Friday, June 22, 2007

Fly Up!!

The Surf Coasters

Fly Up!! Best Of The Surf Coasters Vol 1


What should I find in my mailbox this morning but a juicy gift from me ol' Uncle Malc. What a way to start the day.



The Surf Coasters were formed in 1994 by Shigeo Naka in Tokyo, Japan. Their first appearances were on a "Star Search" type TV show which they won by playing their version of Dick Dale's Pulp Fiction hit" Misirlou". Since then, they have released more than 20 CDs for the Columbia, BMG, and Victor labels, with many appearances on film soundtracks and video games and constant touring in Japan. In 1995, rock guitar legend Dick Dale, known as the King of the Surf Guitar, visited Japan and played shows with The Surf Coasters. He proclaimed Shigeo Naka to be The Prince of the Surf Guitar. Shigeo Naka is a guitar prodigy with amazing fretboard ability. His love is for the twangy, reverbed tones of American surf music, and many Surf Coasters CDs feature reworkings of famed surf songs from the 60s alongside their more orignal material. Live, the Surf Coasters command the stage with an athletic stage presence and a crunchy and fast surf instrumentals.

1. Tsunami Struck
2. The Clash
3. Fly Up
4. Shark Attack
5. Intruder
6. Bike Men
7. Dolphins (Live On TV)
8. Chasing Shadows
9. Waste Land
10. Typhoon Swell
11. Rampage
12. Death Rage 2000
13. Sea Knows
14. Bitter Sweet Samba
15. Tally-Ho
16. Astral Circle
17. Free Fall
18. Start Inaction
19. Last Train
20. Satisfy
21. Linda
22. Wild Cherry
23. Guts (Live)
24. Beach Monster (Live)
25. Rock Dance (Live)
26. Misirlou (Live)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

In The Studio with Redbeard

Grand Funk Railroad

Closer To Home

An interview with Mark Farner mixed with the music and insites into one of my favorite all time albums. Enjoy


In the Studio with Redbeard is a North American radio program, produced and hosted by Dallas, Texas based rock and roll disc jockey Redbeard.
The show is a weekly hour-long "rockumentary" interview with music program which looks at the making of many of the greatest albums recorded in rock and roll history, although sometimes it would spotlight the history of rock and roll bands. Redbeard interviews the musicians who created these classic albums.
The show first went on the air nationally the week of June 26, 1988, initially broadcast by sixty rock stations including WXRK/New York, KLOS/Los Angeles, WLUP/Chicago, WMMR/Philadelphia, KTXQ/Dallas, WHJY/Providence, WRIF/Detroit, KRQR/San Francisco, WKLS/Atlanta and distributed by The Album Network through 1999,which grew the network to 180 stations. "In the Studio" is now in its 19th year, distributed by Radio K & G of New York City.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To Celebrate The First Day Of Summer

Wax, Board & Woodie - Rare & Unreleased Surf & Hot Rod Songs


Brought to you by Teisco

by Cub Koda
Subtitled "a collection of rare and unreleased surf and hot rod songs," this 14-track compilation hits the intended target in a big way. Culling its contents primarily from the MCA/Dot Records vaults, one of the big tickets here is a bone-chilling unreleased moment when we hear the Surfaris attempting to take on the Rolling Stones with their swipe at "Route 66," way cooler than it sounds. A couple of silly but great fun anyway P.F. Sloan sides, including a unreleased sloppy-as-hell song demo, compliment one-off instrumentals like "El Gato" by the Chandelles and "Tremble" by the Galaxies. And in true Dot Records tradition (the label that made their rep inflicting Pat Boone on an unsuspecting world) there's even a "cover" version on here by a Milt Rogers of Dick Dale's "Let's Go Trippin'"!! Not the most essential set of tunes, but one hell of a fun compilation.
13 Moonshot Kenny & The Fiends
14 Dragon Lady Phil Sloan & the Fantastic Baggys

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's A Bit Buggy Out There

Insect Surfers

Death Valley Coastline


Review by Phil Dirt

The long awaited fourth album from the Insect Surfers has finally seen the light of day on CD. The Insects started life in the Washington DC area over a decade ago, where they issued a pair of great records of new wave surf-o-pop, which still find their way onto my playlists from time to time, especially "Dorsal Fin", "Up Periscope," and "VOA." After a move to LA in the late 80's, Dave Arnson formed a new version of the band, with way fewer vocals and a more West Coast / Southwest sound, eventually ending up with no vocals at all. The Insect sound today is not classic surf by any stretch of the imagination, with Dan Sullivan 's Flying V and the smooth distorto guitars only slightly reverbed and their ever present Southwest mystique. Their now impossible to find (except on vinyl) third album "Reverb Sun" is a stellar disc, and their third of the "Summer Surf" CD is equally grand. They have issued a 10 inch vinyl mini-album with a few of these tracks called "East-West" which also ncluded two tracks from "Summer Surf" not on the CD. The rest of this album as been circulating on cassette since then, until now, when it is finally out on CD. The lineup is the classic dueling twin leads of Dave Arnson and Dan Sullivan , Dan Vallenti on bass (now with the Boardwalkers ) and Jeff Utterback on drums, now in the Tiki Tones . "Mig Alley," "Razorback," and "Re-Entry" sport Mike O'Neill on bass, and Steve Birdowski (ex-Jon & the Nightriders) on drums. Picks: Tiger Shark, Razorback, Psychotronic, Third Stone, Diamondback, Walking Distance, Bengazi, Stingray, Ocean Maid, Re-Entry, Volcano Juice, Huntington Beer Dance, 77 Gaza Strip, Mig Alley

Tiger Shark.mp3
Third Stone
Walking Distance
Ocean Maid
Volcano Juice
Huntington Beer Dance
77 Gaza Strip
Mig Alley

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hieronymus Bosch

Havin' Fun, Soundin' Good


*WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE* Heralded as musical historians by Steve O'Rourke, The Bosch claims The Pixies and Frank Black, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, the Ventures, Link Wray, Man... or Astroman?, and The Gun Club as significant influences. In other words, it's a furious and melodic mixture of surf, garage, and punk rock.

*PERSONNEL* THE BOSCH, smarmy surf rockers extraordinaire, claim the two most prominent Williamsburgs as their home. Originally hailing from Williamsburg, Virginia, erudite and visionary guitarist MATT HARRISON and super-charged sociopath HOLT RICHARDSON met in their tedious years at a tiny white-bread private high school. After they developed a disturbingly telepathic musical rapport, they began a professional affair with the Sound of Music in Richmond, Virginia, and more specifically, with engineer Jonathan Demaio, who, when not touring with Southern Culture on the Skids and other top-notch Southern bands, has cut "The Bosch Sound" onto analog tape on many occasions. In the past few months, The Bosch has been fortunate enough to admit two new players into the fold. ANDREW RAFF, a legal eagle, tickler of ivory keys and blower of hot and cool on the tenor sax, means the music up real good. BRETT BEYER, darling of the Williamsburg loft-party scene, frequenter of his own custom-built darkroom, and all around hipster extraordinaire, recently joined The Bosch as four-stringer. Holt and Matt are wringin' their hands, eagerly anticipating Brett's successful sneakin' of The Bosch tunes into the most magnificently coiffed circles of hipsterdom.

*CRED AND LIVE SHOW* The Bosch boys, having sexed-up audiences with their surf rock and twang, have begun seeing the fruits of their labours: substantial airplay for their latest release, "Havin Fun Soundin Good," as well as a residency at the Lower East Side's Luna Lounge, keeping alive the dream of a future filled with champagne, cocaine, and the chance to hunt whales in a hovercraft. The Bosch has won the annual battle of the bands competition at the College of William and Mary, booty-rocked the bulk of downtown New York clubs, and helped many unwed mothers get their start. The Bosch only desire a few things: to electrify the stage with gluteousmaximusshakinus tunes, and perhaps cause you to crack a smile, or at least break a sweat. The most poetic thing they'd ask of their fans is to ponder their place in a world of violence and lust. The Bosch perspire and strain, jump and howl, bump and grind, armed frequently with go-go dancers and always with total recall of Steve Martin's routines and the film UHF. You can't lose. Give the Bosch a chance to rock the joint and no one will leave unhappy.

Borg Warner, Four-On-The-Floor
The Worst Thing
The Movie Director
Love is Just a Cloud