Monday, September 24, 2007

Are You Lost?

Lost In The 60's Mutant Surf Classics

Brought to you by the mysterious Charles Vine
2004 Spanish only compilation of Australian all-surf instrumental songs, featuring a few bands known to Not Lamers like Safari Season and The Neptunes and Majestic Kelp, Dom Mariani(DM3, The Stems, The Someloves) surf band, 16 songs total and ALL surf with some excellent fret work, it there should be! Fans of the genre, this is a most excellent pick-up and one that is only seeing a very limited pressing in Spain and is going to be very hard to find here soon. A Timeless genre captured here by some Australia`s finest bands of the genre.
1 The Beach (Edit) - Safari Season
2 The Gasser - GT Stringer
3 Surf's Up - The Atlantics
4 Freakout - The Atlantics
5 Bombora - The Porkers
6 Roulette - Majestic Kelp
7 Safari-So-Good - The Wetsuits
8 Trigger Mortis - Thurston Howlers
9 Gamma Wray - Fez Perez
10 Kahanamoku Kick - Navahodads
11 Night Surfer - The Raouls
12 Walk The Plank - GT Stringer
13 One Eyed Bikini Monster - The Crusaders
14 Shake It - The Riptides
15 Endless Summer - The Neptunes
16 The Beach - Safari Seasons


Gyro1966 said...

another great surprise. thanks for the surf music!

Trustar said...

Thanx for dropping in gyro.

I can always count on you to leave a smiling note.



Rockandre said...

Thank you for this great compilation!