Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jackie & The Cedrics

Jackie & The Cedrics
20 Singles
Another outlet for Rockin' Enocky and Friends
From the land of the rising surf. ROCKIN' JELLY BEAN and clazy pals! Tokyo's surf samurai squad offer six pounders recorded in a wild NYC one day studio sesh!
Sorry, this was found NOT to be "Presenting Jackie & The Cedrics" but a 20 song compilation put together by the mysterious "Anonymous". I am checking into finding the correct file for the first EP.
Anonymous, thanks for keeping me honest.


brandonio said...

Trustar, I actually own this on vinyl and i haven't played it for some time, i think I'll spin this this weekend. thanks for the reminder. Before I go I was wondering if you have any Robert Johnson and the Punchdrunks ? I have "fried at the altar of good taste" and "the Birdnest years" if you have any of there other albums post'em. I really love what i've heard from this band they really take instro music in a different direction. pretty wild stuff!!! well thanks again for having one of the best sites out there.

Anonymous said...

great stuff. But the download link isnt to "presenting jackie cedrics EP'. Its A collection of about 20 jackie Cedrics singles I comped for Mal a few month back. Is there a seperate link to presenting jackie and cedrics EP?

Trustar said...

Thanks for the tip A.

We are on the lookout for the correct file of "Presenting Jackie & The Cedrics EP"

Stay tuned for more


John Trashe said...

Thanks for this one, Jackie & The Cedrics wooah! is one of my favorites surf bands, japanese scene is the best!
Thanks man!!

Trustar said...

Thanks for dropping in John Trashe

Good, bangin' stuff for sure.