Monday, May 18, 2009

Come And Keep Your Comrades Warm

The Kremlin
Red Menace

Served with a side of borscht by Charles Vine

In Late 2005, like two phoenixes adorned in infantry officer garb, Comrade Lenin and Comrade Trotsky rose from the ashes of Mother Russia only to be affronted by the foul stench of capitalism. Enraged that the forces of corporate greed and neoconservative tyranny had desecrated their once proud socialist republic, they knew it was time to leave their homeland behind and aim their communist arrows at the black heart of the modern Byzantium known as America.

First making a Marxist example of the maniacal monarch Prince Igor by enslaving him as their boatswain, they set course on a communist crusade across the atlantic only to be wrecked on Newfoundland’s shores. Exploited by the capitalist economy, they used red serf rock to raise funds and reverberate the cry for proletariat uprising across the island. In need of a political wing to help actualize their socialist mandate, they founded the Kremlin Dance Party of Canada (KDPC) in the spring of 2006. Now at over 600 members strong, the proud members of the KDPC consistently support the Kremlin by helping to dance down the dirge of neoconservative tyranny at each Kremlin Rally.

Although Comrade Trotsky was exiled from Canada in the fall of 2006 after government agents discovered his revolutionary work in socialist genetics (he was attempting to isolate the socialist gene), the Kremlin and The KDPC have continued to grow stronger in his absence. Thanks to the conversion of Prince Igor from monarchism to socialism, and to the addition of Central America’s best socialist bass player Ernesto Guevara, The Kremlin’s Proletariat Serf Revolution is now more powerful than ever. Workers of the world throw down your chains, the time to join in solidarity against capitalist oppression has arrived!

Joseph McCarthy Was a KGB Spy
Have You Ever Made Love to a Communist?
We Got the Clap from Capitalism
All Night Dance Party on the Russian Space Station
First Place in a Space Race
Danse les Belles Filles Communistes
Modes of Production
Going to the People
HUAC Made Us Name Names
Rise of the Red Tide
++Plus Bonus Tracks from their Proletariat Serf Revolution EP++