Sunday, September 30, 2007

Surfin' Sunday

All I can say now is "WOW!"

Just got back from seeing The Duo-Tones + 2. The lengendary Paul Johnson (Bel Airs, Surfaris, PJ & The Galexies, The Packards and more) and Gil Orr (The Chantays) combine to crank out every classic surf and twang tunes you could ask for. For this particular gig they made some additions to their usual duo lineup.

Ron Eglit who played bass for many years with Dick Dale and The Deltones, as the newest member of The Surfaris, and, belive it or not, going back to 1963 with Adrian & The Sunsets (how 'bout that Friesan, Sandy, and Brandonio) and Dusty Watson just bangin' on them drums like a madman (Jon and The Nightriders, Agent Orange, Dick Dale, Supersuckers, SlackTone, and with Becky Barksdale)

After the first hour of reverb bliss they added Steve Ashcroft - Drums (Dick Dale's drummer from '66 to 93) Dave Wronsky - Guitar (SlackTone) and Kerry Chester - Organ (Dick Dale & The DelTones, Chesterfield Blues)
After another hour of excellent classic surf tunage, Dean Torrence came up and selected the winners of the raffle held to support the International Surf Museum.
All of this surf talent in one small space, generated a very appreciative crowd, including many musicians diggin on the tunes. Dave Arnson - guitarist with The Insect Surfers was a dancing machine.

A most rocking afternoon was had by all.

I was lame and did not bring a camera or any sound equipment on this bike ride today. I could just kick myself in the ass again!

Next time...
Make sure to catch the Unplugged DuoTones album here and the Live/Plugged in version over at The Fat Cigar Lounge. (link in sidebar) It will make your week.


DaBoss said...

Hi Tru:
Boy, I'm jealous. Sounds like they put on a great show. To see them live must really have been something awesome. Glad you had a good time, wish I was there. Thanks for the handoff, the two do make a good set. Thanks for the Infareds -- loud and proud. Yahoooo!
Got a few Halloween goodies up my sleeve some tricks some treats. See ya soon.

brandonio said...

Trustar, man o man living in cali has it's benefits doesn't it? To see a surf group in Indiana is a very rare treat. I liked Paul Johnson's work with PJ and the Galaxies the best.Some will disagree with me there but, hey just listen to that era and there's no denying. By the way Dusty Watson also played with one of my all time favorite bands Concrete Blonde. I so wish i lived in a cooler state, nobody ever comes to play in this lousy state.