Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Will Be Hot In Chile That Night!

Though it's a little bit of a drive (We'll have to carpool. DaBoss you swing by and pick-up Zillagord, head to my house and we'll head south) wanted to let y'all know about this show next month.

Fiesta!, Fiesta!, Fiesta!!!

Delirium Bar

Santiago, Chile
June 6th 2009


The lovely senorita, Lady PuaJ is working her little fingers to the bone to bring this hot showcase together. She has compiled a extra-special promo CD to give you all a taste of the wild, crazy stompfest being put on.

Rockin' tunes by Skualos Surf Power Trio, Surfin' Caramba and Los Vibradores make up this sweet intro to the show. Surfin' Caramba was new to me until Lady PuaJ sent me a copy last week. Tasty stuff. Both Los Vibradores and Skualos Surf Power Trio have been posted on Trustar Vibrations in the past and should still be in the archives.

Come on down..... way way down and tell 'em Trustar sent you. (Como?)


Legal Disclaimer: Trustar Vibrations is NOT to be held responsible if you are thrown out on your ass for telling them "Trustar sent me".


Get your taste here


ladypuaj said...

Gracias Paul,personalmente bailaré y beberé en tu nombre.

Te dejo un video de Skualos

Intentaremos que los asistente en nombre de Trustar lleguen intactos a sus casas...

Saludos Latinios

zillagord said...

Gracias para la musica y por invendiendo a mi, TS.

OK, enough of that, my brain hurts. Then again, it usually does anyway. I will have my bags packed and be ready when Da Boss arrives! And, if I am tossed for mentioning your name, your ass better be right behind mine!