Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today The Invasion Of Greece, Tomorrow The World!

Yes, it's finally happened. I've just received the above notice from GSD (Greek Surf Demon) that Greece has been invaded by the truly horrorifying Trustar Vibrations stickers that have plagued the state of Georgia and the Huntington Beach California area. Though they put up a valiant fight, they were doomed from the start. If you are inclined to reek havoc in a similar fashion in your own country, province, neck of the woods, hit the email in the profile. We will do our best to help spread this scourge like wildfire. Be the first one on your block to sport one of these babies on your car, locker, surfboard, Lear jet or toilet seat. All your friends will say "WTF?"
While supplies last.
(p.s. The above artwork was put together by my friend Antonis (GSD) and NOT the TV sticker. It is pretty cool though.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give This One A Whirl

Psychedelic Disaster Whirl
Excellent Psych Comp

One of my very first scores from the blogosphere and another permenent resident in my iPod ever since.

Long ago released psych comp and one of the genre's classic ones. As the cover states: Guranteed Free of Flower Power! Blow Your Mind!

01 Plague - The Face Of Time
02 Perpetual Motion Workshop - Won't Come Down
03 Quiet Jungle - Everything
04 Last Knight - Shadow Of Fear
05 Human Expression - Optical Sound
06 Thee Sixpence - In The Building
07 Children Of The Night - World Of Tears
08 20th Century Zoo - You Don't Remember
09 Scorpio Tube - Yellow Listen
10 Inexpensive Handmade Look - What Good Is Up
11 Starlites - I Can't See You
12 Perpetual Motion Workshop - Infiltrate Your Mind
13 Story Tellers - Cry With Me
14 Caretakers Of Deception - Cuttin' Grass
15 Boy Blues - Comin' Down To You
16 Strange Fate - Hold Me Baby

Always Keep A Plunger Handy

The Plungers

Guitars Gone Wild


To compliment Curty Ray's Hodad Heaven post of The Plunger's Surf Americana (check in the Friends That Rock section on the sidebar). Always tastey tunes to enjoy there.

The Plungers have to rank as the most prolific band on the surf scene, releasing two CDs of killer originals in 2003. And as good as Land of a Thousand Surf Guitars was, it's followup, Guitars Gone Wild, ups the ante, with 21 instrumentals - each more evocative than the one before. Not an easy feat. The septet (which grew out of a University of Oklahoma combo called The Sperm Counts, who dressed up in Dracula outfits) features dual lead guitars, rhythm guitar , bass, Fender bass VI, baritone (sometimeselectric 12 string) and drums. This multi-layered approach sets The Plungers apart from any instro-surf band on the scene today , or probably ever.The staccato, reverb-drenched "Takin' The Plunge" is reminiscent of the Astronauts, while "Ridin' Tall" sounds like vintage Shadows, and you can guess the influence behind "Link". "Spring Break" (you've got to love a band that names songs after its outboard reverb tank) exhibits the type of melodic sense that marks ex-Belair Paul Johnson's recent solo work. And the swirling "Mondo A Go Go" is as intricate as anything by Laika & The Cosmonauts.The songs are all group collaborations, and the members also shared production duties. Amazingly, with everything that's going on (with additional percussion on most tracks and Terry "Buffalo" Ware's slide for good measure on "Surfcracker") the sound never turns to mud. - Dan Forte


1 Beachnik
2 Lone Shark
3 Takin' the Plunge
4 Rattled
5 Spring Break
6 Ridin' Tall
7 Mai Tai
8 Jacked
9 Mondo a Go Go
10 Flashpoint
11 Hanalei Hoedown
12 First Date
13 Castaway
14 Oahu
15 Meet Mr. Mod
16 Link
17 Riviera
18 Propellor
19 Surfcracker
20 Free Board
21 Adrift

Monday, February 23, 2009

Los Muertos Vivientes - El Mysterio De Huracan Ramirez

Get down and dead!

Viva Los Muertos!

Los Muertos Vivientes
En Nombre del Surf Y de La Lucha del Spiritu Santo...Amen

Born in Vila Velha / ES, a banda faz uma mistura muito do Criativa SURF MUSIC, da Luta LIVRE, Psychobilly do, and two "B" MOVIES, mixed tudo com muita energia e originalidade, shows quite performing, pseudonyms of famous Mexican calendar lutadores , music and a visual empolgantes bizarre, trazendo "El Dia de Los Muertos" pro palco em qualquer show that participem.

A banda vem are accumulating fans and we do four songs world (visit myspace or e estou Falando will do that), quite unusual for sua proposta, mistura e contos da lenda Mexican culture, letras em espanhol, film and literature of terror to luta livre eo bom e velho Californian surf music.

Seu primeiro CD demo espalhou-hair circuit is psycho-surf-a-billy world obtendo an excellent repercussão that Troux reconhecimento and various opportunities to participate in e fora do coletâneas country like SURF knots (Mexico), YELLS FROM THE CRYPT (Texas - USA) and SURF AS ART (Mexico), MUSICAL MUQUECA (ES), SURF BRASILLIAN (Europe) and more recent TIDE MYSTERY (Mexico).

Agora o seu primeiro CD disseminating entitled "IN THE NAME OF THE SURF AND FIGHT of Espírito Santo ... Amen!.
01 Luchadores Muertos y Una Bruja Muchacha
02 El Diablo, El Más Chingón
03 ¡Adelante Muertos!
04 El Mysterio De Huracán Ramírez
05 Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y El Hombre Lobo
06 Miedo
07 Dellamorte Dellamore
08 Surfin' Boi
09 Mil Máscaras
10 Lucha Libre
11 El Charro Negro
12 El Rancho de Ultratumba
13 Zombie Surfer
14 Cemetery Surf
15 Motosierra En Manos
16 Outro

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Korean Psych Master

Shin Yung Hyun & Questions

A repost from Dirk's Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll Blog

Only ripped as two tracks. Crank it up so Dirk can hear it!

"Shin jung hyun played his band questions with guest singers(Kim Chu-Ja,Song Man-Su,Park In-Su) at this live show. Recommendable songs are Side A4 and Side B1. Side A5 Funky Broadway is a cover song of Wilson Picket and great psychedelic improvisation!! and Side B has a only one song. The song is a cover song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of Iron Butterfly. This cover play of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of Iron Butterfly is a legend, till now. I think that this live song is a best of best Korean psychedelic live Jam!! and great and very very nice noise feast.Highly recommendable record!!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

NCIS Cote De Pablo - Temptation (full version)

Due to the problems I had with the previous attempt to get this clip posted, I'm throwing up the YouTube full version.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Surf With An Exotica Floater

The Exotics
Go Go Guitar

It is in the tradition of the instrumental bands of the early 1960's that the Exotics' sound was born. Comprised of four young seasoned veterans of both the Chicago and Milwaukee music scenes, the experience these gentlemen have had in previous bands spans over ten years including many recordings and gigs. In 1995, based on the strength of their 7" single, Goofy Foot, the Exotics were able to tour much of the Midwest. These Shows included many well received appearances in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and a sold out billing with the King of surf guitar himself, Dick Dale. The Exotics were featured at several large, regional festivals as well including Milwaukee's internationally acclaimed Summerfest. In the spring of 1996, as the Exotics find themselves on the road in support of their full-length CD, the nation will find itself on the dance floor twistin' and shaggin' to their crazy beat. Picture an instrumental combo circa 1963 playing a crowded go-go party in a cocktail lounge or the soundtrack of any beach party or hot rod movie of that era, and you begin to get the idea. It is a style of music that never seems to go out of style and entertains everyone from the teenset on up to those who enjoyed it the first time around. The Exotics draw much inspiration from bands like The Ventures, Sandy Nelson, the Lively Ones and Link Wray who helped popularize the twangy, reverb drenched guitars that replaced vocals as the voice of the band. Extremely danceable material propelled by a rock steady backbeat with a sharp stage appearance make for an unstoppable rock n' roll a go-go show!

1 Prelude
2 Sandoway
3 Go Go Guitars
4 Lariat
5 Jetsetter
6 The Boppin' Bison
7 Taste Of Honey
8 Apache
9 Inter-Mission
10 Exotics' Twist
11 Casbah
12 Vila Nova
13 Diamond Head
14 Whittier Blvd
15 Gasser
16 Theme From An Exotic Dream

Two, Two, Two Fish In One

The Halibuts
Halibut Beach & Gnarly!

A nice tw0-fer from The Halibuts. Dig it!

Starting in the early 80's, South Bay los Angeles' own Halibuts played instro surf music when it wasn't even hip. All but one of the members in the band surfed, unusual at the time as well. This cd contains their first two albums which includes some instro ska/surf tunes as well as tradition instro surf tunes. There is even a few vocals thrown in for fun. These albums are raw and energetic like their live shows and are great fun! One of their members is now in the band Los Straightjackets.

1 Mr. Mysterioso
2 Halibut Stomp
3 Jetstream
4 Little Old Ladies Seldom Cutback
5 Deathwave
6 Exodus 5-O
7 Malibu Run
8 Monster Surfing Time
9 Hanky Panky
10 Church Key
11 Surf Rider
12 Shorepound
13 Skinny Dip
14 40 Miles of Bad Surf
15 The Twomp
16 Centipede
17 Man from H.A.L.I.B.U.T.
18 Mambo Halibut
19 Batman
20 Got a Match
21 26 Miles
22 Rumble
23 Gnarly!

Take A Bite, Spit The Pit

Allman Brothers Band
Eat A Peach

Ripped at a juicy 320

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
A tribute to the dearly departed Duane, Eat a Peach rambles through two albums, running through a side of new songs, recorded post-Duane, spending a full album on live cuts from the Fillmore East sessions, then offering a round of studio tracks Duane completed before his death. On the first side, they do suggest the mellowness of the Dickey Betts-led Brothers and Sisters, particularly on the lovely "Melissa," and this stands in direct contrast with the monumental live cuts that dominate the album. They're at the best on the punchier covers of "One Way Out" and "Trouble No More," both proof of the group's exceptional talents as a roadhouse blues-rock band, but Duane does get his needed showcase on "Mountain Jam," a sprawling 33-minute jam that may feature a lot of great playing, but is certainly a little hard for anyone outside of diehards to sit through. Apart from that cut, the record showcases the Allmans at their peak, and it's hard not to feel sad as the acoustic guitars of "Little Martha" conclude the record, since this tribute isn't just heartfelt, it offers proof of Duane Allman's immense talents and contribution to the band.

1 Ain't Wastin' Time No More

2 Les Brers in A Minor

3 Melissa

4 Mountain Jam [live]

5 One Way Out [live]

6 Trouble No More [live]

7 Stand Back

8 Blue Sky

9 Little Martha

Just Makin' The Scene Man

The Marketts
The Surfing Scene
Biography by Richie Unterberger
The Marketts are sometimes classified as a surf group because of their hit instrumental "Out of Limits," one of the last big surf singles, which made #3 in early 1964. In reality, they were something of an all-purpose contemporary instrumental group with elements of surf, rock, pop, and even easy listening. And they were not really a group, but a fluid collection of Los Angeles session musicians, working under the direction of producer Joe Saraceno.
Saraceno was the principal man behind the concept of the Marketts, although he himself did not play or arrange anything on their records, or even write all of the material. He was sharp enough to latch onto the surf craze in 1962 for one of the earliest instrumental surf hits, "Surfer's Stomp," which made the Top Forty on Liberty in 1962. While working at Liberty, he also produced the Ventures for a time, and the influence of the Ventures' cleanly-picked guitar lines is very evident on "Out of Limits" and some other Marketts tracks. With their blend of surfy guitar leads, film soundtrack horns, and spooky organ, the Marketts' sound is best described not as surf, but as rock-influenced instrumental pop with a futuristic (by early '60s standards) touch. Many of their songs seemed to be doing their best to evoke space travel and science fiction flicks, sometimes with the help of what sounds like a theremin. They could be said to have filled the void between surf music and space age pop, which is not a criticism; their music is not terribly substantial, but it is fun, and has a pretty good groove.
After "Out of Limits," the Marketts would enter the Top Twenty one more time with the "Batman Theme" in early 1966, and release records as late as 1977. Saraceno, in addition to his work with the Marketts and the Ventures, would also produce Bobby Vee, the Sunshine Company, Martin Denny, and many other acts.
01 Surfer's Stomp
02 Balboa Blues
03 Survival Stomp
04 Let's Go Trippin'
05 Stompede
06 The Bristol Stomp
07 Stompin' At The Savoy
08 Surgin'
09 Stomp Look And Listen
10 If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
11 Here Comes The Ho-Dads
12 Stompin' Room Only

Monday, February 16, 2009

Howlin' At The Moon

The Coyote Men

2 Sides Of The Coyote Men


Ripped at a Hip 320

Clad in matching mobster-noir suits and Mexican wrestling masks, Newcastle, England punks the Coyote Men debuted with the ultra-limited Headin' for Trouble (reissued, along with the subsequent EP Call of the Coyote Man!, on Estrus' The Coyote Men Vs. El Mundo). The group's sophomore LP, Two Sides of the Coyote Men, followed in 1999.

  1 I Swing  

  2 That Ain't No Lie

  3 Sure You Can Move  

  4 Action Slacks

  5 Damn Right  

  6 My Kinda Stuff

  7  Mystery Track 

  8 Escape from Perugia

  9 Keep It Dirty

  10 Loaded Hood  

  11 Born to Bruise

  12 Who Rattled Your Cage?  

  13 Mullet Man



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything You Need

Handy item to have in your kit bag.

All you could ever ask for at one link.

A definate Desktop keeper.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Famous "Blue Dress" Scene

The lovely Cote