Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bow To The Kings

The Surf Kings
Coming Up For Air
The Surf Kings are a Southern California based progressive surf/rock band. The Surf Kings are the creation of one of the few remaining 1st wave guitar players of the early 60's ... Tom Stanton. Tom played with the now infamous Crossfires from Southern Calilfornia, who later on became the Turtles of "Happy Together" fame. On April 26th 1996, the Surf Kings played their debut performance at Surfer's Paradise, the Mother of all Surf Music Events. They played a stunning set and the word seemed to spread over night... a new sound was born from the roots of traditional surf and Tom Stantons modern and creative surf/rock writing style. The father of all surf radio Phil Dirt reviewed that amazing evening like this ...
"They were incredible! They blew the house down. Everyone I talked to was amazed...hook drenched surf and reverb trance inducing psyche...astoundingly great!" Phil Dirt, KFJC Radio

" Coming Up For Air " is the Surf Kings second and latest CD, released 6-15-04. 3 years in the making it contains songs rooted deep in traditional surf to songs that expand and explore modern surf/rock with acoustic guitar to the Didgeridoo. From pristine to fully rockin', this CD contains 14 songs, all written and arranged by Tom Stanton with the exception of one great cover song, "Casbah". It's a masterpiece of work that you will enjoy for years to come.


1. Hammerhead
2. Coming Up For Air
3. Glass Bowls
4. Casbah
5. Catalyst
6. Lobotomy
7. Amp Head
8. Oral Exciter
9. Gods of Atlantis
10. Spirit of Man
11. Jaba Point
12. Amanda
13. Bolero for a King
14. Black Sea


zillagord said...

I agree with the review-- a masterpiece. Grab this one of you don't have it and thank Trustar for postin' it!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop playing this. Thanks T