Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On The 10th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Box Set

Disk 1  The Basic Primer: Z - A

This 12 LP boxe set was pressed in April 1981 & came with a 16-page booklet. Each LP has its own title. There were 1,000 box sets pressed but 565 were seized in one raid & other legal problems netted an additional 100. There were also 25 "Silver Edition" sets pressed with each LP in a silver jacket with 11" x 11" black & white slicks on the front & back & had deluxe bogus labels. Re-released (regular box set) as an import on "fz 4801-12) with a black & white laminated cover with silver printing & some without the booklet. The source for this 1984 set was the original LPs sot the sound quality is inferior to the original set. This box set is sometimes refered to as the "Bogus Box #2".

side one
yo mama [1]
keep it greasey [2]
village of the sun [2]
segment uncle meat demo [3]
segment of interview [4]

side two
titties and beer [5]
what kind of group do you think we are [5]
all the way down the tonsils [3]
rollo & st-alphonzo's pancake breakfast [6]
a short piece of tape [7]


[1] 1979/02/18 or 19 concert 'the hammersmith odeon', london, uk
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[2] 1978/09/21 concert 'the mid hudson civic center', poughkeepsie, new york, usa
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf  

[3] the uncle meat demo
f.zappa, r.collins, r.estrada, j.c. black, b.mundi, i.underwood, d.preston, bunk gardner, j.sherwood  

[4] the inner-view show with jim ladd, 1976

[5] 1976/11/19 concert 'the cobo hall', detroit, michigan, usa
f.zappa, r.white, p.o'hearn, t.bozzio, e.jobson  

[6] 1972/12/31-E- concert 'the constitution hall', washington, d.c., usa
f.zappa, t.duran, d.parlato, j.gordon, b.fowler, e.dumler, m.mcnabb, t.malone, g.ferris, g.barone 

[7] 1963/--/-- concert 'the mt st-mamy's college', claremont, ca, usa
f.zappa, ...