Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ya Gotta Shoot Them In The Head!

The Surf Trio
Safari In A Living Graveyard
Portland, Oregon's legendary garage/punk/surf combo, The Surf Trio kicks it out on their second long player. This CD reissue of their 1989 LP includes a bunch of extra tracks. Wild guitars, cheezy Farfisa, primal rhythms and Ramones-style rockers make this one of THE classic releases of the modern garage/surf era!
1 Hang Ten
2 Skaterdater
3 Girl With No Name
4 Gold Beach
5 Another Song Called Over the Edge
6 Never Gonna Hold Me
7 Mile Zero
8 Go, Go, Go
9 Barbary Coast
10 Deep in Your Eyes
11 Something Like an Angel
12 Walking to Florida
13 Couldn't Care Less
14 Let Her Dance
15 Starlight Place
16 My Real World
17 Is My Girl Really Gone
18 Out of Limits


Toxxy said...

This one just gotta kick a**!! 'Course it does, right Trustar?

May I just say: what an absolute outstanding blog you're running...I gotta hang out here more often :-)

Thx for...EVERYTHING!!

Trustar said...


Thank you for the kind words. Glad there were some things that got your motor runnin'

Since I stumbled upon your blog my head has been spinning. So much good stuff, so little time to keep up with it all!

Definately on my feed list.