Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get This & Get Your Ass Sandblasted!

Space Bar B Q

Pipeline Instrumental Review, Surrey, England

A reverb snap opens up Weird Satellite, the punchy surfy, space theme that sets the tone for this, the first CD from The Sandblasters. Mark Stultz’s biting, echoey guitar sound takes the lead with plenty of tremoloed chords to savour. Organ provides support on this and a couple of other tracks, a second guitar is also used to good effect on occasion. Dramatic acoustic work introduces the Wave King with more of that tough lead guitar. Our European friends will recognize the term piggtrad (barbed wire) which was used in the 60’s to describe a tough electric guitar sound, it was never more appropriately applied than to The Sandblasters! Both of these tracks clock in at around 2 ½ minutes to provide a dynamic start to Space Bar-B-Q.
Next up is Petrina , actually Jerry Lordan’s evocative Santa Ana and presumably therefore a tribute to the great songwriter. A fine arrangement from the band contributes significantly to his theme. Naked Piranha takes it on with crashing chords and cascading runs to create a Latin-surf feel with a neat arrangement that incorporates a bass & drum break alongside more from the guitar. This tasty track and the surfbeat section of Fiberglass Camel are the closest to traditional surf-styled pieces. The mean and moody Body Bag links in a touch of Rumble for dramatic effect while the slow Tarantula Taco has a deep lead allied to a strong acoustic rhythm in a fine Latin arrangement. The acoustic feature Myan Sun Dance is a brilliantly tense and dramatic number, using only guitar and hand percussion instruments. It’s an amazing achievement that provides variety to the set in an unusual way. Elsewhere the album is filled with solid power guitar rock with a surfy edge, but it’s those special arrangements which will ensure The Sandblasters’ future.
Space Bar-B-Q is a significant step forward from their cassettes and a satisfying debut, I have a feeling they are going to be even better next time around.
~Alan Taylor
Weird Satellite
Wave King
Naked Piranha
Water Gunn
Myan Sun Dance
Tarantula Taco
Mookiest Limbo
Fiberglass Camel
Oyster Wax
Body Bag
Jupiter Beach


1Surfrider said...

I would have written a comment for most of the stuff I d/l's, let me consolidate them all here...WHEW!!!!

Great shares, you're doing the world a great service. thanks for all your time and trouble.

Trustar said...

Thanks for the comments 1surfrider.

Glad there were some things to plug into your head.

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brandonio said...

Trustar, hey dude you must have been reading my mind or something. Just last night i was listening to the Sandblasters album Cactus Stingray. Is that a quinky dink or what? My personal opinion I think the Sandblasters really hit their mark with "Cactus" I never really heard this album all the way through. I must say it's the best Bar B-Q I have had all year.I can't wait to give this few spins to really let all the flavor soak in.This should be good eatin' err good listening. well let's dig in folks!!!!!

Toxxy said...

Thx very much for SANDBLASTIN' my bottom Trustar :-)

Trustar said...

Glad we could be of service toxxy.

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Rockandre said...

What a blast! Thank you!