Monday, May 04, 2009

Free Inside Every Box!

Big Surf
Action Heroes

Surf tunes from the land of the Purple one, frosty Minnisota.
This is a long way from the first wave sound, like a cross between Pollo Del Mar, Rake and the Surftones, Get Wet, Les Baronics, and Cat Mother and the Allnight Newsboys. Classical roots, progressive inversions, surf reverb and visuals... Big Surf have created a unique and infectious brand of surf for the adventurous. Phil Dirt


1 Tarfoot
2 Diamond Head
3 Monsta Stomp
4 High Plains Marinara
5 Darkwave
6 Blue Surf

7 Rap City
8 Navel Patrol
9 Prowl
10 Ace 10
11 Falafel
12 Gotham Blues
13 Bareback
14 Journey to the Stars
15 Stormwatch