Friday, May 29, 2009

Killer Waves Dude!

The Vista IV
Killer Waves
A landmark instrumental surf cd that overflows with catchy pop filled melodies & twisting turns throughout.
"Solid playing and lots of energy. - Phil Dirt KFJC.FM"
1 Tsunami Mommie
2 The Ballad of Nansy Lou
3 Mystical Abyss
4 Maliboo Longboard
5 Summer
6 Ocean West
7 Agent X (The Ex)
8 The Man in the Grey Suit (The Shark)
9 Rip Tide
10 Barracuda Bay
11 Go Go Yubari: On the Tokyo Beach


Surf said...

hi there
greetings from greece.
u have a great blog.lots of interesting stuff, and very good sound quality.
i thought it was right to tell u that this link doesnt work.
thank u for all the great posts
i enjoyed.