Friday, May 29, 2009

Shhhhhh! The Sounds of Spys and Subtrafuge

Secret Agent S.O.U.N.D.S.

Enough suave and sophistication to bring out the James Bond in all of us, Secret Agent S.O.U.N.D.S. is a long overdue compilation of bands doing classic spy themes with an additional '90s twist. There are a few originals to be found on here, like the Neptunas' "Double-0 Seafoam" and the Tiki Tones' "Traitor Vic." But the highlights included on here are the more familiar tunes done in the style of modern surf and garage rock. Combustible Edison doing Henry Mancini's "A Shot in the Dark" and Man or Astro Man? covering "Goldfinger" (which even has a dialogue sample of Bond's most famous adversary) are the highlights of this record. All in all, this record would be the perfect background music for the video game Goldeneye. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

1 Laika & The Cosmonauts Mission Impossible

2 Shig & Buzz S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

3 Deadbolt James Bond Theme / You Only Live Twice

4 The Tiki Tones Traitor Vic

5 Forbidden Dimension Operacíon 69

6 Combustible Edison A Shot In The Dark

7 Man Or Astro-Man? Goldfinger

8 Seks Bomba The Liquidator

9 Los Straightjackets G-Man

10 The Huntington Cads Mr. Midnight

11 The Neptunas Double-O Seafoam

12 Huevos Rancheros Smart Bomb

13 Hillbilly Soul Surfers Peter Gunn's Hideaway



Shock said...

This album is amazing!
My favorite is Man Or Astro-Man? and Laika & The Cosmonauts.

Johnny Voodoo said...

Thank you so much!!!! You have no idea how long I have looked for this album.

emailsyucky said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it.