Monday, July 14, 2008

Definately Here To Stay

The Slickee Boys
Here To Stay

The Slickee Boys were a 5-piece psychedelic rock band that formed in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Not quite punk but not quite pop either, they carved out an innovative niche somewhere in between. Singing about lost love, meeting girls or just heading to the beach for kicks, these were songs that got you moving but also featured melodic hooks that would stick in your heads for days afterwards. While looking back to long forgotten bands of the "Nuggets" variety such as The Squires and The Chocolate Watchband for inspiration, The Slickee Boys gradually evolved into a distinctive guitar power pop band with songs that refused to fit into any trendy category dreamed up by slimy record executives to create a "buzz". The Slickee Boys simply rocked- and left you begging for more.


by Dean Carlson
A compilation of early EPs from 1976-1982, Here to Stay chronicled the Slickee Boys in full new wave/garage rock swing. From the screwy doo wop flavor of "Glendora" to the Rokes/Grass Roots cover "Let's Live for Today," partially sung in Italian by short-time vocalist Martha Hull, the Slickee Boys hadn't yet developed real force or their own idiosyncrasies (the recurring bridge in "Forbidden Alliance," retitled "Forbidden Love," got close to Split Enz but it was still off the mark). Mystery Science Theater: 3000 fans would enjoy "The Brain That Refused to Die," even if most of Here to Stay was diluted and indecisive.

Golden Love
Forbidden Love
Put a Bullet Thru the Jukebox
Let's Live for Today
Girls Want to be With the Girls
Heart On
Here to Stay
Porcelain Butter Kitten
Brand new Cadillac
Psycho Daisies
Manganese Android Puppies
What a Boy Can't Do
Theme From Exodus
Gotta Tell Me Why
The Brain That Refused to Die
Love In



Nazz Nomad said...

thanks for this - big fan of the slickee boys- have this on vinyl-
too bad it doesn't have "when i go to the beach" on it with the classic line "i'm drinkin beer for breakfast/I'm happy all the time"