Saturday, December 27, 2008

She Has A Rose Tattoo Where????

Rose Tattoo

Assult & Battery



Biography by Jason Ankeny

Aussie hard rock combo Rose Tattoo was formed in Sydney in 1976 by ex-Buffalo guitarist Peter Wells; with the additions of former Buster Brown vocalist Angry Anderson, guitarist Mick Cocks, bassist Ian Rilen and drummer Dallas "Digger" Royal, the group made their public bow on New Year's Eve at the local club Chequers, which several years earlier launched the career of AC/DC. Chiefly inspired by the Rolling Stones and the Faces, Rose Tattoo's ferocious, ear-splitting sound quickly earned a devoted following among Sydney area pubgoers, and in 1978 the group signed to Albert Productions; their debut single "Bad Boy for Love" was written by Rilen, who left the lineup prior to the record's release. Anderson's onetime Buster Brown bassist Geordie Leech was recruited for Rose Tattoo's self-titled debut LP; after nearly three years of relentless touring, they issued the follow-up, Assault and Battery, in 1981. 

After a tour of Europe which saw them hailed as the loudest band to play London's Marquee Club since Led Zeppelin, Rose Tattoo returned to Australia to begin work on their third album; with new guitarist Robin Riley replacing Cocks, they issued Scarred for Life in 1982, subsequently touring the U.S. in support of Aerosmith and ZZ Top. However, over the course of 1983 Wells, Royal and Riley all left the group, with the remaining duo of Anderson and Leach recruiting guitarists Greg Jordan and John Meyer along with drummer Scott Johnston to record 1984's Southern Stars. Leach then exited to join Wells, Royal and Riley in the short-lived Illustrated Men; Anderson and Johnston continued on as Rose Tattoo, enlisting guitarist Tim Gaze and bassist Andy Cichon for 1986's Beats from a Single Drum. Anderson finally mounted a solo career soon after, as did Wells. After years of substance abuse, Royal died in 1991. 

At the request of longtime fans Guns N' Roses, Anderson, Wells, Cocks, Leach and new drummer Paul DeMarco reformed Rose Tattoo in 1993 to open for the Gunners on their Australian tour; the reunion proved brief, however, and upon completing the tour each member returned to his solo endeavors. The same lineup, with original bassist Ian Rilen replacing Leach, reformed yet again in 1998 for the "All Hell Breaks Loose!!" tour; by the following year, Leach had returned to the fold once more. Fall 2000 saw the release of 25 to Life.

  1     Out of This Place
  2     All the Lessons  
  3     Let It Go
  4     Assault and Battery  
  5    Magnum Maid
  6    Rock 'N' Roll Is King
  7    Manzil Madness
  8    Chinese Dunkirk  
  9    Sidewalk Sally
  10  Suicide City