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If You Want It, Here It Is, Come And Get It


Badfinger - A Riveting and Emotionaly Gripping Saga

Not treated to kindly by critics, this movie does give some details that might go unknown to the casual Badfinger fan. Some very cool performance footage with quite a bit of the standard of the day, lip-synched music show appeareances.
You be the judge.


The tragically brief career of '70s British pop group Badfinger is a story of a chaotic band in need of structure. As a rockumentary, Badfinger is an equally unfocused affair desperately in need of historical context and, worse, a narrator. For a few years in the early '70s, Badfinger rose from the shadow of the Beatles and emerged as pioneers of infectious power pop. Bridging the gap between the British invasion and American indie pop bands like Big Star, Badfinger crafted beautifully melodic tunes like "Day After Day," "No Matter What," and "Come and Get It" (penned by Paul McCartney).
While director Gary Katz obviously has affection for the band's contributions to rock history, he unfortunately hasn't a clue as to how to present them. Instead, we get a jumbled mix of interviews with the band's two surviving members, Joey Molland and Mike Gibbins, not to mention Molland's wife, cut together with far too many lip-synched "live" performances. While the footage gives intimate looks at the band, Katz really needs narration to explain just why we should even bother watching the film.
Badfinger is known as much for the tragedy that hit the band--their crooked manager emptied their band account and disappeared, causing two members to commit suicide later on. However, by the time Katz gets there, the story is so underdeveloped that it feels like an afterthought. After viewing this, you can't help but think that the band deserved better. --Dave McCoy

Make sure to swing by The Research Garage ( for quite a few of the Badfinger albums in 320 for your listening pleasure, including the companion CD from the Tragic Story of Badfinger book.

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