Sunday, September 23, 2007

They Stick and They Sting

The Sandblasters
Cactus Stingrays
Thanks go to Brandonio for this one.
After several years of development, Mark Stultz’ band the Sandblasters has delivered a very solid CD of crunchy sounding Spanish influenced western visionary surf and twang. The thing that struck me about this disc is the quality of the performance. It is not just solid, but Mark doesn’t need to rely on volume of speed. Much of the material is mid tempo, yet it’s powerful and magnetic. His bandmates Spencer Clarke- drums and Drew Shuller- bass provide a crisp foundation. Much like Mark’s work here, it is conspicuous in it’s most appropriate and well defined support role, instead of obviated by the players egos. There is a definite sense of ensemble here. Most of the songs are longer, some are quite dramatic, all are very artful solid CD. Phil Dirt


C-500 said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for this one.
Love that cover!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great surf music i think your choice of artists is the best.KEEP it up thanks

Rockandre said...

Magnifico!Muchas gracias!