Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where Are All The Zappa Fans???

I know there are more then 5 Zappa fans out there. Great googly-moogly!

10 disks more to go


Duncanmusic said...

I am/was a huge Zappa fan but I have to admit that Frank had more relevance in my life in the late 60s when I first saw him on October 28, 1967 at a local arena in Rochester, NY. For this 16 year old The Mothers were the height of cool and said all the things I was beginning to feel about culture, civilization and America in general. Time has only expanded my understanding but time also has a way of teaching us new truths also.

I am not the person I was 40+ years ago; in many ways I am angrier because I see nothing has changed and in many ways things have gotten worse. I've done my part as the young revolutionary (I actually assisted in blowing off the door of an administrative building on the day of the new college president's inaugeration), worked as a community activist in the 70s and 80s and have continued to do volunteer work for hospice houses and youth centers and now work in the mental health field in a group home caring for all the people no one else wants to. things have changed most definitely for me.

My musical tastes changes also. I used to love progressive rock and Frank & crew were right at the top of my passions all the way into the early 80s. By that time I had expanded my musical perspectives to the point that they included SOOO much more and they also began to simplify.
Nowadays i listen almost exclusively to Americana in all shapes and sizes...I do quick takes into the edges of music and yes, I have downloaded a few Frank classics off the Usenet back a couple of years ago. I hope you will keep these up a while because I WOULD like to see what's being offered and choose ones that REALLY interest me from Frank and not blindly DL everything I see.

i have to watch myself since when I had physical records I had a ginormous collection (over 200,000) and it got out of hand. Now I'm just limited by the size of my hard drives and how much time I have to listen to everything I might want to possess.

So THAT's why I might not DL everything you offer. I do like to look, though, at yours and the other 50+ blogs I subscribe to...

Trustar said...


Understand perfectly. Frank would be proud.

As a compulsive collector, I too, have to watch myself sometimes.

Get what you can enjoy. Hopefully I'll have some others that will that will be "must haves".

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

"The influence of a frozen beef pie"

not only the kids, but most adults don't even know Frank's genius

most underrated musician ever!

Mucho Gratuitus por la Zappa de Franko Musico!!!

ahm stayin' tuned for the whole show here Buster....


(and I thought I'd come to catch up on some surf toons?)

Trustar said...


Glad to have you onboard!

I used to get a very big response to Zappa tunes, but alas, no more.

Frank will always be a part of the offerings here at TV.

Stay "tuned"


O.B. Dan said...

"As a compulsive collector, I too, have to watch myself sometimes."

No truer words were e'er uttered by any cyberphilosopher. I have downloaded so much music that I have added two external drives totalling 1.5 TB storage.

But there's always room for more Zappa! Keep'em coming...

Trustar said...

O.B. Dan

Thanks for checking in and the understanding of us collectors. I at one time even had a swizzle stick collection! I began purging many of my "wordly goods" several years ago when we downsized our living quarters. Empty nesters, we did not need all of the space and corresponding upkeep. I donated over 5,000 books to the local library first (tore my heart out) then many of the smaller collections including all (well, almost all) of my vinyl. Still have my James Bond collection and am almost ready to part with my Horror Comics. But digital music?? As long as the keep selling external hard drives (currently at 2.5 T) I'm a happy man.


Camarillo Brillo said...

I'll chime in and say thanks for your commitment to Frank.
Music is the best!