Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!

The Surfdusters
Raincoast Rumble

"Their originals are quite unique with reverb, echo & tremelo Fender guitar tones mixing it up with cheesy Farfisa organ lines, a solid bass bottom and drum backbeat to produce totally new sounds."Fierce instrumental surf music with twangy guitars and gnarly saxophone. It’s hard to pick a favorite track on here, cuz they’re all so good. Only the modern production separates this from the sound of classic combos like The Lively Ones or The Pyramids. Almost all of these fine tunes are original compositions, showing of the knack of The Surfdusters to come up with one catchy tune after another.


Save The Waves

Tyee Off Tsuquadra


Kathy Don't Eat The Clams

Red Tide (Smells Like Fish Tastes Like

X-It Hiawatha

Cattle Drive

The Lonely Spanish Hotel

Border Run

Hero Of The Beach

Banzai Rider

Phantom Train


Chill Out

Raincoast Rumble (Message From Nardwuar)