Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Segment - Darwin's Corner

Darwin's Corner

Starting today (Why not!) we will be offering some prime human examples of Charles Darwin's "Survival Of The Fittest" theory.

Cutting the ribbon you might say, we'll start off with two new outragous videos I received this week.

Enjoy,learn, remember.

1. Organ Donor

I love to go fast! This is too crazy. For you speed lovers, bear with the first 10 seconds of this clip. The rider is doing a 'wheelie', so you only see sky, but then, hang on!

The digital speedometer, on the left, is in Km/H ... here is the conversion for us Yank blighters:

100 Km/H is equal to 62 MPH
200 Km/H is equal to 124 MPH
250 Km/H is equal to 155 MPH
300 Km/H is equal to 185 MPH

2. Why you don't hit a can of WD40 with a rake.

Please let me know what you think about this new segment for the blog.


barkingdog said...

Hey T'

Good one mate.

High speed wheelie, way to go.

And go the rake,absolutely bloody

Fantastic new segment, keep 'em goin'.

Cheers... the dog

RYP said...

"Good bye" is the word - at the end of this crazy trip... now my heart goes diddly bum!