Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jump Aboard This Ship And Take A Trip

Well, if you can't make it to Santiago, Chile maybe Long Beach, California is do-able. Check out who is playing on Saturday the 6th. That's right, The Sonics and The Fuzztones!! That makes this a happening not to miss.


Tattoo and Kustom Culture Festival

Queen Mary

Long Beach

June 5th,6th,7th

Tattoo Artists


Live Bands

Pin-up Pageant

Car Show


For more information:

Though it facinates me, not to hip on ink on myself yet. I have managed to stay un-adorned for 54 years now (that stuff just doesn't rub off!) but I did see something that might just change my mind.
I've been a diabetic for the last 18 years or so now. It's always a concern for emergency personel that these types of conditions are known when dealing with a person needing assistance. There has been an increase of Medical Notification tattoos in the last several years. This might be something I could "live with". I need to come up with something a little flashier than this though.
" Born To Be Wild but hold the sugar"
"To Damn Sweet!"
Any ideas?


zillagord said...

Sonics/Fuzztones on the same stage/day. Man, my garage wants to be there. Seriously, two legends of all that is crude, primitive, primal, raw, and freaking RIGHT about rock'n'roll. Oh well, we'll always have Chile.

Enjoy, ya bastid.


Brandonio! said...

I sure hope the Fuzztones do a extensive North American tour this year like they promised.