Friday, September 21, 2007

The Chantay's - Pipeline (Lawrence Welk Show 5/18/63)

Yes, The Lawrence Welk Show! He's sooo cool!


Mario said...

Hmmm, better than the one, i've on my page:

I think, i'll link also this one.

Thank you ;-)

Trustar said...

Hey Mario

Looks pretty close.

Nice site you have there. I'll have to get my Google Translator after it. already saw several tasty itmes there.

Y'all need to check Mario's site out now!


Doccus said...

Kool! The Chantays were as surf as you could ever get..
Hadda zamzar that one 4 sure//
I've recently started to wath them old Welk broadcasts carefully..he's had some amazing guest on it..he apparently liked surf!
Who'd a thunk it?