Sunday, September 02, 2007

Alwaro Negro

Is Dead


ALWARO NEGRO is a quartet based in Latina, Italy and plays instrumental spy-psycho-punky-surf'n'roll music. The band was formed in the fall of 2002. Members of ALWARO NEGRO are RO and WA on guitars, Crasto on drums, A.N. DR. on bass. ALWARO NEGRO loves classic and modern surf music like Dick Dale, The Ventures, Link Wray, The Trashmen, Man or Astroman?, The Phantom Surfers. ALWARO NEGRO loves the rock'n'roll gods Sonics and Ramones. ALWARO NEGRO loves labels like Estrus, In the Red, Crypt.RO has been guitar player in a hardcore band called Opposizione from 1991 to 1996 and has played in Campionato Italiano, an electronic music project, Bambino Stanco, a schizo-surf band, and in Sigariforme, an alien surf band.
WA has been member of Mistral On Tiga, noise-funk-surf-punk band, 42° Parallelo and Niuz Pus, a freaky mr.bunglish band.
Crasto has been guitar player in Opposizione and played drums in Bambino Stanco, Niuz Pus and Nihil. He actually plays drums in an obscure band called wedontcareaboutnames.
A.N. DR. has been guitar and bass player in Opposizione, Bambino Stanco, Niuz Pus and actually plays in wedontcareaboutnames.