Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On The 11th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Bosed Set

Disk 2  The Soundtracks

side one
the way the air smells [3]
"run home slow" highlights [1]
your eyes [3]

side two
rance muhammitz in a steaming briefcase [4]
"the world's greatest sinner" highlights [2]
dance of the rock & roll interviewer pt.2 [4]
what will this evening bring me this morning [4]
people think that groupies are such dirty girls [4]


[1] 1959 - 1962 the "run home slow" soundtrack

[2] 1961 "the world's greatest sinner" soundtrack
the pamona valley symphony orchestra & eight rock musicians

[3] 1979 the "baby snakes" soundtrack / audience recording from the movie
f.zappa, w.cuccurullo, i.willis, d.walley, a.barrow, v.colaiuta, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf 

[4] the "200 motels" movie