Friday, September 28, 2007

A Must Hear/Must See Group

The Duo-Tones

Surf Music Unplugged


by Bradley Torreano
An interesting idea that could have potentially have sucked, the Duo-Tones' Surf Music Unplugged is a unique oddity among the countless surf albums out there. Recorded on nothing more than two electric guitars, this is an album that runs on the talents of the two players alone. If this had been handled any differently, it would have been a disaster, but luckily the two guitarists happen to be Paul Johnson and Gil Orr, instrumental figures in the genre overall. Their chemistry is fantastic, resulting in gorgeous surf anthems that lose none of their drive and energy and instead become sweeping acoustic showcases for their plentiful talents. Capturing the airy, exotic mood set by most surf instrumentals, they focus their strengths on the pleasing rhythms and melodies that can result from this style of playing. This takes attention away from the "gimmick" involved and gives the recording the sense of balance it needs to come off successfully. Surf fans may be hesitant, but this is a side of the genre that is rarely evoked by the typical band setup, and it results in a very satisfying record.

1 Crystal-T
2 Mr. Moto
3 Baja
4 Apache
5 Walk, Don't Run
6 Baja Nights
7 Hide Away
8 Outside
9 Scratchy
10 Last Date
11 Kamikaze
12 California Dreamin'
13 Pipeline
14 Song for My Father
15 Beach City Bop
16 The Lonely Bull
17 The Wedge
18 More Love, More Power
19 Last Night in Waikiki

***Make sure to drop on by the Fat City Cigar Lounge for a plugged-in version of The Duo-Tones. Da Big Boss Man will fix you up with evertin' that you could want. Spy, Lounge, Surf and Rock. Ya gotta hook a feed on this site.


DaBoss said...

Hey Tru:
Damn, man, you can read minds. You are doing such a great job with these posts, it's killin' me. This is one of my all time faves and everyone should check it out. The musicianship of the two guys is EXCELLENT, pure guitar beauty. I love playing this at parties - that way I can sneak in some surf to entice the nonsurf crowds.
To add to it - I also have their live show - the electric one - that is just as amazing. Check it out at Fat City. Glad to see ya.

Btw -- I have the Famous Monsters -- In The Night - to add to yours. I was going to start posting the Halloween goodies next week - you beat me to it ;-)