Friday, May 29, 2009

So Cal Surf Music Showcase

KCR Presents Aztec Beach

KCR radio has been in existence since 1968 at San Diego State University (San Diego, Calif.). “KCR Radio presents AZTEC BEACH” is the first audio fund-raiser for the station which is in desperate need of new equipment and various repairs. A year or so ago, Mike Geiser of Ratpack Digital Recordings and Rick Wilkinson of Rickshaw Records got together and discussed the idea of using Mike’s countless recordings and Rick’s production skills to put together a CD to support KCR radio. This would be their way of thanking KCR for providing an outlet for Clint Beachwood’s surf radio show, “A Day at the Beach”. After months of reviewing recordings, contacting bands, coordinating with management at KCR and the KCR Alumni Association, post recording production, etc., “AZTEC BEACH” was ready for release. The name “AZTEC BEACH” is derived from San Diego State’s mascot, the Aztecs, and the surf music genre of the CD.
11 bands were finally selected to be a part of “AZTEC BEACH”. The bands range from psychedelic and progressive/power surf (Insect Surfers, The MiGs, Slacktone, CHUM, The Infrareds and Surf Report) to more traditional surf bands (Longboard Ranch, The Detonators and The Duo-tones) to styles in between (Glasgow Tiki Shakers and The Surf Kings). These live recordings have never been released and demonstrate the band’s awesome on-stage presence. Reverb Central’s Phil Dirt gives the CD a four-star rating with all the songs getting either four or five stars.

Rick Wilkinson did an excellent job of taking all these recordings and putting together a seamless live show, emceed by Clint Beachwood. Over 70 minutes of live instrumental surf music. This is a fantastic source for discovering what the surf music scene is like in Southern California. It portrays the wide range of the surf genre.

Overall, it is an excellent live CD that was produced for the sole purpose of supporting student-run, commercial free, college radio from San Diego State University. The songs, recordings, artwork and production were all donated for this cause…all are first class!

1 Glasgow Tiki Shakers: Spicy Danger
2 Glasgow Tiki Shakers: Velvet Surf
3 Insect Surfers: Tiger Shark
4 Insect Surfers: Black Sea
5 Surf Report: Bluff Failure
6 Surf Report: Sandpaper Paddles
7 The MiGs: Heavy Water
8 The MiGs: Girl From Orange County
9 The Surf Kings: Glass Bowls
10 The Surf Kings: South Swell
11 CHUM: In the Green Room (Through Your Mama's Brown Eye)
12 CHUM: Tijuana Taco
13 The Infrareds: I.N.F.R.A.R.E.D.S.
14 The Infrareds: The Infraromp
15 Longboard Ranch: Ricon Revel
16 Longboard Ranch: Ghosts at the Ranch
17 The Detonators: Liquid Chaos
18 The Detonators: First Point
19 Slacktone: PCH
20 Slacktone: Mysterioso
21 The Duo-tones: Baja Nights

- link to purchase a $3 CD download, or order a $5 CD to support KCR Radio.

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