Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not The Same'ol Same'ol Sunday

As I have decided to close up shop at my other blog, Wait For The Ricochet... we will be bringing a new segment to Trustar Vibrations, Not The Same'ol Same'ol Sunday.

I wanted to get back to my original intent of this site and W4TR by bringing some varying types of music to your ears. As much as I love it, Surf is not all there is kiddies. Yes, my iPod is 65% Surf. I can't help it!

But there is so much more out there to be listened to. Despite some pretty dismal responses to these attempts in the past, I thought I would try it as a special segment along the vein of Curty Ray's excellent Secret Saturdays session each week at PowerPopOverdose (see link in Friends Who Rock section of sidebar). Though I won't copy Curty's grab-bag, pig-in-a poke style (which I love) I will try to throw up some things that you might not expect. Some will be samples of music thats brand spankin' new, others will be old and crusty but exceptionaly tasty. Give 'em a try. Be daring. Go for broke. Walk on the wild side. Doesn't cost a damn thing. You don't like it, hold onto it for a week, give it another try. If it still doesn't do it for you, send that mother to the Recycle Bin no harm, no foul.

Now like Mama always says "I don't expect you to like it but you have to try it". You might find yourself pleasently suprised at what can make your toes tap and head bob.

So, to start off

Not The Same'ol Same'ol Sunday

Mojo Morgan
got Mojo?

Reggae alpha-male Mojo Morgan’s debut solo album got Mojo? is out on May 11th. Heavily influenced by reggae rock, hip-hop, and R&B, it’s a new hybrid of Morgan’s sound as part of the Morgan Heritage super group, with his own personal message and style.

Son of the legendary reggae artist Denroy Morgan, Mojo carves his own niche in Rasta-rock style. got Mojo? includes a cover of The Police classic, “Roxanne,” recreated with reggae; the mellowed-out and sexy “Till the End” featuring vocals Mischu Laikah & Laza - perfect for soul lovers; and the standout party track “Tonight.”
Here are two preview tracks to mibble on.

Red Light (Roxanne)

Get it at iTunes or your favorite record store.


DaBoss said...

Tru: Way To go! Stay true to your school and do what you think is best. Variety is the spice of life - glad to see you are adding it to ours. Like the movies, too. Good opener.