Monday, July 07, 2008

They're On A Rampage!

The Chesterfield Kings
Surfin' Rampage


The legendary Chesterfield Kings have been a lot of things to a lot of people in their always colorful career: (early) Stones-worshipping cave stompers, Dee Dee Ramone-supervised nouveau-punks, defiant Upstate glam-rockers, (mid-period) Stone-throwers, then suddenly --a SURF combo?!!

Well, Pendelton shirts notwithstanding, this delightful album is much, much more than just another Beached Boy riff-off: these boys actually got down and get wet grappling with the REAL thang, be it Domenic Priore-approved instrumental work-outs or Sloan & Barri-composed bingo-blanket ditties. The thirty-two (count em!) selections packed onto this disc more than prove Greg, Andy and the guys have spent their due time pouring over Surfaris and Fantastic Baggy albums, to say nothing of the late, greatly missed Gary Usher's considerable song folio, yet it's Brian Wilson's ultra-challenging "No Go Showboat" which shows the Kings, unlike the majority of other mere mortals who might attempt such a task, possess even the vocal chops to pull it all off.
More surprising still is that amongst several equally authentic swipes at the dreaded Hot Rod genre herein, the coolest by far is the band's own composition, "Shelby GT 356," which would easily pass the mustard on the flipside of any Jan & Dean 45, believe you me!
I only hope The Chesterfield Kings will now go that extra quarter mile and attempt this endeavor on stage (now THAT would surely separate the ho-dads from the gremmies!), but even if this is one incarnation of the band's that is destined to exist only on record, and possibly only this once, these guys all get my stamp of approval for riding this particular killer wave ALL the way in and living to stomp about it.
By Gary "Pig" Gold

1 The Surf Is In
2 Top Down Time
3 Anywhere the Girls Are
4 Farmer's Daughter
5 Draggin' Deuce
6 Moon Relay
7 Shelby GT 356
8 Wax Board and Woodie
9 Black Denim
10 R.P.M.
11 Ballad of Bonneville
12 Little Honda
13 Beat '65
14 Our Car Club
15 Summer Means Fun
16 No Go Showboat
17 Devil on Wheels
18 Little Beach Bunny
19 Double O Surf
20 Hot Rod High
21 D/Gas Chevy
22 My Little Bike
23 Custom Machine
24 The Swim
25 Echo
26 Surfin'
27 Surf Side Steady
28 Competition Coupe
29 Coffin Nails
30 Land Beyond the Moon
31 Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'
32 Surfin' Rampage




Brandonio! said...

As much as I wanted to like this album,I'am here to say I don't.Don't get me wrong I love the Chesterfield Kings,and all but this is not cool in the least to my ears.Maybe a few decent songs,but I wouldn't recomment this to fans of the band or surf music in general.It's good post in sense that it makes people appreciate their other albums more.
I'm just saying


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