Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whatcha Got In YOUR Pocket?

Spin Doctors
Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Ripped @ a poppin' 320

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

After nearly a year of solid touring, the Spin Doctors scored a huge, unexpected success with the incessantly catchy "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong." The rest of Pocket Full of Kryptonite will please fans of that song; the album is full of the loose, leisurely three-chord pop/rock jams the Spin Doctors specialize in. It may be unfair to compare them to the Grateful Dead, but the Doctors often suggest a lighter, more pop-oriented version of that band. While all of the best tracks were issued as singles ("Jimmy Olsen's Blues," "Two Princes," and "Little Miss"), there are still enough good moments on the rest of the album to please anyone who loves the hits.

1 Jimmy Olsen's Blues
2 What Time Is It?
3 Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
4 Forty or Fifty
5 Refrigerator Car
6 More Than She Knows
7 Two Princes
8 Off My Line
9 How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)
10 Shinbone Alley/Hard to Exist

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Shake It Way Down

Dubhead Vol 2

Shivers M&D


As promised, another great package of only the finest dubs for you.

1 Way Down in a Babylon D. Rootical
2 Heartland Dub Disciples
3 Truth Dub D. Maximillian, Mixman
4 Dub Warming Fish & Goat At The Controls
5 Lunar Module Tassilli Players
6 Tokyo Dub Hi Tech Roots Dynamics
7 Praising Dub Armagideon
8 Sound System Dub Hughie Izachaar
9 Shining Dub [Version 96] Equalizer, Manasseh
10 Rootsman Chant [Version II] Dub Crusaders
11 Slave Dub Prince Green
12 The Storm Earthquake
13 Third Eye Bush Chemists
14 Live in Harmony Dub Specialist
15 Discipline Power Steppers

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Let Your Dub Light Glow

Dubhead Vol 1

Shiver M&D


Thouroghly enjoyable set of very fine dubs for your ears. Take them for a spin inside your head. More to come.

1 Talking Dubheads All Nations Rockers
2 Victory Dub Armegideon
3 Lessons of Old Blue & Red
4 Light up Your Spliff Bush Chemists
5 Dub Zone Dub Plate Vibes Crew
6 Before Christmas Centry
7 More Love Henry & Louis
8 Dub of the Fellaheen Rootsman
9 Jerusalem Alpha & Omega
10 Blazing Dub Disciples
11 Prophet Lives East Meets West
12 Free the Nation Aba-Shanti
13 Running Away [Hard Mix] D. Rootical
14 Righteous Children Jah Warrior

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wham! Not Bamm!

Lonnie Mack
Memphis Wham!
@ 192

Review by Richie Unterberger

At first glance, this might seem like nothing more than a retread of the classic The Wham of That Memphis Man, as the disc includes all 14 songs from that album. This is a quality upgrade/supplement to that record, though, adding 11 more tracks of 1963-1967 vintage from both rare singles and previously unreleased outtakes. This is hardly filler that only collectors will care about; it's good stuff, sometimes ace stuff, that's almost all on the same level of The Wham. "Oh, I Apologize," a cover of an obscure Barrett Strong track, is white soul singing on par with Mack's best vocal efforts, while "Cry, Cry, Cry" is a great instrumental version of a Bobby "Blue" Bland number; both of these cuts, unbelievably, were not released prior to this CD. The singles "Say Something Nice to Me" and "Save Your Money" (from 1964 and 1967) are more filet of white soul, and "Tension Pts. 1 & 2" (a 1966 single) another cool roadhouse instrumental. Some of the rare add-ons are less essential than others (like the instrumental reading of the Beatles' "From Me to You"), but taken together it's certainly the best Mack collection, enhanced by Bill Millar's informative liner notes. By the way, in one of those inexplicable occurrences bound to cause collectors to run around in circles, the song titled "Farther on Down the Road" on The Wham of That Memphis Man recording is here titled "Farther on up the Road" and listed as previously unreleased, although in fact it seems to be the same track as the one given a different title on the LP. (To cause further confusion, Mack definitely sings the lyric "Farther on up the road, " not "Farther on down the road, " as it was originally titled.)



1 Memphis
2 Where There's a Will There's a Way
3 Wham!
4 I'll Keep You Happy
5 The Bounce
6 Baby What's Wrong
7 Down and Out
8 Satisfied
9 Susie-Q
10 Why
11 Down in the Dumps
12 Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
13 Gee Baby
14 Chicken Pickin'
15 Oh, I Apologize
16 Say Something Nice to Me
17 From Me to You
18 Turn on Your Love Light
19 The Freeze
20 Farther on up the Road
21 Cry Cry Cry
22 Save Your Money
23 Tension, Pt. 1
24 Tension, Pt. 2


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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Billy Boy On Poison On My Way


Los Angeles, CA: Rockers Billy Boy on Poison are set to play three shows (and counting) at this year’s SXSW conference. Confirmed Austin shows are: 

Tuesday March 16th
405 E.7th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Call (512) 482-9002 for showtime
Saturday March 20th afternoon bbq
Swing House & Hell Ya Present:
The Roxy Austin @
The Rusty Spurs
405 E 7th Street, Austin Texas 78701 

Saturday 20th showcase
Treasure Island at 413 East 6th street
(set time to be announces)

Billy Boy on Poison aren't your average LA rock band. Their authenticity is gleaned from Ziggy-Stardust-era Bowie. Their garage punk crunch is Hendrix, New York Dolls, The Strokes and The Stooges. Billy Boy has played with such luminaries as The Stooges, Mickey Avalon, Swayze, The English Beat, Stone Temple Pilots, Unwritten Law, The Vandals, Blink 182, Weezer, AFI, Airborne Toxic Event, Journey, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Public Enemy, Jet, Alice in Chains, Taking Back Sunday. They’ve also performed at SummerFest/Milwaukee, Donnington Download Festival UK (formerly Monsters of Rock), Fuji Rock Festival/Japan and are regular ticket sellouts in their home town of LA (Roxy, Whisky, Troubadour, etc.).
 Billy Boy on Poison's songs have been heard all over TV and film: Vicks/DayQuil commercial with Apolo Ohno, which is currently running, Entourage and Gossip Girl promos, FOX, ESPY’s, Oldsmobile Commercial with Kat VonD, their tune “Dirty Bomb” was the theme song for VH1’s show “Free Radio,” with Lance Krall, “Mirrors” (feature film) and the band will be featured in the upcoming feature film, “McGruber.” 

Monday, March 01, 2010

Over EZ

Huevos Rancheros

Cindy With An "S"


"Cindy With An "S"" is a 7" single by Huevos Rancheros. It was released on 7" vinyl in 1993 on Lucky Records in 2 colours:
1st pressing: clear vinyl
2nd pressing: black vinyl



1 Cindy With A "S"

2 Branded

3 Reptile


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Head For The Hills!!!!!

Like Y2K and the N1H1 virus scares this too was for naught.

While I receive many lovely gifts from my friends in Santiago, Chile, the expected tsunami did not appear. Most folks in Huntington Beach have never noticed the Tsunami Evacuation Route signs that were posted after the Indo quake and tsuname in 2004. Always nice to know what direction to start running like a madman when the water gets high!

We have finally heard from friends in Santiago and now know they are safe. Things are getting back to normal with services being restored in the last few days. Still, it is a very sad situation as the death toll continues to rise each day.

Stay strong friends.