Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Thoughts

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Santiago, Chile after the earthquake last night.
Hope to hear that you're all safe soon.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rare Hidden Stones Unearthed

The Rolling Stones "Rare and Unseen"
Coming to DVD April 20, 2010

A collection of rare footage, original rare film and videos of the band, newsreels and photographs from private collections.


Wienerworld and MVD Visual are proud to announce the DVD release ofThe Rolling Stones "Rare and Unseen" on April 20, 2010. (Released January 18th in the UK)


Hi Res Cover Art"Rare and Unseen", the second title in this exclusive and all new DVD collection for fans, takes an inside look at the sheer audacity of the band that took RnB and made it into mainstream rock: The Rolling Stones.

From smalltime band to megastar rockers, The Stones have certainly had a major impact in the music world. They played, they recorded and they conquered the planet for five decades.

This brand new DVD release is a collection of rare footage you won't find elsewhere! Features original rare film and videos of the band, newsreels and photographs from private collections.  

- Mick Jagger on World in Action talks at length on responsibility and the law
- Keith Richards at the Berlin Film Festival
- Charlie Watts in a rare sound bite or two
- Bill Wyman talks tours and life
- Rare footage of Brian Jones 1964
- Rare and Unseen footage of each of the band talking
- Local TV reports thought lost and now restored
- Rock'n'Roll, Tours and Nostalgia  
- Unseen interview footage from Belfast


Direct Link to Purchase:


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aye! Estos perros tienen la cara!

Who's Love - What Love?

Another in our continuing efforts to expand our horizons and yours. A very nice and soulful tune. Looking forward to hearing the complete album. Enjoy.


On the upcoming Si*Sé Gold EP, singer/DJ Carol C’s voice evokes a sophisticated sensuality, singing in English and Spanish over producer Cliff Cristofaro’s post-trip-hop grooves. The band also includes drummer Ryan Farley, bassist Morgan Phillips, percussionist Neil Ochoa and violinist Nicole Arena.

For the single “This Love,” Carol turned to Cristofaro for a “Motown-ish track.” He was ready for the request, pulling out a sweetly spaced rhythm with plenty of room for Carol’s dream-like vocals to fly over: her heartfelt convictions, one which has caused innumerable fans to connect to her with, is in full force here. “I was talking to many different people around the same time,” she says, “and they all seemed to be in search of the perfect love. This song came out of those conversations.” The producer Cliff, also known as The Crystal Pharoah, provides a divine slice of disco cut with trilling string trimmings.

Look out for the full EP, Gold, coming on March 9th.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can't Wait For Summer

Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids

Sons Of The Beaches


@ 192

For their third album, Flash Cadillac masterfully recreates the breezy California pop of the mid-'60s. Beach Boys comparisons are inevitable, especially given that they open the album with an expert cover of "Summer Means Fun," originally recorded by Bruce Johnston, a Beach Boy himself, and sometime Beach Boy producer Terry Melcher. They also manage two satisfying Beach Boys homages with the original (Kris Moe) compositions that follow it, "Time Will Tell" and "It's a Summer Night." "It's a Summer Night" may be the pinnacle of Flash Cadillac's recording career, with outstanding vocal and instrumental work by the group set against flawless '60s production values. Two tracks by Hondell Richard Burns -- the oldie "Come On, Let's Go" and a new song, "Good Times, Rock & Roll" -- fit into the program nicely. Another Moe original, "I Wish You'd Dance," brings some sparkle to the album's second side, but "It's Hard (To Break the Ice)" is bland, and the closing "Rock and Roll Menace" is pointless and dull. With a few more top-quality tunes, this album could have been a 10. As it is, Sons of the Beaches is a refreshing, well-executed evocation of a golden age of pop songwriting and record making. by James A. Gardner

1 Summer Means Fun

2 Time Will Tell

3 Hot Summer Girls

4 It's a Summer Night

5 Come On, Let's Go

6 Good Times, Rock & Roll

7 You Sat Right There

8 I Wish You'd Dance

9 It's Hard (To Break the Ice)

10 Rock & Roll Menace

11 See My Baby Jive

12 Brown Water


Get it HERE

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blood Sweat & Beers

Since forming in 2004, Australian sister/brother duo BugGiRL (Amber and Clinno) have lived their life on the road, touring constantly across Europe, North America and Australia. Recorded by Mark Opitz (AC/DC, Rose Tattoo), their recent five track EP "Blood, Sweat & Beers" is a blast of fearless rock n' roll. This record, the band's third, has been backed with touring across the world following its October 2009 release. They'll follow it up in June 2010 with a new full length album that was recorded in California with Sylvia Massy (Tool, System Of A Down).

One look at the tour schedule of BugGiRL will show you exactly how hard working these guys are. They give it all for rock n' roll. Jumping on a plane from their Australian home in May 2007, the power-duo headed for the UK & Europe spending the next eight months touring the continent. Living only in their tour van and eating roadside scraps and small insects, they covered a distance of over 30,000 km, playing over 100 shows to over 30,000 fans.

BugGiRL are an old-school breed of road warrior. Old school rock work ethics, with an old school rock sound. They have been described as "rock n' roll road warriors from hell".

After an outback tour in the Australian summer of 2008, the road worn siblings hit the international highways for another round in 2008. Throughout their travels they have played Wacken showcases and Popkomm festivals and have toured alongside The Damned, The Bones, Mad Sin, Danko Jones, Brant Bjork, Doro, Girlschool, Peter Pan Speedrock and Texas Terri Bomb.

UK giants of media love BugGiRL. Impressed by the band's no bullshit attitude towards rock, blazing guitars tones & fun rockin' party vibe, long time fan Malcolm Dome invited BugGiRL for a special guest appearance on Total Rock Radio London. Legendary UK Rock magazine, Classic Rock featured BugGiRL on the cover mount CD alongside The Datsuns, Airbourne, Stone Gods, The Donnas, Saxon and Rose Tattoo (Nov 2008 issue).

Celebrating the release of new EP "Blood, Sweat & Beers", BugGiRL will hit the USA, UK and EU from March 2010, touring until December 2010. Turning every town on its head, making friends, fans and rock n' roll parties everywhere they go. "Blood, Sweat & Beers" is a pure piece of Australian pub rock history, featuring five solid rock classics, emerging from the snot and guts of beer-soaked pub carpets and blistering down the sunburned desert highway. "Blood, Sweat & Beers" will glass your face, hit on your girlfriend, start a free for all - all out brawl, slap ya on the arse and ride off into the morning desert sun...


Starting off in my home town!

Tuesday, March 2 - Huntington Beach, CA - Fitzgeralds (19171 Magnolia St.)

Wednesday, March 3 - Banning, CA - Paddy O'Reilly's (41 West Ramsey St.)

Friday, March 5 - Glendale, AZ - Copperstate Tavern (5060 W. Bethany Home Rd.)

Saturday, March 6 - Yuma, AZ - The Pub (179 East 1st Street)

Monday, March 8 - Las Vegas, NV - Bunkhouse Saloon (124 South 11th Street)

Wednesday, March 10 - Boise, ID - Gusto Bar (509 W. Main St. Boise, ID 83702)

Thursday, March 11 - Salt Lake City, UT - Burt's Tiki Lounge (726 South State Street)

Friday, March 12 - Grand Junction, CO - Tenacious Brothers Pub (710 Main Street)

Saturday, March 13 - Durango, CO - Desparados (351 S. Camino Del Rio)

Sunday, March 14 - Farmington, NM - B Lounge (600 E Broadway)

Tuesday, March 16 - Gallup, NM - Slapshot Billiards (1300 W I-40 Frontage Road 20)

Wednesday, March 17 - Santa Fe, NM - The Underground (200 W San Francisco St)

Thursday, March 18 - Amarillo, TX - War Legion Underground (519 10th Ave)

Friday, March 19 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit (2410 North Saint Marys Street)

Saturday, March 20 - McAllen, TX - Metropolis (2021 Orchid Ave)

Sunday, March 21 - Corpus Christi, TX - The Texan (3625 South Staples St)

Wednesday, March 24 - Austin, TX - Headhunters (720 Red River Street)

Thursday, March 25 - Dallas, TX - Lakewood Bar & Grill (6340 Gaston Avenue)

Saturday, March 27 - Tulsa, OK - Downtown Lounge (25 North Cheyenne Avenue)

Friday, April 16 - Fayetteville, NC - The Rock Shop (106 S. Eastern Blvd)

Wednesday, April 28 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Neck Tie (1248 N Front St)w/ American Speedway

Thursday, April 29 - New York City, NY - Public Assembly (70 North 6th Street Brooklyn)

Monday, May 31 - Boise, ID - Liquid Lounge (405 South 8th Street)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Kind Of Girls Do You Think We Are??

Frank Zappa

Zapped @ a roaring 320 w/ 3% Recovery


FZ:OZ (pronounced "eff-zee oh-zee"; in imitation of "Aussie") is a live album by Frank Zappa, released in 2002 as a two-CD set and is the first release on the Vaulternative Records label from the Zappa Family Trust. It contains almost all of a January 20, 1976 concert at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia.

Only one reel-to-reel tape machine was available to record the concert, however, resulting in gaps in some songs as the tape needed to be changed. These gaps have been filled in with bootleg recordings from the same tour. As a result there is a drop in sound quality during these sections, but the concert is preserved almost in its entirety.

Much of the featured material had not been released at the time of the recording, including "Canard Toujours", which later became "Let's Move to Cleveland", then later changed to Kreega Bondola, which was included on Does Humor Belong in Music? (1986) and several tracks that would later appear on Zoot Allures (1976). One song, "Kaiser Rolls", appears for the first time on FZ:OZ, and in two versions—the recording from the concert, which has had a missing section edited in, and a rehearsal version recorded before the start of the tour which is included at the end of disc two, entitled "Kaiser Rolls (Du Jour)". Wiki


CD 1

"Hordern Intro (Incan Art Vamp)"
"The Poodle Lecture"
"Dirty Love"
"Filthy Habits"
"How Could I Be Such a Fool?"
"I Ain't Got No Heart"
"I'm Not Satisfied"
"Black Napkins"
"Advance Romance"
"The Illinois Enema Bandit"
"Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station"
"The Torture Never Stops"


CD 2

"Canard Toujours"
"Kaiser Rolls"
"Find Her Finer"
"Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy"
"Lonely Little Girl"
"Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance"
"What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?"
"Chunga's Revenge"
"Zoot Allures"
"Keep It Greasy"
"Dinah-Moe Humm"
"Camarillo Brillo"
"Muffin Man"
"Kaiser Rolls (Du Jour)"

Get them HERE and HERE

Sick Day Every Day


 Los Angeles, CA: Shiragirl is releasing Scream! Spit! Sing! June 5 in conjunction with Conquer Entertainment. At first listen, Shiragirl comes off as in your face, fearless, true to her art. Shira is all those things...what do you expect from a protégé of Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Joan Jett and other punk rock luminaries? Yet Shira is smart...scary smart...and her honest, hard-hitting brand of  music is only one of the many layers to Shira. Shiragirl has shared a stage with Rancid, Joan Jett, NOFX and Donita Sparks, among many others. Shira sees something she wants, and doesn't hesitate to go after it.

 Shira's debut single "Sick Day" has been released first on her "un-label" from Conquer Entertainment, available exclusively at and will NOT be available on the album. Conquer Entertainment is a program which offers artists all of the benefits of a label without signing them. Through a membership to the program, artists maintain their independence and control their career; including creative control  and ownership of their masters. 

 Boasting such fans as Rancid's Tim Armstrong, Joan Jett and many other rock luminaries, Shiragirl is perhaps best known for literally crashing the Warped Tour in '04. "We drove our pink RV into the gates of Warped Tour and set up right opposite the skate ramp. Doors opened and everyone came running over to see what all the pink was about. We played a fun and raucous set with our lo-fi sound system. Then Kevin Lyman walked by and we figured we were done for. So I walked up to him to say hello, and he smiled and said, 'Shira! So you on for the whole tour now?' He was impressed with our chutzpah. From there I put together a proposal for a whole all-girl Shiragirl Stage. I wanted to provide a platform for girls to play on the tour, since there weren't any at the time. The next summer we hosted over 200 bands all over US and Canada, including Paramore. The following year is when Joan Jett graced our stage. Running the stage was a LOT of work, but it was for a good cause."  Shiragirl will also be appearing on select dates during the 2010 Warped Tour.

Shira loves to perform live, and all the songs she writes are autobiographical. "It depends on the show...sometimes it's scary as hell to perform onstage, like standing naked in front of a crowded room. Sometimes it's incredible, it feels like I'm on top of the world. Those are the times when I'm truly able to connect with the audience. And when I get feedback...positive or negative...that's the best, because that's how I know people are actually listening. Our live show is very in your face, aggressive, and sexy. At the same time we try to change it up and throw in some vulnerable moments." 

"Shiragirl is the perfect fit for me, " Shira continues. "I need to perform like I need to breathe. I want people to feel inspired to create art of their own. I don't have the greatest voice in the world, but I do have things to say. I want people to feel like they can do it too. I want to take over the music industry with my all-girl band and show that we can do it BETTER than the big boys," Shira laughs. "I want to find our audience and have everyone singing our songs. 

For more information, please check out:,, and


Get Your Big Ears On

Sufjan Stevens joins Clogs for special Big Ears performance

Adrian Belew, William Basinski, Liturgy, Konk Pack, Abe Vigoda, Ches Smith also join weekend lineup

Special programs announced for festival include:
Clogs plus special guests
Terry Riley pipe organ concert
Ben Frost / Tim Hecker collaboration
Bang On A Can playing David Longstreth, Thurston Moore and more

Full concert schedule unveiled today, Wednesday 2/17

KNOXVILLE, TN. The second Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee during the weekend of March 26 – 28, 2010 continues to expand with Sufjan Stevens, Adrian Belew, William Basinski, Liturgy, Konk Pack, Abe Vigoda, and Ches Smith now slated to join the lineup.

In addition the festival has unveiled some of the unique and rare performances to be experienced this year.

* Sufjan Stevens along with Matt Berninger and Aaron Dessner of The National and Shara Warden (My Brightest Diamond) will be joining Clogs in their performance of the new song cycle ‘The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton.’ Big Ears 2010 will feature the only live performance of the piece currently scheduled with all of the guest vocalists from the recording, which is slated to be released in early March.

* Electronic ambient composer Tim Hecker will be collaborating for the first time with composer/ performer Ben Frost, each of whom will also be performing separately during the weekend.

* The Bang on a Can All-Stars will perform a program of pieces written for them by the Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth and Thurston Moore as well as Michael Gordon and Evan Ziporyn.

* In addition, Bang on a Can will perform Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’ in a special show with the Books and Tim Hecker.

* Rock guitar legend Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, King Crimson) will introduce his new solo work during the festival.

* Aritst-in-residence Terry Riley’s series of programs during the festival weekend will also feature some rarely heard work. Riley will perform a concert on the extraordinary new pipe organ at the University of Tennessee’s Cox Auditorium, presenting music commissioned in 2008 by the LA Philharmonic to christen the pipe organ at Disney Hall. This will mark the first time that the program has been presented outside of Los Angeles. Riley will also perform his rarely heard recent work, Autodreamographical Tales, with the Bang on a Can All-Stars, prior to a performance of his legendary masterwork, In C, with an all-star cast of festival performers. In addition, Riley will perform other solo work as well as with his quartet, featuring electric violin virtuoso Tracy Silverman, guitarist Gyan Riley, and drummer Ches Smith (of Secret Chiefs 3 and Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog). The Calder Quartet will also present a program of Riley’s string quartets as well.

The Big Ears Festival also marks a couple of other exciting “firsts”:

* It will be the first time the Dutch punk anarchists The Ex have ever performed south of the Mason Dixon line in their 30 year history...and the festival finale will feature the long-awaited return of the National, who will debut new material from their much anticipated new album to be released in May.

The full schedule of concerts will be announced today, Wednesday, February 17th, and tickets for the new shows will go on sale Friday, February 19th at 10:00 am. Tickets are already on sale for many of the major concert events of the weekend, and a limited number of “Inner Ear” all access weekend festival passes are still available as well.

Tickets are available through or by calling 865.684.1200 ext. 2 between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm eastern.

Additional elements of the Big Ears Festival weekend will be revealed in the coming weeks, including surprise collaborations, art installations, a film program, workshops, lectures, interactive experiences, and more.

BIG EARS 2010 is celebrating the 75th birthday year of the legendary American minimalist composer, Terry Riley. The National’s Bryce Dessner is co-curating the weekend.

Artists performing include Vampire Weekend, the National, Joanna Newsom, Andrew W.K., St. Vincent, The xx, the Calder Quartet, Iva Bittova, Tim Hecker, Nico Muhly, Ben Frost, Sam Amidon, Doveman, jj, and more. For a complete listing and for more information, visit

More festival details, including travel and hotel information and up-to-the-minute news and additions to the schedule and line-up, are available at

Only A Little Late For Valentine's Day

On May 25th, neo-soul singer, Leela James, will be blessing us with another batch of that gritty unmistakable soul sound with her latest album, My Soul, set to drop via Stax Records. Leela had this to say of the album: "I just wanted to go into the studio and do what moved me at the time, and not think about it too much or not allow it to be something that was too planned. That’s what great soul music has always been about from the very beginning – something very raw, very authentic and very true.” Today, we get a sample of that authentic sound, as we are premiering the video for her first single, "Tell Me You Love Me."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Is Your Lucky Number

13 Featuring Lester Butler

Review by Cub Koda

From the opening harp honk of "So Low Down," and one is immediately struck by the fact that this is one dirty-sounding, forward-looking blues album, entering into territories usually unexplored by the pleated pants and berets hardliners intent on regurgitating their own record collections. There is not one slickly played, sung, or produced note to be found anywhere on this disc, making it stand out from the rest of the pack right from the beginning. Harmonica man/vocalist Lester Butler's songwriting pen comes up with nine of the 13 tracks on this disc, and all of them are every bit as finely wrought as the classics covered elsewhere on the album. With burning, solid guitar work from Alex Shultz, Paul Bryant, and someone named Smokey Hormel, a trio of revolving bassists and a pair of revolving drummers (Tom Levy, James Moore, and James Intveld doing the plunking with Steven Hodges and Johnny Morgan doing the skin-beating) and Andy Kaulkin on piano, this is one lowdown, lo-fi sounding ("grungy" would not be too descriptive a phrase here) album that immediately sucks you in with its sheer honesty alone. Even hackneyed titles like Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning," Elmore James' "So Mean To Me," and Doctor Ross' "The Boogie Disease" sound reasonably fresh here, no mean accomplishment for anybody. Although Butler overdubs his vocals on this session, thus utilizing his harp lines as a member of the band rather than the traditional vocal-harp fill-vocal method used in a true "live" recording, things sound so alarmingly natural, it's a very minor, niggling point at best. Is this the greatest White juke joint record ever made? Belly up to the bar, turn up the volume and you'll sure find out; it's a hard one to ignore.


1 So Low Down
3 Sweet Tooth
4 Black Hearted Woman 
5 Close to You 
6 Smokestack Lightning 
7 Pray for Me 
8 So Mean to Me 
9 Way Down South 
10 Boogie Disease
11 Plague of Madness 
12 Down in the Alley 
13 Baby Please Don't Go 

Get it HERE

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rockin' In The "FREE WORLD"?

I Rock Cleveland is shut down by Google's Blogger service

By John Soeder, The Plain Dealer 
February 10, 2010, 5:20PM


I Rock Cleveland, a popular music blog run by Bill Lipold of Parma, has been shut down by Google's Blogger division. 

Lipold received an e-mail Tuesday from Blogger, notifying him that I Rock Cleveland was removed for violating Blogger's terms of service. 

"It's difficult to get across . . . that there's a difference between someone working with the blessings of the artists and the [record] labels and someone who leaks Bruce Springsteen's entire discography," Lipold, 35, told The Plain Dealer on Wednesday. 

"They don't see the distinction between someone who's adding value and someone who's facilitating piracy," he said. "That goes to the root of this whole mess." 

I Rock Cleveland showcased music not only by local artists, but national and international acts, too. 

In recent months, Blogger notified Lipold of several complaints from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, a recording-industry trade group, alleging that some MP3 files on I Rock Cleveland infringed on copyright. 

Lipold said he had permission from the artists, publicists or record companies involved to share the music files in question, including songs by the indie bands Nadja and Spindrift. 

On Wednesday, Lipold e-mailed documentation of the blessings he had obtained to Blogger, which is owned by Mountain View, Calif.-based Google. The free service allows users to create and maintain their own blogs. 

Blogger also pulled the plug on several other MP3 blogs this week. 

In an item posted today on its own blog under the heading “A quick note about music blog removals,” Blogger said it does not publicly discuss individual users or accounts.

The entry also stated: “When we receive multiple DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] complaints about the same blog, and have no indication that the offending content is being used in an authorized manner, we will remove the blog.”

I Rock Cleveland averaged 1,500 unique visitors daily, according to Lipold, who is a database programmer. He started his blog in 2006. 

"I don't make money on it -- I've never run advertising," Lipold said. 

"I do it because of the good feedback I get from the people who read it. I get compliments all the time. People say I'm making a difference by keeping them up-to-date about the Cleveland music scene." 

Lipold plans to relaunch I Rock Cleveland on a new server this weekend.

New links for this and several other zapped blogs on the Friends That Rock listing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How Much Reverb Do You Want Senor???

The Wet Tones
Mucho Reverbo

Find out while attending at hot rod races and while riding flaming motorbikes, loaded with surf, rockabilly, cocktail lounge and punk rock, The Wet-Tones fill their last album Mucho Reverbo with 11 incredible tracks of pure instrumentsl surf, played with a committed punk '77 attitude. Influenced by Los Straitjackets, Ramones, Rocks, Ventures and Link Wray, they add modern rhythms to a vintage background, realizing a pure r’ n ‘ roll song like Bikini, an attonishing 7th Wave, the grim mood of Lightning Strike and the tribal sounds of Apache Trail. Go and see ' em live: The Wet-Tones are either F.B.I. surf department agents or wild leopard masks!

1 Mr.X
2 Bikini
3 Apache Trail
4 Playa Piranha
5 Lightning Strike
6 Bonecrasher
7 If I Had a Hammer
8 Tropicana
9 Surfin'the Casbah
10 The 7th Wave
11 Mucho Reverbo

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need A New Job?

Commercial that was NOT shown on Super Bowl Sunday

Looking Back To The Future

The Mighty Gordinis
The Future Looks Like Yesterday
@ 256


It was the summer of 1998. My former band, the VICE BARONS, was going nowhere fast so we decided to call it a day. At the same time, I was contacted by some loudmouth VBs fan that had christened himself JACK CARBU and had busted my nuts for weeks to come and play some guitar with him.

Since I had nothing else to do, I told him I'd come along but only if we could find a bass player and a drummer. As a matter of fact, I knew that MARTIN, who drove the van whenever the VBs went on tour, played some bass. JACK said he knew a drummer. But on the day we finally all met, it appeared that the guy wasn't much of a drummer. So after a couple of months we had to let him go. Drummers have always been a problem ever since.

At present times, NICO who's also the brains behind THE MOON INVADERS and all around nice guy is sitting behind the drum kit. He is our ninth drummer. What band can out beat that?

In 1999, the German label KAMIKAZE released our first E.P. "Burnout in Vegas". It included "Thunderbird stomp" that was a stage favourite for a very long time and also the scary "52 miles to terror". But the sound on the B-side was so dreadful we had to pretend it was recorded live though it wasn't. I guess it fooled no one.

Our debut full-length recording, called "KISS MY WHEELS was released in 2000 on DEMOLITION DERBY (vinyl) and DRUNKABILLY (CD). Here again it provided some stage favourites such as "My baby wants to brainwash my mind", "let's party all night" or the moronic "next stop: pussyville" always sure to start a pogo. It had some fine instro moments as well such as "The theme from cream pie" or "Minge surfin" .In my personal CD collection it is filed between THE METHADONES and THE MOONEY SUZUKI. And this is exactly where it belongs.

In 2002, the second LP, « FOR BOSOMANIACS ONLY », kinda visual tribute to RUSS MEYER, was only released on vinyl on Demolition Derby. Despite such fine tracks as "Mustang driving woman" or "American Revolution" nobody was really happy with this record as far as the sound was concerned. I spent hours and hours in the studio trying to fix the drum sound but is was crappy right from the start and there was no way to set it right.

In 2004 we recorded a four track EP under the name LES GORDINIS. It was supposed to contain 4 French songs in a very sixties style (think Jacques DUTRONC or Ronnie BIRD) unfortunately it never came out. But who knows, maybe one day....

Our third full-length release is issued since february 2006 on vinyl and cd on CHERRY BOMB. It's entitled FUELED ON FUZZ and it's totally instrumental. It has a lot of samples on it in the vein of MAN OR ASTROMAN though. And none other than Pierre VERVLOESEM who previously produced dEUS mixed it. Isn't this a small world after all?

And for you trivia fans: the name of the band comes from AMEDEE GORDINI, a former race driver, who became famous for preparing racing engines, first on his own and later for the REGIE RENAULT. He began, in the late fifties on the RENAULT DAUPHINE, then did his most famous work on the RENAULT 8, which under the Gordini version, became one the most winning rally and racing cars of his generation.

The man with the white Jaguar

Heavy soul X-plosion
R'n'R Congregation
Out of luck
Don'tcha love T-Rex?
Savage fuzz
Five eyed monster
Hole in my head
Babylon dolls
Man you need
Hallucination mash
Hollywood girl
Don't treat me like a dog
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No, Not That Creed!

1978Ripped @ 256

A band that actually sounds better with age. The one album delivered by CREED, a self-titled 1978 outing, offers Southern tinged Hard Rock that has a slight AOR flavour in places thanks to the keyboard work of Hal Butler. ‘Firecracker’ and ‘Time And Time Again' are particularly impressive in this respect. Amazingly, the band was still together in 1983 when CREED issued a four track EP, ‘Believe It!’ on their own label. The cover of the record was similar to the album, albeit with a silver grey logo in place of the full coloured version. Whilst vocalist / guitarist Steve Ingle, bass player James Flynn and drummer Chip Thomas remained in the band to record the EP, Butler and Maben had both departed. The latter was replaced by Jim Rusidoff and CREED’s music thus became a little harder in approach.
Steve Ingle would turn up years later in 1988 playing guitar in JOANNA DEAN’s band BIG NOISE. Hal Butler resurfaced in 1999, featuring on the JIMI JAMISON'S SURVIVOR album 'Empires'.
Tracks :
1. Keep On Rockin'
2. Tied Down
3. Firecracker
4. You Never See It That Way
5. We're Gonna make It
6. Just Can't Stop
7. Too Proud To Cry
8. Can't Find Love
9. Time And Time Again

Get it HERE

Mas Banditos

Los Banditos

Beat Odyssee


@ a smokin' 320



1. Zuckerfee aus Warschau
2. Auf der Strasse nach Moskau
3. Kom Maedchen geh
4. Im Nebel der Wolga
5. Helsinki Affairs
6. Mit Jesus durch St.Petersburg
7. Jaroslavl Beat Komet
8. Wilde Roadies, lesse Girls
9. Aufruhr im Hilanersfall
10. Kasakenboogie
11. Tetris in Nizhnij Novgorod
12. Mandragora
13. Bonus Track
Get it HERE

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mein Banditos!

Los Banditos
Modul 47
Ripped @ a sneaky 320 w/ 3% Recovery

In 1996 the band was founded as a trio in Jena/Germany.
The Banditos first specialized in Surf, but soon enough line up and musical competence were steadily broadened, so that 10 years later were facing a 5-headed gang that is still celebrating its music on a solid Surf base and is unmistakeably inspired by the East German Big Beat bands of the early Sixties (yes, this term did exist already 40 years ago), but is integrating the sexy groove of the Sixties/ Seventies Soul and cuban percussions into its music as well as performing classical RnB vocal pieces this is an own version of Post Easy Listening Pop.

This mixture is produced on original vintage GDR-equipment: Musima de Luxe guitar, Musima Brillant 76 bass and Weltmeister T/O 200.5 organ.

The Banditos live gigs turn out to be a challenge for your dancing as well as for your laughing abilities. Glamour is served in family packs and the prescribed combination of musical drugs, namely Sixties Beat, Surf, sound tracks of Spy Thrillers, Spaghetti Westerns and Blue Movies, Black Soul, Las Vegas Glamour, Shadows melodies and brave postmodern Pop makes even the death move.
At the latest with their interpretations of "Je non plus" and "Ca Plane pour moi " every hall goes wild.

But of course the Banditos are not only game for popular party tunes. In the first place elegance and understatement are dominant. In an adequate atmosphere it is not unlikely that an Los Banditos concert takes up to 3 hours. And theres not one moment of boredom included. Their own compositions, titled "Porno Uschi" (Porn Uschi), "Unbekannte wilde Frau" (Unknown Wild Woman), "M..dchen komm!" (Com'on Girl ), "Komm M..dchen, geh!" (Com'on Girl, leave!) or "Zwischenfall im Orbit" (Incidence in Space) don't have to hide behind their versions of classics or obscurities.

Self evidently, the Banditos are now all year around on tour - not only at home, but all across Europe as in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Baltics and Russia. A Best Of compilation titled "Collected Works" is out on Soyuz Records Moscow since fall 2006.

Their divine Sex video clip ran several times on VIVA and ARTE broadcasted a complete concert. The band is also writing music for theaters across Germany and Switzerland i.e. Karen Finleys theatre play "The theory of total blame" and enjoyed engagements at theatres in Basel, Freiburg, Berlin, Halle and others. After a big success in 2005 Los Banditos performed again with the Jena Theater Haus at famous Kulturarena festival 2006.

Their songs can be found in national and international film productions as "Der Eisbaer", "Legion of the Dead", "Willenbrock" or the documentary "Tod im Stasiknast" among others. A documentary about their "Beat Odyssey Tour 2005" to Eastern Europe and Russia is in the making.

Of course they appear also frequently in the radio, in fanzines and the press. Some samples?
Spex: Best Surf/Instrumental record of approximately the last 18 month.
Flying Revolverblatt: Fantastic Instrumental sound between Surf &Easy Listening.
Ox: The heroes of Trash Surf Beat were the only ones who managed to make the 700 lethargic bastards move.
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1 Unbekannter Wilder Mann 4:56
2 Tränen An Der Donau 4:13
3 Mädchen Die Noch In Die Schule Gehen 3:11
4 Die Neue Vom Club 2:31
5 Porno Uschi 3:45
6 Modul 47 3:08
7 Django 4:33
8 Strasse Ins Nirgendwo 3:09
9 Los Banditos 1:39
10 Mexico 3:01
11 Mofamann 3:53
12 Pössneck 2:36
13 Dr. Silber & Die Mopeds 2:35
14 Daumen Im Wind 4:06
15 Schlangenfrau 7:52
16 Sabine

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May I Have The Final Dance?

Los Coronas
El Baile Final De Locos Y Los Cuerdos
VBR 200+

Any further reference to Los Coronas is welcome because in its own, authentic rock instrumental phenomena. Twenty years in business and a handful of discs that are and have been referenced within the European and international circuit. 

Before this kind of music that was fashionable in the nineties Tarantino Madrid combo war was already taking a long time. On this occasion ... The final dance of the mad and the sane, what with Kaki Arkarazo recorded, mixed and mastered in the U.S., in Tucson and Ventura, with two large and Schummacker and JJ Craig Golden.

Anyone who thinks that Los Coronas is just a surf instrumental group in the old style of the Ventures and Dick Dale is a little wrong because in this new installment dare to tango, the western, rumba and paso doble. 

Versions with the fortune 'Libertwango' (Imeem), Astor Piazzola, via Grace Jones, and marked a "radioactive Riders' (Imeem) that is not just a border check of" Radioactivity "by Kraftwerk, a band that at the time also presented the brilliant The Treble Spankers, and 'Ghost Riders In The Sky "by Stan Jones.

In 'Alamerde', the only moment you step off the bar, retrieved the voice of Fernan Gomez as a tribute to them has been perfect and the quartet that finally lost to Oscar Ybarra, Marlango busy with full time, he has surrounded in recording Jairo Zavala (DePedro, The Vacazul), and trumpeter Jose Alberto Varona, but has signed to direct a trumpeter who say Ukrainian is the bomb.

Tremendous is 'Blood on the Sand', a clear reference court specifically Spanish and taurine, as well as the environment 'Curro Jiménez' from 'The rumbaleros', on the spaghetti western in 'Rancho Leone' (Imeem), tuning frontier 'Aguascalientes' or marine scents 'Big wave riders'. Recommended is an understatement.

01. Libertwango
02. Big Wave Riders
03. Sangre en la Arena
04. Soul Surfer
05. Los Rumbaleros
06. Aguascalientes
07. El Baile Final
08. Rancho Leone
09. Jinetes Radiactivos
10. Alamerde
11. El Descastao
12. Calle Tesoro

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Listen Loudest!

The Bambi Molesters
Play Out Of Tune

Originally released as a cassette in 1995, this was the debut release from a cool instro act out of Croatia. Well, actually, they do some singing on this release, but I believe their later releases are all instro. That said, this is a good selection of punk, garage, R&B and surf songs, including covers of "Good Times" (Nobody's Children), "I Can't Believe It" (Pere Ubu) and "Little Beach Bunny" (The Sunsets a.k.a. Gary Usher). Their own songs are quite cool, with some catchy riffs permeating tunes like "She's So Soft inside" and "I Can't Believe It." Special mention should also go to "Charles Brown Manson" for its hilarious song title! Alan Wright


1   Wanganui 
2   She's So Soft Inside
3   1000 Songs
4   Idle Moments 
5   Her Delta's Blues
6   Good Times
7   Catatonya
8   Little Beach Bunny
9   Cradle Snatcher
10  I Can't Believe It
11  Charlie Brown Manson

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Who Gets The Last Beer?


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