Cosmonauti. 1998 - Just Surf is available on white vinyl (180gr. limited edition) & cd. Of their past works the press said: Superb EP. These guys know their reverb from their ravioli alright. - They're gonna be big! Rock on Roma Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK) Not only one of those great sound parties that are seldom heard but also an album bursting with energy that presently has no same-style rivals: Dick Dale & Chuck Berry would be proud of them! Rockerilla (Italy) A half hour of fresh, intelligent musical novelty and healthy escapism. Mucchio (Italy) One of the best surf band around! Bassa Fedeltà Album of the month. Dynamo Continuation of the fantastic trad surf that the band produces. They show that you don1t have to be from Manhattan Beach to play it right! Surf Music Appreciation Society -(USA) Enjoyable tunes,w/ tropical sound & wonderful melodies. Miserable without it! Reverb Central - (USA) Guitar work as thirst-quenching as a Mai-tai drunk on a Cal beach. Just right for gettin a thousand bikini babes swaying and ready for warm summer evening! As the title reads, this is pure surf and nothing else.. and it's a great trip! From CD Baby

Amsterdam Twang

The Black Arrows

Solid Sounds In Guitar


There area lot of guitar styled rock and roll groupes around. Nearly every town, the biggest ones as well as the smaller, have their own native favourites. But although a big number of bands try to reach the upper atmospheres of Pop recordland, very few really have gained some kind of nation wide popularity. The reason for this mostly is, that the highest level attainable is determined by the technical possibilities of their amplifiers, echo-units, and more of those electronical instruments and the quality and possibilities of their electrical guitars.
Those three Anthonio brothers (the name seems strange to us, but is not unusual in the country where they come from) completed with their drummer boy Laurens Müller, are not only equiped with the finest instruments and amplifiers But they have a rhythmic and musical feeling that really makes four steady musiciens out of them.
All were born in Indonesia, which country they left in 1949, in the time when the Republic of Indonesia was created. Their position in Holland was not easy. The change in manners, morals, climat and more of those factors were difficult to take and nothing was more natural than a rather shy behaviour and living on their own. lt is also very logical that those facets of their Indonesian life which were still with them, came in the middle of their interest. One was their way of making musie. Those people always see med to have more intensely fun in playing an instrument than we do.
Father Anthonio played the violin, guitar, piano, drums. Mother played piano too. You see: background enough. And the boys really did take over their parents capacities. In 1960 it was decided that the boys would go along together with their good friend the drummer and so the band was born. From that time on, succes was the result of a lot of practising. Every penny they earned was spent on new instruments. In this field mother Anthonio became a very important person because she lent the money for the most necessary things to start with. Within 3 month an remarkable repertoire was known. Every Saturdaynight was goin to be an "action" night. In very few time their reputation went to other towns, and engagements followed each other. In the meantime they had their own headquarters in Amsterdam, a very big fanclub giving dancing parties every Saturday- and Sundaynight. This drew the attention of the record-people and in January 1962 the first disc was out. Eddy Denver, (their singer at that time) and the Black Arrows in Forty Days/Tough enough. More discs followed, instrumental as well as with different vocalists. More and more they became one of the leading groups, hardly able to cope with all the deniand. That was the time, an L. P. was planned. And my personal idea is, that they succeeded in a very delicate, special way.

Haulting Dutch translation. Sorry
Tulip Fields
Little Lonely Train
World of Fire
Wonderland By Night
Johnny Guitar
Midnight Blues
Hernando's Hideaway
Slave Girl
September Song
Lady Of Spain

Nothin' Lazy About These Boys

Big Lazy

Big Lazy


Great variety of sound. If you don't like every song, that's OK. There will be one or two to grab you by the boo boo.

by Hal Horowitz
An auspicious debut from this N.Y.C. instrumental trio that carves room between Link Wray's, Tom Waits', and Ennio Morricone's spaghetti Western soundtracks. Big Lazy never overwhelms you with their chops. Sometimes ominous, especially when bassist Paul Dugan bows his strings on "Elephant Walk," but more often as tough and wiry as Gary Cooper walking down a deserted Main Street in High Noon. Guitarist Stephen Ulrich's lines spar with the standup bass patterns, creating a throbbing, sometimes experimental hybrid that's neither jazz nor rock but borrows from both. This music invokes glistening wet streets and Sam Spade digging for clues in dives on the seedy side of town. On "Crooked" the sound is pure Waits circa Rain Dogs but nods toward a more frenzied Reverend Horton Heat on the double-time rockabilly-fueled "Princess Nicotine," complete with grunting, unintelligible vocal accompaniment. The title of "Hero Turned Suspect" perfectly captures the schizophrenic quality of their approach, as the sparse, reverbed guitar tangos with upright bass and primitive drums portentously thumping in the background. Big Lazy makes evocative, original music for a non-existent film noir Late Late Show double feature. Spellbinding, innovative, and distinctive.

1 Skinless Boneless
2 Elephant Walk
3 Just Plain Scared
4 Eenie Meenie
5 Amnesia
6 Roam/Sight Unseen
7 Crooked
8 Princess Nicotine
9 Hero Turned Suspect
10 Influenza
11 Ash Wednesday

Personal fav, track 7, Crooked. Dig that crazy beat, man.

Brought to you by one of The Unholy Trinity.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Get Ready To Pull An All-Nighter

The All-Nighters
Dance 'till Dawn

Their latest album, entitled "Dance 'till Dawn: Pieces of a Lucid Dream" (released on their own Indie label Acid Moon in 2006) proves to be the bands most ambitous, well produced, and diverse offering yet. Ranging from simpler poppy surf/rock/country inspired numbers, to more mature, epic, adventurous soundscapes, the song styles vary from track to track mimicking the randomness of dreams. Guest cello, slide, and violin players were brought in to add thoughtfullness and depth to certain tracks while others are kept to the straight-up guitar/ bass/ drum set-up. The album is a soulful roller coaster ride of musical stimulation with a sense of variation that will leave listeners moved and intrigued. From CD Baby

Escape From The Nuthouse
Swingers Club
Cruisn' & Rockin'
Riding With Outlaws
Sex Maniac
Starfish Lagoon
Glory Boy
Surf Detective
Drink The Night
Oceans Of Time

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

DaiKaiJu Is Coming!


DaiKaiJu Suupaa Hits


Most recently played at the Clarkston Surf Fest in Georgia, they are working their way Westward. Going to try to catch them when they hit San Diego in September at the Zombie Lounge.

From Wikipedia:

Daikaiju is a surf rock quintet from Huntsville, AL. The members perform anonymously, wearing kabuki masks, and provide the theme music to Escape Pod.
From the band's MySpace site:
Who is the Daikaiju? Kabuki men deliver most high rocket music.Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud Roken-Roll for earful pleasure!Impressive radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound, divine psychedelic wind for your special liking.Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

The band's members use the stage names:
Secret-Man - guitarist
Multi-Man - guitarist/keyboardist
Rumble-Man - bassist
Hands-Man - drummer
Electro-Man - keyboardist
Ex-members - E (drummer 1999-2002,2004), Mr. Nein (drummer 2001-2003), Oni (drummer 2005), IV (drummer 2005-2006), Tentacles-X (keyboardist 1999-2000), Captain Kanchou (guitarist/bassist 1999-2001), Brain Conflict (bassist 2002-2006), Dymaxion Lee (guitarist 2001-2006)
Radiant-Man - surprisingly dazzling lights

1. Daikaiju Die!
2. Attack of the Crab Women
3. The Trouble with those Mothra Girls
4. Sharkakhan
5. Showdown in Shinjuku
6. The Daikaiju who Loved Me
7. Son of Daikaiju
8. Incognito
9. Super X-9
10. Farewell to Monster Island

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Get Low

The Vice Barons
Friends In Low Places

Belgian surf Instro Group

Someone was requesting some Vice Barons so here you are. Could not find to much info on them but that several are now in the group The Mighty Gordinis. Anyone out there that can help fill in the gaps?

Signs Of The Ages
King Of The Wild Reverb
Shar Face Suzy
Stressmen Theme
Menaces Sous La Terre
Gun Freaks On Speed
Radiant 2000
Durango Vice Trap


The Slackmates

Hot Car Girls

1. Hot Car Girls
2. Sutra Vortex Factor
3. Rocket Racer
4. Surfin' At Sunset
5. Huevos Rancheros
6. Saturation
7. Devil Girl From Mars
8. Futura
9. Gender Bender
10. Westside Story

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Viva! Cinco de Julio!


Horror Vision

Telekrimen is an instrumental band of surf that take implicit in its style, the rock & roll garage the psicodélica, the punk and lounge. With a combination of reverberantes guitars, setenteros organs farfisa and sounds sci-fi of films of horror of 50 years ' s.

First record production of this trio of Surf: HORROR VISION. In this album, TELEKRIMEN offers an excellent trip us, by the Mexican culture kitch, where it cannot lack the series of monsters of series B of the Sixties, the classic cars Falcon or Glaxie, for delight of listening. A Surf with dose of Garage and something of Punk, notice in each one of the HORROR subjects VISION. From Satellite to the north of the D.F rates and sonorous frequencies for zombies. Surf-terror to enjoy strange drinks, under the influences of the moon. A highly recommendable disc for initiates of the Surf Mex!
1. Zombie radio

2. 123 of Fear

3. KM/58

4. Coctail monster

5. The Coco gin

6. Pirañas to Go-Go

7. Playa Swinger

8. The passage of the dead

9. Tide of Terror

10. Man overboard

11. Sex on the Rocks

12. Moscos Playeros

13. Sinister Bar

14. Death in Hawaii

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Spain's Most Feared Instro Band"

Los Durrumbes
(The Landslides)


Instrumental surf band from Spain influenced by classic surf bands from the early 60's and also by 50's Rockabilly music and exotica. Tasty tunes and catchy melodies!
1 Squad Car
2 A-Rab
3 Movin
4 Por La Punado
5 Outer Limits
6 the Rumble
7 No Tengo Tabla
8 Midnight Run
9 Somo 5-0
10 Goulash
11 Black Sand Beach
12 Pacifica
13 Buffalo
14 MK-2
15 Telstorm
16 The Whip
17 Corre Batman
18 Viva Las Vegas

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Worth Waiting For

Takeshi Terauchi

The World Is Waiting For Terry


By AV+ MLLittle known in the U.S. is Japan’s premier guitar hero, Takeshi Terauchi, affectionately known as Terry. Terry started recording electric guitar (or ‘eleki’) music in the early Sixties. His best recordings in the mid-to-late Sixties were with two different bands: the adorably named Bunnys and Blue Jeans. Generally, the music itself is Ventures inspired instrumentals accented with fuzzed-out whammy bar acrobatics. What makes The Bunnys and Blue Jeans unique is that they were also influenced by traditional Japanese Minyo, that is, very old rural folk songs. Terry recorded many a Minyo with the electric guitar at the helm in place of traditional instruments like the Shamisen.
Terry-san ranks close behind Western contemporaries Link Wray and Davie Allan when it comes to bad-ass guitar riffing. And though finding articles on him in your favorite magazine or finding his records in your local music shop proves a chore, The Bunnys and Blue Jeans have been included on a number of popular compilations, most notably, Pebbles from Around the World, the excellent Planet X GS collection Monster A Go-Go, Guitar Mood, the Hot Nips series, and the Corumbia Sixties Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler
1 Riders In The Sky
2 House Of The Rising Storm
3 Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
4 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
5 Moanin'
6 Shine
7 Night Train
8 Red Sails In The Sunset
9 Blue Moon
10 Stardust
11 Moon River
12 Comin' Home Baby