Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Thee Seventh Day Let There Be Surf Re-up

Hawaii Samurai
Let There Be Surf

Watche Diffusion

(translated via Google Translator)

Go, I stick myself to it. I am really not a specialist in surfing music, but it should be said that with what arrives to my turntable in this moment (Fantastic 3, the Orientals,… and thus Hawaii Samurai) I felt obliged me to stick to it! What to say? They are four (guitar, low, battery, and sax!!) and come from the east of the hexagon. They trainent with excellent groups (Two Tone Club, for example) and belong to a small label, “the Productions of impossible” which agitates side of Montbeliard. They have also black glasses (on the photograph)!! Let there Be Surfing! 12 titles of surfing and environment “psychotic & cryptic” (odd odd!!). The titles of the pieces express a whole universe of the American bd/comics the Sixties: between “voodoo princess terror”, “our favorite Martian”, “astrocrypt hellsurfers” (but that is what it is that that?!), “come polished”, and even “surfing' destroy” and small “a mariachi' S fever”. And the worst, it is that Hawaii Samurai succeeds in perfectly making stick these titles to environments and atmospheres which they are supposed to represent. Perfect music for films or other short-measurings. I am fan!

Me too!!!

1/ Voodoo princess terror
2/ Our favorite Martian
3/ Surf'n'destroy
4/ Astrocrypt hellsurfers
5/ Pacific darkside
6/ Surf or die
7/ Ocean's devil
8/ Venus polis
9/ Toxic avenger
10/ Ride the snake
11/ Run chicken run
12/ Mariachi's fever


Anonymous said...

Thanks! - pono

Trustar said...

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Rockandre said...

Oh boy! You are spoiling us, Trustar! Thank you very much.